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the human body is capable of withstanding massive amounts of trauma until it’s not recently I told the stories of people who survived unbelievable injuries and odds and somehow came out the other end unscathed a pole through the mouth and nail gun into the brain a soldier that was shot so many times I lost count but most of us aren’t so lucky most of us wouldn’t survive those types of injuries but there are some people they’re the exact opposite people who met their unfortunate ends and ironic and bizarre and totally mundane situations so get ready for a whole new set of phobias here’s ten people who died from incredibly minor injuries I live my life like a Boy Scout not because I’m afraid I’m gonna get in trouble cuz I’m afraid I’m gonna die because I know that whatever it is I’m doing if I die doing it that’s what I’m gonna be remembered for for the rest of my life actually the rest of time because I’ll be dead I can give to charity I could change millions of people’s lives to this YouTube channel I could invent cold fusion but if I died while I was molesting a ferret that’s all anybody would ever remember of me Oh remember that youtuber Joe Scott oh yeah he was that dude those ferret and that is why I don’t molest ferrets there are other reasons but this isn’t a video about people who died doing stupid things this isn’t a Darwin Awards video which might be fun this is a video about people who died doing just totally normal things things that you and I might have done today now some of these are extreme examples and some of these did take place before the age of modern medicine when you know these injuries wouldn’t be anything to us today but again they just kind of reinforces the idea of just how fragile we are and how much we depend on technology for our lives and that really is the point of this video it’s not meant to scare the sensationalize it’s just to point out the fact that this thing you got going on right now with the beating heart and the breathing not something you should take for granted number 10 death from hamster spit a man named Goro Ito from Japan had a pet hamster named iiq oh hey one day he was playing around with AI eco and the hamster bit of my hamsters do bad hamster and then unexplainably at first Goro Ito died very bad hamster the autopsy revealed that there was apparently some protein in the hamster spit the reacted badly in his body and his body went into anaphylactic shock and that’s what killed him no I’ve never heard of anybody being so allergic to a hamster that a bite would kill them so it might have been something special in this particular hamster saliva or it might have been something special with girl Ito of it either way ma’am number nine death from peacock scratch peacocks are known for their displays but apparently they got a bit of a kick on March 30th 1997 a guy named v KY tango went out to feed one of his four peacocks apparently his family had a flock of peacocks when one of them jumped up and started clawing in his head probably not the best day he’s ever had with his peacocks but it didn’t seem like anything that unusual but then the next day he started suffering from really strong migraine headaches and then eventually fell into a coma the hospital did a scan and found that there was a blood clot in his brain that was apparently caused by this peacock clawing at his head is like dislodged something and it went up into his brain and put him into a coma and yeah he died the next day something told me his family had one less peacock after that number eight death from deodorant Jonathan cape well was a kid from Oldham England and like many kids he wanted to smell good he liked to spray some deodorant on himself but apparently he took it a bit too far apparently he would cover his entire body with deodorant twice a day and on July 20th 1998 he died from a heart attack the doctors determined that the heart attack was caused by the deodorant gases that had built up in his system over time because he did this in a very unventilated room apparently before he died this was like a jokey thing amongst his family that he sprayed so much deodorant that you know they couldn’t hardly breathe downstairs but I’m amazed how people can have phobias about the weirdest thing he clearly had some kind of phobia about his his body odor and that’s what caused him to do that it’s a shame number seven death from manners Tycho Brahe he was a famed Danish astronomer many of you probably know who he is if you’re really into astronomy the big huge crater at the bottom of the moon that has the Rays that are spraying out from it can’t miss it that’s actually called Tycho crater it’s named after him well Tycho Brahe he did a lot of amazing things in his life but his death was so bizarre what basically happened was he was at a dinner party and it was apparently very rude to go to the bathroom to get up to go to the bathroom or leave the table for any reason during a back then and he really needed to pee but he refused to go for that reason apparently it built up so much it cause bladder complications and after the banquet he was unable to urinate the way he needed to in ten days later he died apparently he wrote his own epitaph and it read he lived like a sage and died like a fool actually Tycho didn’t completely live like a sage he lived a little bit like a fool as well because he famously wore a gold or bronze nose because his nose got cut off in a duel one time although it could be argued that duels were a matter of manners back then as well that was a social custom that he stuck to and he suffered for that as well and maybe he might have been the most polite human being that ever lived number six death by desert Adolf Fredrik that King of Sweden actually ate himself to death in 1771 and after a meal consisting of lobster caviar sauerkraut cabbage soup smoked herring champagne and 14 servings of his favorite dessert Selma which is bread dipped in a bowl of hot milk he’s actually known today by Swedish children as the king who ate himself to death when her tycho brahe head was at that meal because I wouldn’t take in a while number 5 death by laughter how many times have you said you died laughing at something and you’ve never done it have you poser well Alex Mitchell of England did exactly that on March 24th of 1975 he was watching an episode called the kung-fu capers of his favorite TV show called the gute the goodies the goodies he was watching the kung-fu capers episode of the goodies where he wound up laughing for 25 minutes straight until it actually made his heart give out and he had a heart attack and he died as tragic as that is his widow actually sent a letter to the goodies actually thanking them for making his final moments so wonderful and I don’t know about you but I really want to see what this show was now number four death by fastball ray chappy Chapman was a shortstop for the Cleveland Indians and in 1920 he was taking a pitch from Carl Mays that went a little bit awry and hit him in the temple well Carl Mays must have had a hell of an arm because this actually knocked him out and he died this day he’s the only baseball player that has ever died from getting hit by a pitch number three death by frustrations Jack Daniels yes the Jack Daniels died from an infection his toe an infection that began because when he woke up one day in 1911 he was trying to get something out of his safe he couldn’t remember the combination to the safe couldn’t get the safe to open so he kicked the safe in frustration broke his toe causing an infection gangrene set in did him in and apparently his last words were one more drink please number two death by tongue Allan Pinkerton who founded the famous Pinkerton Detective Agency was just walking down the street in Chicago in 1884 and he slipped which caused him to bite down on his tongue and apparently this was not like the kind of bite you get when you’re you know eating crackers and you slip and you bite your tongue this was so bad it actually like broke through the tongue the time became infected he got gangrene died this must have been before Listerine and number one death by irony Bobby leach was one of the greatest Daredevils of all time at the beginning of the last century he was known for doing some really crazy stunts but one of the biggest stunts the ever did he was the second person to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel I’m still not sure why people wanted to do that so badly but that was just a huge thing once upon a time but after a lifetime of cheating death in various crazy ways he was apparently just walking down the street one day in New Zealand slipped on an orange peel and broke his leg once again an infection set in from the broken leg complications resulted from that gangrene died so yeah this is the kind of thing that I was talking about at the beginning if you’re a stunt man of course you’re gonna wind up going in some totally mundane way at least I would that’s the story of my life so what can we learn from this I guess one way to look at it is that the body is like a fine-tuned machine really when it comes down to it no it takes is just one little glitch to make the whole thing fall apart I mean if you think about it the things that killed most people are very tiny things strokes heart attacks clogged arteries blood clots those kinds of things those kill people every single day and they’re microscopic so maybe it’s not so much the size of the injury as where you get it so enjoy the life you have don’t let this video freak you out too much because the reason these are noteworthy is because they were so bizarre and strange most people would not die from things so simple and by the way like I say at the beginning most of these took place at a time before the kind of medicine that we have now I doubt if you kick you’re safe that you would die from your toe getting infected but just to be safe leave the ferrets 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