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This video offers my top tip for learning and teaching yourself how to sing – and it’s all about harnessing the power of VISUAL CUES and “face shapes.”

Singing can be super confusing if you think of it as an infinite number of sounds and possibilities. But if, instead, you memorize (1) where you feel the sound in your face, (2) and what that shape “looks like” to you in your mind, you’ll start to internalize and memorize technique MUCH MUCH FASTER!

It also gives you an excuse to watch tons of YouTube videos of singers performing – oftentimes the way their faces LOOK can give you valuable clues about their singing technique and how they’re creating their singer sound.

Hope this is helpful!

As a professional voice finder, it’s my sworn duty to teach you how to find your singing voice! Learning how to improve your singing voice is all about simple, achievable steps that make SENSE to you. All of us learn how to sing on our own timeline, and certain things will click more than others. But it’s important that YOU understand your voice more than anyone else — learning how to be a good singer is, in many ways, getting to know yourself 🙂 If you feel you don’t yet know how to sing like a pro, be patient — every baby step and daily practice session helps. (And I’ll keep posting new vids to help you!)
xo Fel

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oh hello there in this video I want to share a tip that I have realized more and more over the years that have been teaching it’s just super crucial to helping you develop your singing technique and no tip has to do with using your eyes and your observational powers of what singers look like when they sing to help you discover what works for you as well so it’s sort of busts the misconception that we learn how to sing sort of through hearing and imitating and sure hearing is very important I mean it’s it’s it’s very foundational to how you’re going to learn how to kind of express your own voice but the visual aspect and thinking about singing in terms of shapes in your face is very very helpful to so many singers so I want to just talk about that in this video and tell you how you can use it to really empower yourself and really enhance your practice so it’s just virtually shake hands for a second my name is Felicia you can call me fel I’m a professional voice finder I hope you find your voice and it’s of my belief that your singing voice is already inside you it’s already there and it’s just my job to help you kind of peace through and sift through all the advice out there and find the simplest most effective ways to get your voice to kind of break free and so you can get out of your own way so that’s what I’m all about if you’re into that sort of thing let’s hang out some more definitely check out my channel so the first very helpful piece to this that I say over and over kind of in my videos and in my longer singing courses is that you really want to stop thinking about singing as happening here on the court you want to embrace the idea and the feeling that your voice exists in your head it’s where it resonates or rings out it’s where it echoes it’s where you can manipulate your vocal tone and create different kinds of styles and sounds it really all happens up here and the way you really do that is you change the shapes you can you can choose to create lift in the back of your mouth by laughing you can sort of try to arc it forward a little bit more if you’re trying made a pinging sound you could drop your jaw a little bit more to look like a fish if you want to create a darker tone or be more on the mouth so that’s kind of where the magic happens and when I’m demonstrating something and a singer is trying to achieve a result so often it’s that visual shaping if that visual cue that gets them to get to that result you can think about the different parts of your face it’s kind of being like an airplane wing right you can choose how to lift up or change or move in the way an airplane wing would move to manipulate the air that’s going over it that’s kind of what’s happening you’re creating breath it’s passing through your vocal folds and now it’s up to you to tell it where to go so you think about these little these little gateways or airplane wings where you can help guide the sound that’s really where the experimentation the manipulation happens the second piece to this that is hugely helpful is that you guys can really take your learning into your own hands and think of every vocal performance that you watch like in a YouTube video or even live think of that as a mini voice lesson for yourself and observe not just how a singer sounds but how a singer looks now you’re not going to be able to x-ray their face and see what’s going on inside them but you could definitely take cues from what they’re doing with their faces recently I was watching a Sarah Vaughan video and I was noticing how her face for example she was completely relaxed and I almost looked the curve lower jaw was a little bit more forward and this reminded me of a cue I gave a lot which is fish lips which really helps to relax and keep the back of your mouth open she really sang the whole song this and a host like well this is really helping to reinforce that cute for me and I’m just getting clues about her technique just by how she looks similarly if you see a singer do something called a singer smile that will help give you clues about how they’re using their soft palate so the soft palate is in the very back of your mouth and when you kind of laugh or yawn you can feel it raised and a lot of times if you see a singer kind of smile like this it kind of looks like their cheekbones are tilting like these are the airplane wings and they’re going you can definitely start to observe observe the shapes that they’re making which I’ll ow that sound a pika and every singer is different okay so certain singers that you watch it’s gonna be like super obvious what they’re doing others they’re gonna look and they’re gonna be a little bit harder to discern it’s just a really cool and fascinating way to kind of take matters into your own hands and make your singing study and your singing practice when you’re a visual and spatial so the third piece of this that’s super helpful is that once you start to develop a kind of shape vocabulary for yourself it’s really hard to think of singing as kind of a series of shapes that you can launch into and go to and it makes your technique a lot more consistent if you think of singing as like an infinite series of possibilities and you’re just gonna guess and say well I hope my voice comes out the way it did yesterday it’s gonna be a lot harder then if you start to develop that muscle memory and think and really you can come up with terms that really work for you it’s like okay well right now on this part of the song I know I have to laugh and create a triangle and then you can do that or okay here it’s gonna be more like a c-shape or it’s gonna be more like a water slide so it really opens up the possibilities and it’s really foundational to the way I teach so awesome Wow that concludes this video please leave me a comment let me know if this concept makes sense to you if you’ve ever kind of thought about this before maybe you had a hunch that Sydney could be visual like this but let me know what you think also leave me questions for future videos I love to hear from you I’d love to know what’s on your mind um also if you enjoyed this if you think that you know you like my teaching style definitely check out my completely free belt singing course it’s called belting crash course calm you can sign up right here and it basically it delivers a series of videos to your inbox it teaches you the quickest most effective way to learn how to belt sing which is super fun so please check it out if you’re interested finally if you’re a singer if you’re cool if you like to hang out if you like big giant plants please check out my channel I post all kinds of singing tips videos and yeah I’d love to have you around so please don’t forget to subscribe I will see you guys next time in the meantime happy singing and [Music]

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