25 Must Do DIY Projects

I’ve always been interested in DIY and home renovation even from my first student flat I’ve always left places better than why I moved in Andrea McLean here are 25 must do DIY projects 25 wrap some yarn or rope around a jar paint it with your favourite colour and peel the yarn away and once it gets dry you’ll get an amazing luminary 40 lights or candles 24 with this original DIY decoration you can always tell apart your keys easily 23 get this super useful cutting board drawer just drill a circular hole in the board and put a wastebasket underneath 22 what can an empty lotion bottle be good for make a stylish cell phone charging holder out of it 21 create cool personalized mugs with a sharpie marker just write whatever you want on the cup and bake it for 30 minutes to make the inscription permanent 20 don’t want to spend money on expensive furniture make an awesome couch from wooden pallets 19 make original Stonewall hooks by gluing the stones two screws 18 speaking of stones you can also try to create this lovable pebble placemat just use a hot glue gun to glue beach pebbles to a piece of wood or cloth 17 cut open a glow stick shake the contents into a jar and add some glitter seal the top and shake it you’re left with a fantastic firefly jar lantern 16 an empty wine barrel can serve as a baby cradle just make sure there’s no wine left in it 15 clothes hangers don’t have to hang clothes only by adding a few eyelet screws it can be turned into a handy jewelry organizer 14 or even a shoe holder 13 don’t throw away old silverware after a bit of welding it can turn into original flower decorations twelve even something as seemingly unusable as an old window shutter can be made use of just put some postcards in it and you have a great mail holder 11 there’s plenty of DIY projects that utilize plastic bottles one of my favorites is the bottle boat 10 wine lovers can use the bottle corks to create an original bulletin board by gluing the corks to a wooden frame nine wraps cinnamon sticks around candles and get this stylish and nice smelling decorative item eight to get amazing Easter Egg designs cut some tiny leaves put them on raw eggs stretch a piece of stocking over it and boil it in the pot with onion skin the onion skin will die the eggs leaving perfectly white prints of the leaves on them 7 if you’re wondering what this intricate decoration is made from let me just tell you that they’re cut toilet paper rolls glued together yeah it’s as simple as that 6 with this ingenious cutting board your birdie will never go hungry again 5 obviously ladders can be used for more than just helping you reach higher places fitted with a few boards they can also serve as a bookshelf for with the few pegs and a bit of imagination empty cans can be turned into these beautiful planters or candle holders 3 instead of throwing your old sweater away make a bed for your pet from it just stuff it with some other old clothes and sew it together your cat will love it too love watching rainbows while driving but there hasn’t been one for a few weeks make your own squeeze some colors on your windshield wipers turn them on one those who don’t like to get rid of old tires can be inspired by this DIY project and create brilliant Ottomans out of them enjoying our lists be sure to click that subscribe button in the top right corner so you don’t miss out on new ones every Monday through Friday share them with your friends and consistently conciliate curiosity and if you want even more lists check out these two videos here or just head to our website at least 25 calm

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