10 Healthy Habits That Changed My Life

hey guys what’s up and welcome back to my channel but today’s video is going to be ten healthy habits that changed my life and can hopefully help to change your life too I really really really believe in Sam behind all of these tips that I’m going to give you and they’re all it from the heart they’re not like fake like put cucumbers in your water like smell like these are real this is what I’ve been doing this on top of like a healthy diet and exercise is 100% how I have like felt about so I thought years so without further ado here are my favorite healthy habit tips that make sense so be number one thing I want to tell you and the most important thing probably is I started drinking 3 litres of water a day so I don’t recommend if you’re not used to that just jumping on board like today or tomorrow drinking 3 liters of water I think gradually get to you know 3 or wherever you are comfortable so before I started my health and fitness journey out drink water but not really in a super conscious way like I do now so now when I wake up in the morning as you saw in like my morning routine video and a lot of my other videos I drink a full liter of water and now get my day started and the best way that I can recommend doing this is buying something that holds one liter so I have a mason jar and it’s exactly one liter if I have that in the morning and then after breakfast I usually let my food digest and then I have like the rest of another leader a night dinner and then I have the rest and I just gradually drink it throughout the day but it really helped me to kind of stop snapping and eating so much in between meals because instead of being like also longer it realized that I was just thirsty and you use all the time some people with whenever you’re hungry you’re mostly thirsty you just ate so I just recommend just err measuring how much you’re drinking and I think 3 meters is really good four liters equal quick gallon so 3 is an exact me gallon but it’s a lot of water you know so I swear 100% that is the source of the majority of my weight loss which this video isn’t about weight loss by the way sauce healthy habits we’re on that health gains not the weight loss if you wanna get this the next toastie how is that I really recommend trying is meal prepping so I buy one week of groceries usually like a Sunday or day every week and so that all that food will last throughout the week but I’m meal prep three days out so that wait scraps panel on a meal prep for all seven days because by the time I into the Sunday’s will be good so I’m real proud for three days and it’s basically just let me know that’s what I’m going to be eating exactly a lot of this nutrition what to look forward to it makes life easier like I wake up and I have with meal prep like oatmeal and I have for lunch I like I have a good meal prep pasta and then for dinner I have a meal prep sliced potatoes and like a vegetable and then in between my snacks usually have like fruit and rice cakes and whatever else I feel like eating so it definitely definitely makes a huge difference rather than just like scrimmaging me like looking at your inner open eat right now and sometimes you need reach for like what the cricket sediment which isn’t always the healthiest and sometimes you know you think eat and you eat more than a serving size does this really helps you keep with one serving size if you know exactly what you’re eating and I think how does that schedule for your metabolism it’s also really helpful so if you’ve never tried meal popping before or if you’ve ever failed at it comment down below let me know what you think about it but I really love it the next healthy habit is going to be more like a psychology tip and basically I started to recognize what I was doing that was like a reoccurring bad habit that would always caused me to go in the opposite direction of my goals for weight loss and like being healthy so for me because it’s different for everybody but for me I’m an emotional eater so I should be doing really well for a week and I’ll have something happens to me and I get really emotional I need comfort food and that’s when I just like completely lose it I wear it and I eat anything that I want anything that sounds good and that for me is about habit a lot of people are bored eaters some people skip meals and that’s just as bad we were in table ilysm so do a lot of fat houses out there that revolve around food and just like so so if you can tackle if you can target what those are that’s the first step and the second step is replacing your coping mechanism with something more healthy so for me yesterday I had some bad news and I was into me like I need comfort food if I want cookies I want pasta like what I want like vegan mac and cheese and I want everything bad no internet are you go better instead of doing that I kid you not I went to the gym like I want to be doing for an hour and I read this in the book what someone said that there was reach for cake and they were police it was walking three miles and by the time they got past me through my walk I didn’t want to cave and that’s exactly how I feel yesterday like I finished my workout and I was like I feel like I got their position and I feel like I got a lot of my anger out and then I just want to continue to be on the road to better positivity and like choices I don’t want to like take one bad you can make it into it to bad things and like more about this and just like hating myself the end of the day the next healthy habit that is incredibly crucial is limiting how much you eat out so I used to eat out only once every day and not only did it suck for my bank account but it stuck to my body my metabolism because you can’t read all of the ingredients that are going into your process to the day you’re getting a restaurant you don’t know how much oil they’re adding you know so Neil obviously how much like sugar they’re adding the things you’d be really surprised because the restaurants are in the business of like making food that tastes good to other people they’re not looking for your health but they’re there even if you want to come back for more so if you can limit how much you’re eating out and instead Enel stick to your meal comes around the beef and a lot of that is also social so you know you want to hang out front but you don’t want to like not be able to go out to eat with them because it’s obviously a really fun thing to do is go out say to your friends and I put my favorite things to do into and generally meeting people at restaurants my going out to eat instead I our place is going to cafes and I love going to earth cafe here like in Los Angeles who sees me on snapchat Instagram some women all the time move all the way so slug um but instead of going out to restaurants I go to cafes because there I can just get with this $3 green tea or like iced tea or coffee or something and so I’m actually getting the food I can eat beforehand or can just snap there and it’s so much so much so much better for my wallet in my body the next tip is going to also give another psychological tip so I stopped comparing myself to other people and what they were eating and doing because there are people with different problems in this world so you can’t look at someone who eats like a piece of a just well there’s getting you today like why can’t I be skinny easy today because that’s such the wrong mindset so what I started doing is every time I said have that added no but you know very well you need to feed that your body will feel disgusting you will feel so gross and like full they can do it yes because they are a little different person they have different genetic different body seeing you know humanity as my characteristics but they’re different so just think about yourself do not prepare yourself to others got it I’m going to say it again in case you didn’t hear me don’t compare yourself to what others do it’s not your life this is your life what are you going to do to make yourself better so my next step is going to be or not you guys probably really hear me talk about all the time but I am so addicted to peanut butter and I had to stop buying it because I would eat a jar a week I’m so ashamed of myself so instead of buying peanut butter I am now by tv2 which is a powder of peanut butter and it just needs to be like a better less low-fat way to get the changes peanut butter without actually you thinking about tacos all the time but yes I recommend if you’re like me and your addition to any kinetic nuts or seeds or just high in oils like anything that can derive from an oil or like oil derives from sweats on Doyle soybean oil any nice you can take make into an oil stay away from because they have the highest fat content for and calorie content for their like serving size so that’s hella anoying we have soy sauce kind of eating things with like oil and all that and I’m not so strict about it like I’ll still eat french fries when the occasion comes but for the most part um I definitely just stop buying my potato chips and things like a high oil town since I found some was just so not worth it to me anymore my next tip is one of my favorite ones so I started reading nutrition labels and my secrets of reading nutrition labels is when you turn to the back and maybe we look at the ingredients don’t look at mrs. Howard caramels off stuff because whatever look at the ingredients and you should be able to train your brain to know what when you look at the ingredients what the nutrition count so if you’re reading ingredients is something and it’s like got a lot of different wheat products and obviously it’s going to be at a higher par medium protein low bottom so you commute was kind of like calculating in your head that you get really good at it and I loved doing it for some reason I love reading nutrition labels and also being vegan I think it’s taught me to read nutrition labels because I have to check and answers eggs or dairy or obviously meat and anything so that and also whenever I turn over something that I’m interested in evaluate how little paragraph of ingredients I instantly put down if I’m talking about like a prepackaged salad or like just some crackers or some hummus and it’s like a list of ingredients um no you need some more ingredients the more processed and sometimes I don’t like a bunch of spices and some things you know it’s like okay here there and in moderation of course but I’m just speaking like every day that when you look in like five groceries look at the ingredients if it’s more than like the paragraphs do not buy it the next tip that I have is I started sleeping eight hours a night so basically everyday when I go to bed I look at what time it is so for example if it’s 11 p.m. and I’m going to bed I know I’m probably not going to fall asleep for another 30 minutes so it’s like 11:30 now and then I add 8 hours on to that and I set my alarm for 8 hours from then so like 7:30 a.m. is when I wake up I’m going to get eight hours of sleep my body feels so refreshed and renewed the next morning so I just recommend doing that Pacific just just your body is single reset if you don’t think that you’re getting eight hours of sleep or you should be getting probably to make eight or nine hours of sleep every night and even if you want about at 4 a.m. like you need 8 hours of sleep so if you’re going to go to that forum you better be responsible enough to know that you don’t have anything going on in the morning that you can’t see and I know like being teenagers and if especially if you’re starting school again sooner you have a job it just comes down to being responsible and like valuing like your health and like well-being over like the lots of sleep so our next tip is I made going to the gym enjoyable myself and the way I did that is I didn’t at first but pressure myself to let go and have a hard workout I was going to a lipstick or go on a steady like medium page for 30 minute and watch YouTube videos and so that way inland I could be doing this at home on my couch or I could be burning some calories and like feeling ass and getting my heart racing it also doing this at the same time so if you have access to elliptical or a treadmill or just walking outside but make it enjoyable just watch some YouTube videos make it in there you look forward to so the last tip I’m gonna share with you on how I like healthy and everything the past few months is I stopped eating three hours before going to bed and usually that falls around like 7:00 8:00 p.m. I kind of stopped eating so it’s just better because your stomach will digest the food before you go to bed and then you can sleep wake up refresh and also in the morning I’m not like super hungry for breakfast right away so that’s why I work out and then I have breakfast or we’ll have like a bit of a snack maybe some fruit maybe like some rice cake so that’s like my favorite my go-to it’s like some PVC on top like before my workout there’s a lot in that no one’s different but I don’t eat like late at night and I don’t eat like hella early in the morning that is Justin to this video I was really really really hope you guys liked these tips and if you did please do a thumbs up to let me know comment down below so we can chat about it and I love having you here today I hope that you enjoy this video as I said before following out all of my social media it will be linked down below and it’s all in this August which is on screen right now and I would see you guys later with an all new video love you bye [Music] funded [Music]

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