15 Toothpaste Life Hacks YOU SHOULD KNOW!

it’s like a weird creature from out of space it’s wengie welcome back and fresh breath hug soon today we’re gonna be doing some toothpaste packs that I found online some of them sound pretty cool and some of them kind of seem very questionable so I’m going to be putting 15 of them to the test today and right now I’m running a macbook air your way and all you have to do to enter is me subscribe to this channel oh my gosh guys huge announcement I’ve been working on a secret project in China for the past six months and I can finally show you guys something this is my first official music video guys and guess what it is now on the charts in China which is crazy this wouldn’t have been possible without you guys fab I owe so much sure you guys love you guys so much and thank you so much for the support I’ve linked the music video down below so don’t forget to check it out and subscribe to my music channel because I promise I’ll be releasing English songs soon [Music] all right guys let’s jump right into the hack testing live yeah open and closing door for so I have these super old rings from a long time ago they’ve got like black stuff on it it used to be silver guys I remember when these were super sparkly and silver gnarly you can use toothpaste to clean these with a toothbrush and this particular ring guys I don’t know if you guys know it’s a Tiffany ring and it cost me $300 so if we could save this one this would really be awesome so let’s give it a shot so this hack in theory is actually pretty simple you just squeeze out a bit of toothpaste onto your brush and then scrub away at your jewelry I’m just making sure I get in all the nooks and crannies here and get in there get in all the little corners right there hey I looks a little hook brighter guys it was great and now it’s like literally silver I like look at all those like black little bits that were on the band they’re all gone is it now a $300 ring it looked like it cost $5 before I feel like it’s a lot more reflective now I can see it it’s really shiny it just shows how dirty my rings were that’s kind of embarrassing okay guys so I’m actually really impressed with how this hack did because it’s just toothpaste you could just get it from your bathroom and I’ve saved some rings that literally look like they need to be thrown out so I give this hack a thumbs up [Music] so this is nice hat helps you get rid of tea and coffee stains from cups or in my case a thermos I love this I drank tea from it all the time and now it just looks pretty gross it is very st. so I’m hoping this hack is gonna work so I can use this again without looking into it and seeing a depth of brown let’s give it a go as you can see I picked my most used and stained thermos here it’s kind of cursed and I’m a little bit embarrassed to show you guys so I’m really hoping this hack works I see some toothpaste directly into the thermos and added some water and just started scrubbing it was kind of hard to tell to see if it’s working or not because the toothpaste covered everything after i was done i just rinse everything out and here’s the end result case i’m gonna pour this out so i can have a look at how clean it is whoa there’s no stains left i’m gonna rinse this out and I’ll be back I’m very happy it almost looks new I haven’t seen this Cup so clean for a very long time definitely this hat works all the tea stains oh god I’ve been watching it with detergent for ages and it hasn’t lifted the stage so this is amazing I’m gonna have to give this hack a big thumbs up taking me back to so the next life hack can make your matches waterproof but apparently if you cut them with toothpaste even if they get wet let’s say if you’re camping and it rains you can still use them so let’s give it a go just to demonstrate a comparison I drop some clean matches into a cup of water first next let’s get the heads of a few match sticks into the toothpaste tube and make sure to cut the red part completely and drop those into the water as well when I started noticing the toothpaste starting to melt off I got a bit worried but let’s see what happens next alright so I’m gonna take one that we’ve soaked in water that’s pretty dry let’s see if we can light it nope okay I’m gonna take one with the toothpaste see if we can light it Wow alright guys so this actually worked I actually thought when it was uploading in the water and the toothpaste was coming off I was worried that it wasn’t gonna work because I could actually see the toothpaste melt off but it ended up working so I’m really surprised I think what it did was created a great coating around the red part so that the water didn’t get through and make it soggy in a way it is super useful you can use these for camping if it’s like about to rain you also have matches that work so I’m gonna give this hack a thumbs up so this next hack says that you can seal these card envelope things with toothpaste instead of licking it yeah this might be useful for like germaphobe but don’t want to lick their envelopes or if your envelope just happens to be super dirty and you don’t know where it’s been so let’s give it a go yes I’m gonna take a super small amount because we don’t want too much come on up close I took a small amount of toothpaste and just applied it to the sticky part of the envelope and press it down and hello okay it didn’t work so I tried using more toothpaste and managed to actually stick it down but then I realized it wasn’t very secure and I could easily open it again it just doesn’t feel very strong the seal pretty easy to open guys how’d it didn’t really work out very well I’m sure it’s good for like those Cod’s you want a seal but not really seal but if you actually want to close up an envelope this ain’t gonna work just use some water on your fingers and put it on the glue I think what happened was tooth paste created a barrier between the paper and the actual glue and that’s why it isn’t sticking very well so I think this half of work if it did work for you guys tell us down below because I can’t see it working for anyone so I’m gonna give this hack a thumbs [Music] the next hat says that you can make a stress ball out of some toothpaste and two balloons I guess you can call this like a DIY line pack which is my favorite so let’s go just pull out your balloon over the truth paste opening and squeeze as much as you can into it and tie it off yeah that’s actually quite satisfied oh look at that next I cut a few holes out of a second balloon and then used it to cover my first balloon honestly this was more like a DIY hack but I loved it oh my gosh I said they’re just squeezing these things for like 30 minutes because it was just so mesmerizing all right guys I must admit this is really fun like I didn’t expect it to be so fun you definitely have to try it with the second balloon on top because I’ve never had a stressful like this I’ve rarely had ones that are out this one looks like a lemon and it grows pimples it’s pretty fun pretty cool huh try it especially if you know you have like nothing to do in the weekend so this works and it is relieving my stress how could this not relieve your stress I’m gonna give this hat a thumbs up [Music] okay so this next lap hat is using toothpaste to clean a mirror or no mirror in your eyeshadow palette I love this palette you can see it’s been well used it’s kind of beaten up and the mirror well you can’t really even use the mirror and you also gonna use some toothpaste to clean it let’s try basically this is pretty simple just squeeze out some toothpaste onto your mirror and wipe it all over the entire surface so much stuff on this is even like eyelash glue I can see see all that black stuff is biologically and I think that’s pretty stuck onto the mirror next take some tissues or a damp towel and just clean it off and it’s as simple as that [Music] alright guys so the mirror is clean I can see myself in it now I’ll probably start using this palette again now that I have Mira that I can see with so this hack definitely worked and it was super easy so I’m gonna give this a thumbs up I guess I love sewing but be not knowingly the most is trying to get this thread through this tiny little needle hole but apparently you can use toothpaste at the end of the thread to help you get it through the hole so let’s give it a shot and see if it work what I’m gonna do here is just try is thread the needle without using anything first and just see how long it takes me [Music] you won’t go through his tooth lucky ok guys I’m sorry but I was honestly trying it was so hard anyways now let’s just try with some toothpaste on the end even with my shaky hands I managed to get at second go which really surprised me cuz it’s never that easy for me [Music] okay so I was actually surprised it worked on my doubts with this one but it actually helped a lot it make the thread a lot stiffer at the ends regionally the start is your fluffy toothpaste like unplucked it I think you could probably use your saliva or some water but I think the toothpaste was a bit thicker than like say your saliva and water so I think it gave it a little bit more strength and I don’t know if you guys noticed but I actually immediately threaded it through after I put the toothpaste on but I was actually expecting to give it a few more Goods before I could get it through but advice to you just use a needle threader anyways this actually works so I’m gonna have to give it a thumbs up and closing door for the next life hack is that toothpaste can remove onion smells I don’t know if you guys know but onion smells a pretty stubborn on my chopping board all my fingers for a very long time you can remove the smell so let’s see but what I really like using onions when I cook and I love eating them but the smell that leaves is pretty strong so I’m just gonna give my fingers a good white to make sure they’re nice and smelly now it’s time for the toothpaste I guess you can just use it like regular hand soap so that’s what I’m gonna do here and then just rinse it off in the sink alright guys I’ve just come back from washing my hands I haven’t smelt it yet let’s see if it’s any onion smell left on my hands mmm minty fresh I’m trying to see if it’s just like toothpaste smell on top of onion or whether likes the onion smells actually completely gone hey that’s pretty good I don’t think smells like onion at all hmmm I think this works guys I’m gonna give it a thumbs up [Music] okay so this next life hack says that you can clean a permanent marker off any surface I would test it on a table because that’s usually where you find a permanent marker but the tables not mine so we’re going to test it out on a plastic lid instead so let’s give it a go and see if it works so I’m just gonna draw something onto a surface with some permanent marker to test it out as you can see it does not wipe away like whiteboard markers would so this is actually a permanent marker so now we’re just gonna squeeze some toothpaste on top and scrub it away [Music] and hey it looks completely clean again look at this guy’s it’s gone it’s clean I didn’t think it’d work you only think though is I feel like the toothbrush bristles were a little bit harsh so if you can see like the plastic is actually like being scratched as well so that’s something to look out for when you’re like giving it a good scrub it could actually damage the surface depending on what it is but yeah it worked this is probably one of my favorites I’m gonna give it a thumbs up so this next life hack says that if you don’t have whiteout you can use toothpaste I don’t know about this one guys I feel kind of uneasy about this one but let’s give it a shot that’s all we do for the first step is to write something that’s rough obviously unicorns aren’t evil so now take out your toothpaste and just rub it all over the paper I guess I’m not really sure how this isn’t meant to work it’s already three thick but we can still see the words so eh let’s just put some water on top I don’t even know if I can close this page I had now you can’t see it that looks amazing um guys I think in the process of it drying it actually went more clear so now we can see the word even clearer so let’s stop here and see how whoa I can kinda still write over it but this is a really good pen and I feel like I’m ruining with the toothpaste so when I first heard of this hat I thought it was absolutely ridiculous and when the toothpastes dried it actually became even more clear so you can see what’s underneath so I had like really low expectations of this haha pleasantly surprised that you could actually write on top of it actually thought it was gonna totally disintegrate and like break up surprising very very surprising it’s gonna give it a thumbs down but the fucking could ride on it kind of saved it so I’m gonna give it a ha I didn’t want to do the next one cuz it’s a little bit embarrassing but I have my old dirty shoelaces they’re really gross I don’t even know how it got this way there’s like weird Brown things so we’re gonna see if we can clean these and save it because at this point I’m not sure I want to wear these again here I just filled up a large bucket with some water and squeeze some toothpaste in and mix it up so it’s all dissolved time to throw these in we’re not gonna soak them because apparently we just need to give them a scrub so take this dirty part here it’s kind of disgusting it’s your it a bit of a scrub oh that’s hugely improved more here that’s gone quick and easy then I’d read them off and this was the result okay guys sir my shoelaces are a lot cleaner and they smell minty fresh in fact while I was cleaning my sinuses were actually getting super clear from just the smell of it but yeah I managed to get all the yellow stains out with the toothpaste and the only thing left is just little balls of lint which I wasn’t able to remove it did well my shoelaces are clean weather this is better than just throwing it in the washing machine I’m not sure but this hat certainly works so I’m gonna give it a thumbs up so this next life hack says you can stick photos on the wall temporarily using toothpaste this could be useful if you don’t want to hang a frame or drill hole in the wall or if you ran out of glue tech there let’s give it a shot just place a decent dot of toothpaste on each corner of your photo and stick it straight onto your walls okay so I actually didn’t think this hack would work at all but it did it is up but I still think double-sided tape and Blu TAC is definitely more secure than this it doesn’t feel super secure but since it did work I’m gonna give this hack a thumbs up [Music] so apparently you can actually clean your old dirty or rusty poisons with toothpaste so let’s give it a go that’s a pretty old dirty looking coins here so we’ll see if we can clean this up just squeeze out some toothpaste into a cup of water and give it a good mix so many loves you look at that disgusting next I drop my coins in and just left them to sit for a while okay guys it’s been 15 minutes since the coins have been put into the solution so we’re gonna take it out and see if they’re actually clean just in case they’re not I’ve got a little scrub station here for us to clean them let’s go it feels kind of smiley I tried to clean the coins as best as I could to try and get off all the dirt I’m really hoping this hack works rule the green came off the brush becoming a turn brown it’s gone from black to brown slight improvement I think [Music] so this one kind of didn’t work from that well it got rid of the rust so I think it did really well with like the green kind of rust things on the coins but not so much with the black dirty stuff on the coins Victor feel a little bit nicer than before and they definitely smell a lot nicely because these coins are really stunk I was trying to find the most dirtiest coins ever I don’t think I clean them properly because instead of a green filled they now have a white film I’d rather just not deal with it it takes too much time why would you want to clean the dirty coins anyways just go buy something with it and give it to someone else and they can deal with the dirty coins that’s what I recommend I’m gonna give this hack a thumbs down you know when you’re at the end of a chew of toothpaste and you’re just spending so much time trying to squeeze that little bit outside away steady while the next life hack is supposed to help you with this it is actually to put it in a syringe probably what it finds a bigger syringe to fit all your toothpaste but all I could find was this so I just kind of test it out with a syringe and see if it works no really sure we came up with this one but just squeeze your toothpaste into the syringe and then reattach the plunger when you’re done and if you’re me you’re super uncoordinated and you make a mess yeah now you can syringe your toothpaste onto anything you like most likely a to fresh-squeezed I guess it’s not worked or maybe not perfect okay guys at first I felt this hack was genius because you’d never have to struggle again to squeeze toothpaste onto your toothbrush but then I realized you have to struggle anyways to actually get it into the syringe in the first place so I don’t even know if you save any time it’s kind of pointless a little bit messy for me because I filled it up too much so I’m gonna give this hack a thumbs down so for the next one we’re gonna clean my phone screen as you can probably see it’s really oily from being put on my face and general use so we’re gonna see even get this out also just a warning make sure your phone is like waterproof or something before you do this and I want to be responsible for you guys breaking your phone I’m gonna test it out for you guys so let’s yeah as you can see my phone screen is pretty dirty I honestly don’t remember the last time I cleaned it pretty embarrassing but I’m really hoping this works apparently you just need to squeeze some toothpaste onto the screen and just rub it all over the screen with your fingers then wipe off the toothpaste with a damp towel it’s probably a good idea to make sure your food is waterproof before you try this one though anyways when it’s done here’s what my screen now looks like [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right so my phone is the cleanest it has been for a suit for a long time it definitely work all the little oily residues and smudge enos has been lifted very shiny however I feel like it’s a lot of effort feels a bit risky sometimes especially if your phone’s not waterproof you might get into crevices and to get the toothpaste off actually took a little while but yeah since it actually did work I’m gonna give it a thumbs up okay I hope you guys enjoy testing these hacks with me today we found some really awesome packs and also debunked some packs that we found online let me know which one your favorite is down below as well my favorite is definitely the stress ball and also let’s have a look it will happen unreacted cons this week we blur your eyes a bit like squink slightly it looks really real see it yeah it does look real that’s real really real if you haven’t missed me during the week don’t forget to follow my social medias I’m kind of fair you can see behind the scenes and all those fun things like that and also my blog channel so until next week I’m gonna miss you guys so much and I’ll see you guys soon bye guys love you

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