3 Minute SEXY LEGS Workout | Autumn Fitness

[Music] hey welcome to autumn Fitness thanks for joining me today we’re gonna work your legs one of my favorite things to do I’ve got five moves for you ten reps each you need a set of weights and a bench let’s get started we’re gonna start with a sumo squat so grab one weight you’re gonna hold it on either side legs wide toes out here we go down squeeze it up dig those heels into the ground squeeze your inner thighs as you come up squeeze your booty keep your chest up shoulders back five more down squeeze four come on make em work get low last two last one right here nicely done all right going into a Bulgarian split squat so you need a bench chair something that’s stable I’m going to put one foot forward other toe goes up on the bench weight is in the opposite hand drop all the way down bending both knees drive up through that heel keep your abs in keep your chest up as low as you can make those legs work four more come on push three two it hurts so good last one nicely done switch it out other side make sure you switch that way then to the other hand here we go down push coming three quarters of the way up stay leaning forward just a little bit so you maintain a flat back half way there four three get lower last one right here nicely done shake that out we’re going to step up so we’re going to keep the weight in the right hand put the right leg up on the bench drive up through this heel step up tap your toe squeeze your glute come down drive up and every time you come up squeeze the glute on the supporting leg halfway there come up it should be starting to burn last two right here one more good switch hands switch legs up squeeze you should feel that contraction in your glute every single time lift push five more five or abs in shoulders back making everything work last one nicely done all right wrap up those weights we’re going into curtsy lunges weights are at your side you’re just going to step side drop the leg back step side drop it back those toes forward abs in shoulders pulled back that’s it get low you should feel it inside of your butt four more four come on drive it up three two last one nicely done keep those weights releves working your calves toes forward shoulders back lift down as high as you can Barbie doll heels get up there high up abs in squeeze your booty three two last one stay up there hold hold hold stay there and nicely done guys that’s your leg workout thank you for joining me be sure to subscribe and I will see you next time

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