10 Craziest Ways Kids Are making Millions of Dollars

[Music] is there anything cooler than becoming rich while you’re still young well apparently here are ten kids who at one time discovered crazy ways to make money to the point of becoming millionaires number 10 Fraser Doherty Fraser was only 16 years old when he decided to quit school and concentrate on his jam selling business when Fraser was 14 he started selling fruit jam using his grandmother’s recipe from his parents kitchen in Scotland in one year super Jam sells over half a million jars in the United Kingdom and claims around 10% of the total uk’s jam market using this traditional and simple way Fraser who is now currently 27 years old is currently worth two to three million dollars number 9 Alex – Alex – started the million dollar home page com website was the hope of raising money for his university education when he was just 21 years old what he did not know is that the simple idea would make him his first million in a matter of months one could purchase a pixel from the 1000 by 1000 grid for just one dollar this venture attracted a lot of press coverage thus making the business popular the last pixel sold for thirty eight thousand one hundred dollars number eight Mike McDonald gambling is known to be a dirty game but it can make you a millionaire – Mike McDonald started playing online poker when he was 15 years old and by 20 he was already a millionaire although Mike’s parents wanted him to get an ordinary job like his friends he defied them and decided to perfect his poker act by 20 Mike was already worth over five million dollars Mike was the youngest player to win an event on the European Poker Tour and the epic poker League number 7 richard Stachowski Richey invented the water talkies when he was just 12 years old the device allows people to communicate under water up to a maximum of 15 feet distance it became a summer sensation in the 1997 and 1998 summers with over 50,000 units being bought per year earning him around five hundred thousand dollars apart from the water talkies Richey also invented scuba scope used by snorkelers to see above water and underwater at the same time he also invented the bumper jumper water pump at number six William Felix William Felix was a millionaire at the age of 17 from his lawnmower company William convinced an American lawnmower making company to be its distributor in the United Kingdom at a very tender age felix runs his own company known as felix mowers and his net worth is predicted to be around five million dollars his story’s been used to motivate young entrepreneurs and remind them that age is not a barrier to success number five Cameron Johnson Johnson grew his hobby into a making money scheme by the time he was turning 11 Johnson had already thousands of dollars for making and selling greeting cards this helped him to start his own company cheers and tears when he was just 14 years old before proceeding into online advertising and software development Johnson started by making around $400,000 per month and made his first million dollars while still in high school and before Evon of Evon tube Evan has a YouTube channel where he reviews toys he started the business is a hobby and within a short while it made his first million with the assistance of his parents he’s paid by brands and businesses dealing in children’s products such as games and toys to have their ads placed on his videos an income of 1.3 million dollars per year doesn’t sound so bad for an 11-year old does it number 3 Sean Bell Nick Sean started his business when he was just 14 years old he would lock himself in a bedroom for almost three days to help develop his business plan who came up with busy chair Sean groupies chair from a company selling a few chairs once in awhile to a multi-million company supplying office furniture to companies like Microsoft and Google among others it’s currently worth over 50 million dollars and he has employed a good number of employees number two fara gray Faris started learning about business when he was just six years old he started by selling body lotion door-to-door like 13 he’d founded far out food a speciality food company that sold his grandmother’s vanilla syrup in less than one year the company had made 1.5 million dollars from orders this made fara become a millionaire at the tender age of 14 he later sold the company for 1 million dollars and ventured into the magazines industry number one ashley Qualls Ashley created whatever life.com website when she was just 14 as a hobby the website provided HTML tutorials and myspace layouts for free to our fellow kids G in return makes money from advertising a website from companies as big as verasun among others Ashley made her first million dollars when she was 17 whatever life calm attracts over 7 million visitors per month she turned down an offer of 1.5 million dollars from an interested buyer in 2006 currently Ashley is worth over 8 million dollars [Music]

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