2018 Project Car Challenge Day 3 + RESULTS

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Adam LZ – https://www.youtube.com/adamlz
Tommy F Yeah – https://www.youtube.com/tommyfyeah
David Patterson – https://www.youtube.com/user/ThatDudeinBlue
Boosted Boiz – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8LsMvKJ-l8a8nASFsuH4Ww
Justin Bell – https://www.youtube.com/user/justinbelltv
Deboss Garage – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLXV9vzJwgYOyGaZlD89VfA
Vehicle Virgins – https://www.youtube.com/user/VehicleVirgins
Cleetus Mcfarland – https://www.youtube.com/user/GARRETTmitch
Drag Times – https://www.youtube.com/user/DragTimes

Hyper Car Development – http://hyperfastcars.com/
LG Motorsports – https://www.lgmotorsports.com/

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good morning everybody Sebring International Raceway where we separate the men from the boys I’ve been butchering the intros for the past couple of days so I’m about to hand it off over to Justin and he’s gonna take it from here well thank you and it kind of been that bad in Vegas cuz I’m back right a little look at it that way you know what I was on the plane this morning I’ve been following the social media from the guys for the last two days at Daytona and the other track this is perhaps the most dangerous racetrack in North America but it’s also the best literally this is the same surface as when it was the original airfield and it hasn’t changed so Stirling Moss Fangio Phil Hill every all the best drivers in the world well my dad I think this will be like the true test of their car Rob I mean it is and Nurburgring is pretty punishing too but today we’re really gonna be able to separate the men from the boys this is where we currently stand on the YouTuber side vehicle virgins is in the lead at 72 points however vehicle virgins and drag times both didn’t make the trip to Sebring Cleatus Adam LZ and Rob Ferretti are currently side by side and have the best chance of winning on the tuner side as long as LG is able to keep that car together he should take home the win now that you’re caught up let’s get to the race [Music] straight trippin we’ve got David at 1:39 a lab for his little test and soon laps blue gelati 114 a lot I was cooking no it’s hauling ass on that last pass but I let the white Corvette go because he’s just so much faster than me but after that I never saw him again so I was far enough ahead eaten lap beats all happy about that hey guys I’m fad with hypercar development I’m here with one of our customers cars it’s originally was a 650s that we did a 675 body style conversion it’s got a lot of modifications to it we only lost about 1 mile per hour want to go fast to Lou in his vette he’s really close that day we got rained out at Daytona a bit so I didn’t really get to get good times there but today it’s nice and sunny so we’ll be able to have some fun [Applause] it was good it was good definitely uh sketchy areas you know I’m transitioning from concrete ooh asphalt I just I’m gonna spit the bus with the morning just getting out you know used to the track and finding my slow spot so just clean it up from there yeah we’re just trying to dial everything in it’s the short track I wish we were running the long track but how does that other car do it which one McLaren McLaren its it’s doing fine to my knowledge you know what always time [Applause] we’re waiting on Garrett rebuilding an axle on this trailer about 20 and Kyle Houston boys we here in about an hour Negroes throw some laps down in this thing and he’s ready for jump you can see this on the red thing in the – here right now coolant temperature hit as high as 225 which isn’t bad but I just want to make sure we take a peek at it and don’t have any issues it shouldn’t really get that high that quickly did a couple laps but make sure there’s no air in the system we’ll get it back out [Music] [Music] alright so the boss getting ready good well we’re gonna start doing the fine laps fairly soon people already okay what we’re gonna do I’ll let you I’ll let you get to the time-lapse later but we’re gonna do your fastest ten laps in 20 minutes so starting to run hot you want to cool off for a couple of minutes any laughter you don’t run like so if you get seven laps at a time did not tend we’ll take the slowest lap time and make that be the base okay so well like if you run just do one really fast forward yeah but no because we’re moving off this like say the minivan goes two minutes and you go 115 you’re gonna get one lap at 115 then nine laps of two minutes so you’re gonna be [Music] Adam LZ just showed up so was running a little late this morning was searching for some he 85 still waiting on Cletus who at last check was fixing his trailer on the side of the road which is a problem the hub probably broke in there you see that folks that right there is the wheel but the hold on the whole hub it’s chill it what the hell start getting to the 20-minute sessions I’ll be in about an hour [Music] oh I feel good the car likes to talk a lot how y’all doin y’all belly from soccer practice yeah we do some other tires on it so don’t hunt the radios on anymore there’s still no third gear but we’ll see what happens you guys gonna do all right for a mini man he’ll be fine all right guys about to take the minivan on the Sebring [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] well we brought forth Deon forth yeah yep all right so my worst fear is it’s coming true unfortunately did a couple of hot laps out there just to watch temperatures really watch temperatures in salt I could learn the track so later I can actually not run a 20 minute session but can do at least one solid hot lap to compare it to just in time and the temperatures started creeping up what I think we’re had we’re having trouble with right now there was a little seepage from the the coolant tank but not because it overheated but we’re having trouble with the airflow I think into the radiator the intercooler is taking a lot of air some of it goes through and the rest gets deflected off so the radiator even though the fans are sucking isn’t doing what it needs to do and cooling is probably one of the biggest things that you need to control on a road race car especially if you want to win this and I think I’m in pretty prime position to win this if we could send this and get ten solid laps out of it now we’ve now taken sheet metal from the boss garage they had extra and we had a little taste of Canada in here and we’ve now taken the air that’s coming in through the front bumper it’s bouncing off the radiator off the intercooler and now going around and hopefully going through the radiator to give us that extra couple of degrees I hope it works I really hate coming to this point and being so so competitive at this point and then losing out because the car can’t keep temperature so fingers crossed we’re going to send it this afternoon and hopefully we’ll be able to put down some respectable times I think the only people have to be at this point in time are atom or Cletus and I can’t imagine sending either of those cards to Nurburgring I think it’s got to be this one gotta be underneath makes excitement slight fear but I’m ready so we need 10 time-lapse in 20 minutes if you want to go out and do to pull a and let it cool off go out do 2 more however you want to do it that’s how we’re going to score it anything you do that’s not 10 laps in 20 minutes we’re going to take the slowest time and assign back forever you just got to get 10 time lapse maybe you get 5 at a minute 10 and the slowest lap is 2 minutes you’re gonna get 5 and two minutes tacked on here average okay [Music] yes fine though handle so well yeah I was just ready to get on it and then the temperature went all the way out okay okay I backed off but something’s broken up the front I can’t keep it in a straight line oh no no no when I went out I I just say obviously get used to the power get used to the car so it was just starting to get it get up to some speed and then it overheated so I backed off when I started backing off I realized something he was tracking really weird at the front you can see me driving up here in back quag in like this down the street oh you have a flat tire yep that – he’s got a flat tire that’s probably one day probably what it in your driving literally on the side this is why I’ve always been known for my car development skills look at the front winning factors of the rear there we go yeah we sort of figured it out right here good news is we can address this [Music] [Music] it was awesome it was fun my brakes suck but I had a lot of fun [Music] how the temps perfect one you’re probably about hi 113 average so solids very consistent I think that’s uh that’s a ticket to Germany right there they even the McLaren and the hot laps that he’s had so far he hasn’t gone out yet with 118 119 so so Justin what was the last time what happened the last time you drove this car it got toasty a little warm that well the car was running well I was enjoying it’s much more familiar if you remember I said oh cool bet I know how to handle this one out of all the cars is just the most familiar but then of course we just overheated a bit so and then we overheated a lot that wasn’t really overheating a lot we’ll just don’t we’ll leave it at that all right we’ll leave it at that criticism last time was about the brake bias just keep an eye on that I got the stick of your tires on it which will give you more rear grip but I did not lose the ABS or change the bias okay so other than that just keep an eye on the temps as long as we keep the oil in the car I think we’re good [Music] I think I broke it again right I feel like Justin’s gonna be coming in now after too hot it was only up to about 224 I locked up like that going into that breaking and then next thing is uh overboost cut and lots of basically I went into limp mode not gonna say anything but right now we’re at da seven minutes for the slow Germany semen further and further away for my future so the end of the day for Rob’s Govan involves baby toden so they said my car’s on its way back in you know you know the car was really going well still breaks like a lock with the rear I had a big slide coming into the second corner and then the temperatures boomed up and then sunny I lost everything now I’ve gotta go find Rob and explain to him why his car is here don’t over there and he’s over there and I was in it reoccurring theme he did that to me I turned it off for like a minute fired it up the other way yeah well thankfully that’s hi Luke that’s the second time that thing moved in today yeah lap one was 118 lap to 115 we should be quite pleased there was that good luck well I mean I’d be pleased if it’s bad we clean you to where we could keep we could keep doing we would lose we were just like the bowels of the ship I don’t know I don’t think I’ve been as this excited for anything in a long time the names down the front of everyone that’s died so far [Music] get me out so going down the back side there is a wall of heat hit me oh yeah fifth gear as I backed off this wall of heat hit me and actually this doesn’t feel too good you know but the temperature is fine I keep getting that the temperature looks fine alright so Justin Bell just went out and tried to conquer the Audi the Audi won so now Richards can go show him how it’s done Justin didn’t get an official lap time but he does have thoughts about it we’re gonna let Richard go out 20 minutes we’ll see what he comes in with and to be fair youtubers aren’t putting up a very strong showing right now so we’ve got a good chance of showing us who’s boss the boss [Music] timing the boss garage Richard was supposed to be showing just and how to lay down a lap he did not yeah we sent the wrecker out to go get him so he’s out of course when he clear him off Justin’s now getting an Adam’s car and if I was a betting man my money would be on the white knight over there because I think Adams cars probably the most sorted car here [Music] realistically I got to do 10 laps and maybe one 130 if you can do 10 laps at 1:38 I’ll be okay all right this is essentially for the event we’ve got Cletus out there in his own car we’ve got plenty of hot laps Matt and who’s now in the lead my car put down some good times but not enough to win anything because it’s only got two actual timed laps Cletus is going out there he’s gonna be slower but he’s trying the preservation thing if he can come in and say that I committed 25 a lap for 10 laps he’s got a good chance of winning let’s see what happens so in the end on the youtuber side Adam L Z managed to take home the win with an average time of 1 minute 23 point 1 7 seconds Cletus ended up in a close second mainly because he had to stop for fuel and was only able to lay down 8 at speed laughs and with the to baseline laps attached he had an average of 1 minute 25 point 1 1 seconds rob Ferretti only managed to do two timed laps but still managed to take third place with an average time of 139 point 4 3 fourth place went to david paterson followed by boosted boys then de Vos garage and vehicle virgins even without showing up still was able to edge out tommy apphia who lost his car after the second day Lu gelati from LG Motorsports showed everybody who was boss by doing the entire session with an average lap time of 1 minute and 14 point 1 4 seconds and the fastest lap of the day at 1 minute 13 point 2 2 seconds hyper-fast saw that Lu gelati wasn’t going to give up the number1 position so they didn’t do the 20 minute time session but we’re running lap times all day around 1 minute and 19 seconds so congratulations to both Adam L Z and Lou gelati were both going to be heading to the Nurburgring I’m allude gelati with LG Motorsports I think will help me the most today was definitely having the big brakes on the car definitely having all that m3 suspension stuff the emphasis of our whole project car was to make sure that that we could do a competition like this never overheat never have our intercoolers overheat power wise I feel like the car could have had a hundred less horsepower but as long as it’s able to hold speed through the corners I feel like that made the difference today was eighty degrees out and our dual intercooler system on the c7 worked phenomenal we never saw engine temperatures over 190 it was almost 80 degrees here today in Sebring so we’re really happy with this and the group that put the side and fantastic definitely huge thank you to motive and to psi precision sport not a Winter Park for helping me get the car together super fast and get out here and oh thanks for having us it’s a pleasure we’ll be back next time you have it and it’s a pretty pretty interesting concept the way you guys did this this was a blast I had so much fun I’m happy with how I did and I can’t wait till next year all right guys thank you for watching and epic three days in Florida the project car challenge a complete success I want to congratulate Adam LZ for winning the YouTuber side and Lou gelati from LG Motorsports for cleaning up on the tuner side it was a lot of fun those guys are off to the Nurburgring I want to thank the sponsors we have Michelin for providing these amazing tires and this is after a whole bunch of laps these Pilot Sport cup 2 tires very very solid probably the best performing street / track tire you can get it was wild there was a bunch of different story lines here we obviously couldn’t fit them all into this video check out the individual links to each channel in the description also I want to thank Strikeforce energy I also want to thank Odyssey batteries we have e auto warranty check the link down there see what it would cost to apply a warranty to your car and everybody who hooked it up on the GoFundMe page obviously renting Daytona Sebring going out to the half mile event that is not free there was a lot of money involved a lot of time involved and I thank you guys for offsetting that so thank you everyone who came thanked everybody had a great time regardless of how their car finished regardless of what happened so thanks for watching catch you guys next time check the links in the description support everybody support the channel support everybody because a big happy family over here see you next time [Music] [Music] [Music] you

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