10 Cancelled Video Games That Would Have Made Millions

either videogame release rollercoaster at one point you’re riding high and looking forward to a new release than the next it’s been canceled even though it would have made a fortune for all involved it had come out and then you just left to lick your wounds like some cat and you’re not a cat I know there was a time when you questioned whether you were actually one but I can safely say you’re not unless of course you are literally a cat but if you are you can’t understand me because you’re a cat and cats don’t have that capability and if you are a cat with that capability for goodness sake go and market yourself cuz you’re about to make a ton of cash one of a kind I’m Simon from what culture this is ten reasons you’re not a cat no wait 10 cancelled video games that would have made millions number 10 times flitters for sometimes when a popular franchise does vanish into dust deep down you notes for the best and while fans will bleat on the SE core would have done the business that’s probably not true that wasn’t the case with timesplitters for although he got left behind very quickly after it didn’t capitalize on the want for another one there was a time where people were desperate for another in this series especially because the first three had been so good time splitters 2 for example genuinely shook up the whole FPS template in many ways it died the death when develop a free radical got bought out by Crytek and now that whole situation is just a mess which means time splitters is gone forever and that is a shame because ten years or so ago would have probably made a mint number nine six days in Fallujah six days in Fallujah which no doubt you’ve actually forgotten about today did sound intriguing a lot could happen in six days as craig david once told us especially within the realms of a third-person shooter and this cancelled title from atomic games promised to take that concept and make it work within the confines of the situation in iraq because of that idea it did attract a lot of attention in 2009 back then we didn’t get current wars in our video games as ridiculous as that seems now the focus here seemed to beat was gonna take the hyper realistic approach to right up to the fact that it actually wanted to be called the most realistic war game ever made then konami suspended production on it and that was that it’s not coming back now because why would it and given how ahead of the curve it was there’s every chance it would have been a success if it come out when it was meant to number eight Dirty Harry like yeah of course take a movie everyone is a fan of and make a game out of it especially because Dirty Harry loves shooting people and that’s all games do that’s why there was no surprise when develop a collective did announce it was working on a digital version of Clint Eastwood’s monster hit back in 2007 the problem was you do actually have to finish video games and that seemingly never happened right up to the point it was shelved why that went down I don’t know because all the hard work had been done eg Eastwood have let his likeness and his voice to it the only line we ever got out of the studio was the day Harry was troubled being troubled his bed number seven Star Wars 1313 now this really did suck because Star Wars 1313 looked awesome at first cuz it’s Star Wars so it would have made all the money I do not get why this vanished forever for starters it was going to be a very dark tale on George Lucas’s creation that’s always good you were going to apparently play bobba fett or a similar bounty hunter and discover the seedy underworld of a galaxy far far away then disney rolled into town while it did wonders for the film franchise mickey mouse’s first decision game wise was to close down LucasArts who were making this he still can’t figure it out people can’t make a game if the studio no longer exists it’s basically the major thing you need ain’t happening now either is EA is basically taking over everything here what a shame number 6 halo Chronicles I mean its halo right so if you release anything associated with the money just comes falling from the sky people love halo but what people don’t like is raining money and stuff can kill you man be careful anyway that’s why it was so strange when Bungie abandoned halo Chronicles a game at the time was described as the film east of the Halo games terrible English by the way we didn’t know much about it other than it would have kind of been like an interactive film it was actually gonna tie into the Halo movie we never got either though and now you’d have to say that ship has sailed it’s halo is big today as it was then I don’t think so number 5 the Dark Knight fun fact I am such a Batman she lie even enjoyed the Batman Begins game which was that Adele rubbish to stick that me bearing there was meant to be a follow-up to this too as pandemic studios had been given the keys to the back castle following the release of Christopher Nolan’s second Caped Crusader movie and just told make this great Aldrin was gonna lend his voice to it and there was even gonna be a cool gliding system integrated into proceedings to it got announced properly in 2008 and disappeared when you remember that the Dark Knight film made all the cash this was probably a huge mistake by all involved would have raked in number four agent there’s actually a small chance agent still exists given how coy Rockstar are about it and it would Rock to a 70s inspired Bond spoof by the GTA masters sounds like an awesome deal given that it has been hanging around for about six hundred and seventy four thousand eight hundred ninety seven years though you gotta start thinking this one may have gone the way of the something that’s dead the dodo that’s dead agent is a dodo there are glimpses of hope like in 2013 when Sony from nowhere just said agent was a ps4 exclusive but again we’re now in 2017 and we still don’t know it’s rockstar on a cool ideas who would make millions no doubt just imagine they’re too busy on other projects now number three the Lord of the Rings the white council right straight up damn right this was cancelled what a racist name for a video game unbelievable this wouldn’t have flown in 2007 let alone today with that said the Lord of the Rings is huge business regardless why EA cancel this around a decade ago is very strange because it did sound good was gonna tie into the Peter Jackson movies and be a huge open world they let you rock around middle-earth like you with a man even though you wouldn’t have been the man you would have been a flippin Hobbit or an elf geez how disappointing is that have you seen a hobbit they don’t even wear shoes what is this Kids Corner no wonder it was canned number two fallout online now we have got the Elder Scrolls online so I would never rule out something similar happening for a fallout but it was attempted before and then cancelled the reason at the time was mostly legal disputes because Bethesda who owned fallout didn’t want interplay the developer charged with creating fallout online to make too many references to the Fallout universe and yes that is as weird as it sounds that’s like asking DC to make a Superman movie B you’re not allowed to call him Superman so he just gets dubbed great brother or something it’s an awful name for a superhero again though the MMORPG market is still buzzing and fallout is fallout so one day this project may get put back on track number one pray to or pray to if you want to get serious about this now hang on it was just called pray to is who isn’t it just confusing in 2017 I mean what is the original prey to these days because this year we also got prey but that was in fact prey too if we follow the timeline but then there was also prey from 2006 as well the hell is going on smart people I paid good money to sort this out and yet here I am trying to explain why prey to get serious about this which at one point was a sequel that Bethesda first announced in 2011 is separate from the rest of this hokum it did happen though before he got trapped in development hell canceled and that prompted everyone involved to shift development over to Arkane studios so they can make what is now known as prey it could argue that prey to would have done wonderfully however there was so much buzz around at the time hence while we have to get serious about prey just look what happens when we don’t we get lost in account fangled mess of lies that threatens to tear us all apart and you know who would hate that that’s right Michael Jackson heal the world friends heal the world no I’ve only other cancelled video games that would have made millions let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to Like share and subscribe you can even go read more articles on what culture comm and if you’re a cat make sure you get in touch so we can go make our millions together my name is simon from what culture and yes that was one hell of a weird list hello this is the end of the video I hope you enjoyed it these people down here made it happen so go them well done them if you’re watching on a device that doesn’t allow video cards there are many of those anymore then you’ll be able to see been there instead otherwise you can take those and watch another video click on my general body area

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