10 Sneaky Things Criminals Do – Must Watch

Scammers and criminals are getting more sophisticated by getting less sophisticated. Keep an eye out for these simple and sneaky ways that a scammer might be targeting you next.

These are methods criminals and scammers will use to scam you!

  • Flyers on Your Front Door – ever wonder how burglars think? They operate in a high risk, high reward criminal world, and the risk is they go to prison or end up facing down a shotgun when they break into the wrong house.
  • Dating Site Con Artists – The romance scam is an old confidence trick that’s taken on a new life in the era of dating websites and apps.
  • Stealing a Car with a Tennis Ball – Car thieves have figured out how to pick the lock of your car door using just a tennis ball.
  • Spoofing Your Key Remote – Car thieves are also using sophisticated technology to steal cars, especially expensive ones with keyless entry and remote start.
  • Breaking in with A Rubber Band – Today we have modern, state-of-the-art home security systems and app connected surveillance cameras.
  • Knock Knock Robberies – Perhaps the sneakiest and most terrifying way burglars are getting into people’s houses is by tricking you into letting them in.
  • A Penny In Your Car Door – People around the country have been finding coins stuck in the passenger door handles of their vehicles and wondering what the point of that was.
  • Keystroke Loggers – Keystroke logging software can be installed by anyone on your computer. Hackers looking to steal your identity can install it remotely through downloads with malware or over unsecured WiFi networks.
  • Burglar Markings – Be careful if you find an ominous or strange marking in chalk or paint on the street outside your house. Burglars may be casing your neighborhood for a house to rob.
  • ATM Skimmers – If you notice anything weird about the card scanner on an ATM machine or gas station pump, you may want to drive to another ATM or gas station to conduct your business.

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