3 Ideas That Can Make You 1 Million Dollars

what is up dudes and dudettes this is Becker welcome back to the channel I’m so glad you’re here I could say that a little less sarcastically anyways what we’re gonna be getting into today is how to always have good ideas to will make money in business and more so how to stop focusing on Diaz and actually make money as fast as possible okay I’m going to teach you how to not be a idea motherfucker and I hate people like this because they don’t understand what’s important business if you understand what I’m gonna show you in this video you’ll be able to make money a lot easier and stop relying on having amazing ideas and start focusing on having a great business so with that being said two things I want to talk to you about first off book release this week you can go get it on Amazon and Kindle we’ve sold like 13,000 copies thank you so much also on top of that where I get ideas for these videos people ask me questions on my Instagram and it’ll ask me anything threats and then I answer them on snapchat in these videos so follow me on snapchat subscribe to the channel throw this video a like because I’m very insecure and needs your positive feedback so anyways I see all the time in the comment section and like Direct Facebook messages and emails people are like do Alex I got this great idea let’s partner up on it or like Alex I got this amazing opportunity you need to get in on this okay I want to partner up with you and I see people all the time talking about like Alex I got the super secret cool idea but how do i form an LLC and get it legally patent first are people just constantly talking about their ideas and I need to tell you something your ideas are fucking worthless they don’t matter okay when people message me wanting to partner up and stuff like that you know I’m a good partner I don’t have that great of ideas but I execute on them I get them done and I get them right ok and so what people fail to do and fail to understand is that ideas are worthless in this day and age of the Internet there’s so much information out there so much information being exchanged so many ideas being thrown around out there if you have a good idea a thousand ten thousand other people have that idea your idea is not special it’s not some special snowflake and if you go and make this idea and you don’t know how to execute someone’s just going to take the idea anyways and come up and but fuck you ok do you think PayPal was the first company that had the idea to make whatever the fuck they do banking card processing stuff like that no all right you think ooh BRR was the first company to do have really explain this well first company to go out there and in butt-fuck the taxi business and all that kind of stuff that they do know do you think Apple is the first people to make a computer no all right your ideas and everything that you’re talking about and your big plan for future our fucking worthless until you learn how to execute so I want to focus on the rest of this video is how to focus on executing and how to make sure you always have a semi good idea with your business especially when you’re starting off so first off when it comes to having good ideas how I get my ideas for my business okay I’m going to give you three ways to get ideas that work really really well they’ve been consistently good for me they all involve different levels of risk and different levels of money-making okay so first off how do you always have a good idea good examples of this I like the software did I make it source way okay these software’s usually make around thirty to fifty thousand some close to a hundred thousand dollars per month where I get ideas for the software and where I go and get the general logic and stuff like that and how you can always have good ideas like this that work you know it’s none of those businesses are unsuccessful they all make a good amount of money and have an extremely high ROI and a thousand percentages all right so the way I get ideas for those is I simply look at what’s already working okay what you’re going to see in your marketplace first off is a ton of things that already work for example in SEO there’s rank trackers there’s link builders there’s all sorts of other tools and what I did on source wave instead of focusing on having the next magical software the folks the entire world like everybody who messages me with their brilliant life-changing idea instead I didn’t do that incise is focused on seeing what was working in the marketplace copying it making it slightly better and instead of focusing on having a brilliant idea I focused on executing running ads better than other people doing my marketing better than other people having a brand and sales pages that were better than other people I focus more so on executing the idea instead of the idea itself and the result of that is that idea makes money okay so first thing you do look at what’s already working copy those ideas make them slightly better or hell you can make it exactly the same and focus on executing the idea better than anybody else this is going to get you in a this is going to make you money almost every single time if you focus on executing this very few people execute well very few people that’s the difference between an idea that works an idea that doesn’t most people don’t execute but the people that execute well kill it for example slack if you look at that team networking platform we use it a lot in our business they’re not the first people that try to do team messaging and networking and stuff like that they’re just the people that did it best and simplest and that’s why it blew up okay so look at that first a second way to have a good idea almost every single time is look at what’s working in other spaces and bring it into your space for example if you look at how uber works if you look at how upwork or contracting sites work if you look at any business that’s working really well in one space usually it will work well in your space if you niche it down for example there’s a ton of contracting sites there’s a ton of sites out there like fiber okay and what they focus on is like providing all sorts of services and what I did with a business called source markets is I went out there I look at what fiber was doing and I made it about SEO and then brought it into the SEO space but you’re going to see this in so many different spaces like Airbnb people will transfer that idea to all sorts of things like renting cars I’m just going to make up stuff like renting guitars similar stuff like that people take in the kind of platform businesses they’re killing in one space and cloned it over and over and over again in the different businesses like favor kind of cloned off of uber Groupon it’s done a ton of different clones what you need to do is see what’s killing it on their spaces and then transfer it into a smaller more niche space and what you’re going to do is be able to capture that niche market that inche market better than this bigger guy can do because they’re focusing on everyone you’re focusing on just these people so this is the easiest way to get started and really have a hugely successful idea because you cater to a smaller niche first and so you take an idea that already works an already great idea you execute in a smaller space and you can really get a lot of foothold then now as these ideas have progressed the amount of income you can make have increased exponentially if you start just copying other people’s ideas the markets probably already saturated you’re only going to be able to make so much money you’re going to have to ask you so much better to steal all the customers from every competitor because you’re not really getting anywhere or getting in anywhere that nobody’s not now if the second idea bring it into a new space you can go and take out an entire Michell at once okay you can get all the customers in sync nitch and it’s very hard for anybody to come compete with you and that niche because you have all the customers now finally this last way is difficult to pull off because you’re going after the big dogs you’re not starting in a niche what you do and in the second idea I told you you can transfer into this as well is you find markets or businesses they’re offering rating some weight it’s massively inefficient and you create something that undercuts them big time I’m not going to get into how I’m doing this in similar markets right now conquer is a really good example of this type of business but what you need to find out how to do like if you look at like the taxi business uber went in and undercut the shit out of them okay a way to undercut uber right now for example would it be massively profitable only charge five percent and let the drivers make another ninety five percent seven twenty percent is taken now if you look at a lot of these spaces like Airbnb a lot of the platform markets they’re charging fees they’re all really open and susceptible to strategies that undercut the amount of money give their users more value similar stuff to that so this is really a bigger broader idea but if you look at how Amazon sells books you could find a way to undercut it make a better market for selling books than they do that’s a good idea if you can find ways to really disrupt industries and make it so when you get into a market basically what’s going to happen is you’re going to be hit to get to a certain point where the big competitor like taxi companies or Walmart or just any big brand out there maybe Dropbox or something like that you build something that they can’t compete with price-wise they can’t compete with feature-wise because it would wreck their business model so you get to the point if you can grow that fast enough that they eventually have to buy you or a competitor buys you and then kills that competitor so that’s a different type of idea that you can have that’s a really big one you can make hundreds of millions of dollars with them that’s what I’m kind of doing with a lot of my businesses and so those are three ideas you might notice in this video I didn’t focus on any ideas themselves and I focus more on poking up other people’s ideas or borrowing ideas and moving into a different space these are guaranteed ways to have a good idea if you go out there with a completely brand new idea that changes things ninety percent of the time is going to flop I’m not saying don’t do this okay uber was a brand-new idea okay Airbnb was a brand-new idea Amazon at one point was a brand-new idea I’m not saying don’t do this but you need to focus on instead the things are going to make your ideas blow up is how execute how you butt-fuck other businesses how you angle your business and execute with your employees your staff your marketing that’s what’s going to take the next level so when you do have a big old original idea you know what execute on it if you’re just starting a business you don’t know how to execute on these three different plans that I just laid out for you you’re not going to know to execute on some brand new business model that has you don’t know your marketing you don’t know how to get users you don’t know how to do anything like that it’s not going to work and what you need to learn how to do first is how to execute like a motherfucker how do you get the right staff how to run marketing the right way how to protect your your patents not this actually this matter how do you actually go out there and angle the business the right way when you know how to execute all these things then when you have a good idea then you’re worth talking to then you’re worth knowing okay I don’t want to execute really well and that’s why I’ve people want to partner with me because I can execute I can get shit done you don’t know how to make your idea reality so your idea doesn’t fucking matter okay so understand that if you can’t make an idea that already works your reality you’re not gonna be able to make some brand new cool idea or reality you understand that it’s very important so in the future focus on getting your execution down once you understand execution go and kill it now I’m not saying avoid taking on a big idea or some cool new idea just starting off but what’s going to happen when you take on that cool new idea someone’s going to see the cool new idea that knows how to execute and they’re going to fuck you okay straight up down done nothing they’re going to go get some VCS they’re going to understand other rent money and so when you start off this new idea online they’re going to say oh wow we can copy that for example if you see a lot of social media sources those take off so fast that competitors can’t really compete about but if you don’t know how to take off really fast what’s going to happen is other software companies other people online is going to see the business you just started so that’s a really good idea rip your idea go get a two million five million dollars and investing run tons of ads and be up here by the time you’re a little idea gets off okay that’s why execution is so important that’s so why you want to start off taking other ideas where you can execute on and kill really quickly so understand that that’s what I got today and that right there was a massive massive secret that’s a massive lesson you should understand this and if you like lessons like this well you should go and check out the 10 pillars wealth released this week if you’re in this video a month from now it did not release this week but if you go check it out now you can go pick it up at a massive discount on Amazon you can get it on Kindle or on Amazon right there also if you want to ask me questions that will answer in these videos I go on Instagram and then follow me on snapchat and surprise these videos and I will answer them here on top of that if you want to watch me play Doom and custom xbox you can go around the channel right here and we’ll have some gameplay videos I’m going to be releasing a lot more of those because they’re fun we’re going to keep releasing videos like this in the channel but it’s like filler content that’s what I’m gonna be doing because it’s my channel and it’s fun for me so there you go alright so I’ll catch you next video

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