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[Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] what makes a Shelby gde unique is the overall performance so we offer for the price of entry on this vehicle it’s kind of unfair to call this an entry-level vehicle because we really are offering you power performance handling looks all in one package to start off with and we’re really touching on a group of customers that we’ve not seen or really offered this entry level or two before you know the Shelby GT II comes with many unique features so if you look at that car quickly from a front three-quarter view rear three-quarter view side view you can quickly see that it’s different than just a regular Mustang much like what we found with the Hertz rental car that we just did it was a fabulous success people loved it it performs at a great level wheels tires suspension unique look and appearance things that make it clearly a Shelby from you know 50 feet away working with Ford Performance we’ve done a lot of really neat things with the car we’ve actually done power outer to add an extra 40 horsepower in the car the suspension system is proven over and above we do a custom hood on the car we actually we’re pulling like sixty degrees out from underneath the engine compartment altogether with everything that we’ve done and working together with Ford Performance I think we’ve come up with a nice well-rounded car you’d be proud to drive every day this car really comes down to two words affordable performance you look at almost every single component that we added to it and it has both an aesthetic opponent and a performance component to it so this is really what makes this car special it’s that recipe of the wheels and the hood and the grille and all the interior components and the suspension so we’ve really developed what I would call the best recipe for what we try to accomplish which is a paintable car for our fan base the 67 was a bad boy Super Snake look how far we’ve come in 50 years with refinement with OE quality with a car you can drive every day and still dominates at the track Shelby came to the table we gave him horsepower we gave it a unique look custom wheels front splitter from 50 feet away you knew this car was a bad boy right out of the box so much of what was developing this vehicle was done specifically for this car in the past we’ve had a couple of pieces we’ve been able to reuse much like the tradition of Ford but on this vehicle everything was designed from the ground up and every component that you see on it has not been featured on the vehicle before all the process we do now mimics some of the processes at Ford goes through when they develop their own vehicle straight from the computer modeling to the rapid prototyping to the first article toward testing and then to actual final component on the vehicle that we approve we’re able to take the base Mustang and address all the components dynamically on the vehicle starting with the aesthetics that are both functional and eye appealing so the hood itself is actually a method in which to extract heat from the vehicle and we also have a front splitter sided rocker splitters and an approver balance it’s more stable at high speeds the performance aspects we put in the car as a new supercharger we’ve done upgraded brakes upgraded suspension exhaust system and all the aesthetics on the body followed in the racing technology that’s out there right now with the brake systems what we wanted to do is we wanted to integrate a full floating front rotor for our brake systems but we did that on the new seven we work together with a lot of our partners this year and we come up with a lot better cooling system inter cooling systems radiator systems expansion tanks that really help the performance of the car all the way around being the designer I try to keep the DNA of the company in every single car that I do I’ve worked with Carol for 15 years he’s been right next to me so I know exactly how the man thought I knew exactly what he wanted everything that we do in this company is for Carol it really is any kind of design that we do we got to know that that’s a Shelby that’s very important to us that’s a very important to everybody here on this company it’s something that I want to put into every car even though this car is due for 2017 it’s not a departure from what we do here at Shelby all the DNA is still involved in this car 100% [Music] [Music] it wasn’t birthed for the masses or designed for the status quo ordinary isn’t in its DNA but passion is passion drives every ounce of design origin attention to detail and meticulous hand crafting it is the Dodge Viper seductive irresistible some regard this powerful attraction with trepidation because a sirens call isn’t for everyone but for those keen enough to recognize its call to feel it the road will never be the same [Music] the Dodge Viper created like no other car in the world [Music] [Music] [Music] when we started out to build a demon we didn’t start out to compete with anyone else in the industry we started out working from our background and being the best version of what we could be because we are completely different we are not trying to be a sports car we’re not trying to be a pony car we’re trying to be a street strip muscle car and there’s no one else in that space we decided very early on in the project that the key to success on this car was gonna be the last 10 and I don’t mean the 10th of a second in the quarter-mile I mean that last tenth of effort that was gonna push you beyond an interesting stat into a stat that had never been done before I mean you just start at the top of the list drag radials no one’s ever put drag radials on a car they’ve been available in the marketplace but they’ve never been put on a production car that’s a first we’re very proud of transmission no one has ever put a trans brake in a production car no one has used the air conditioning system to cool the inner core’s the demon engine is all-new it’s not a tuned up version of our health care engine the only part that carries over is a cylinder head we Dec honed the block which is something you see on high-end racecar engines new crankshaft new connecting rods new Pistons new cam ship all-new valve train and a new larger 2.7 liter supercharger so all of those things that make a dedicated drag car all of those things that make it awesome on the strip you could completely modify you can make this car as comfortable or as crazy as you want it to be the two most common questions that get undie me number one why’d you build a car like this and the second question after that how much horsepower doesn’t have and I always tell everybody I’ll tell you the horsepower it’s amazing but I want to explain to you the full performance package and everything that that horsepower enables I’m gonna walk you through a virtual run of what it’s like to drive a demon you strap yourself into a four-point harness take your red key fire up the most powerful v8 production engine ever put in nature you’ll always find someone or something at the top of the food [Music] it’s the same for sports cars meet the 2016 Camaro SS the most powerful Camaro SS ever the heart and soul of Chevrolet performance cars the legendary 6.2 liter lt1 v8 supplies a perfectly balanced 455 horsepower and 455 pound feet of torque that takes Camaro SS from zero to 60 in four seconds flat with the available 8-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission the 6-speed manual features active rev matching which anticipates down shifts with throttle blips for smooth precise shifting a technique pro’s master after years of dedication when it’s time to tame all this power for piston Brembo performance disc brakes help Camaro SS bring it to a controlled stop from any speed its track ready credentials are further stamped with an SS specific grill hood vents and rear stanchion spoiler that contribute to reduce lift for better Road grip and enhanced high speed stability there’s also available magnetic ride control that reads the road a thousand times per second then stiffens the suspension for high-performance driving while never sacrificing a smooth ride when you choose SS exclusive track mode through the driver mode selector magnetic ride control adjust damping to be significantly lower which is perfect for a day at the track speaking of the track SS makes sure you’re always ready to run at top speed three radiators including two that feed air in from the lower grill opening enhance high-performance engine cool differential oil cooler and transmission cooler that help bring cool air where it’s needed most whether it’s on the racetrack or the road the 2016 Camaro SS is the leader of the pack you you

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