2 Easy Takedowns for People Who Don’t Do Takedowns

hey everybody I’m Stefan casting from grandpa Lars calm and I’m here to open that jujitsu with my friends Elliot and I’ll stop the two evil geniuses for the jujitsu program here and they were going to show some or Elliot’s going to show a couple of takedown for people who don’t do takedowns normally it’s an important subject so sure so a takedown that I really like when you’re working with someone who’s bigger a lot of ostriches people who don’t necessarily train a lot of Judo have a challenge on the feet and then especially when you’re working with someone bigger it can seem really intimidating one really easy high-percentage takedown it’s just a drag on arm drag to a trip so show once quick it looks like this here and what I like about it in particular is it takes no energy once you’re in on the leg to take the person down so arm drag basic always elbows type just basic good basics from wrestling we want to control the hands we pass we come high up to the tricep or high on the tricep to the armpit and this clears the way for us to get in on that leg which I could shoot a double on but from here we’re going to come in and basically land in a bit of a pigeon stretch what this does is it allows me to use my hip to almost hyper extend Stefan’s knee I create a bit of a knee bar and with my body coming down we can land here now one really important tip is I don’t stay here because at this point Stefan brings his foot over to this side he’s going to for sure catch me gorilla plata so as soon as we land here we’ve got a continue our motion up all the way up ear to ear so we can start looking at passing the hacker so you’re not going to really strong guard for a special mission there exact lip is what happened and you know with a bigger person you want them on their back you want to be you want to feel heavy on top so overtime moving around boom here and notice I’ll show it from the other side you have to get rid of your arm drag immediately so if I come down here and the arm drag Stefan is going to read drag and take my back so as soon as I get the drag I have to shoot it up with an underhook and I have to bring my body weight up really nice and high now this works really well Ian Oggy but a nice variation in the game do we have is anytime I get the we’re going to do the same thing with a collar so it’s going to be a cross collar grip but we can do that anytime we get a traditional grip we just come here our foot works a little different it’s not we’re not going to go for that trip but just the collar drag here pulls the person down and now we can wrap around their leg for a single or leave all the way and be ready to pass off of our collar drag so we could do the exact same thing in the ghee but a nice very variation that realizing the colors just the drag boom boom and now really important I don’t let my elbow touch the ground I keep all the weight on their collar so they feel my weight I Drive up I catch that bottom leg head into the stomach you pass around and up inside so really strong option when you’re dealing with bigger people you don’t asshole wanna play to their game play to their grips played a good position for them it’s interesting we’re talking about with the armed dragon inside trip I learned that throw first in judo where you know you go for a shoulder throw or something and then you hook here and grab the leg but of course in the jujitsu context it’s kind of a bad deal so that the arm drag releasing to the underhook seems you have much more effective for our purposes absolutely well thank you very much thanks for demo now we’ll catch in the next video

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