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hi everyone it’s me back with another fashion foreplay why can’t I just be normal when I say hello videos for today’s a fashion foreplay I am going to be showing you four different ways that you can wear a black bodysuit like I’m wearing right now this is a really simple crew neck short sleeve bodysuit body suits obviously come in different styles but I really love this because I think it’s really versatile body suits are also really popular right now and I thought it would be cool to show you guys some ways that I like to wear this one which by the way is from a ritzy ax and it’s by the Wilfred brand that they sell there I really like this because it’s super stretchy and soft so it doesn’t feel restricting and I am all about the crotch when it comes to body suits I’m just gonna tell you guys I wear underwear underneath my bodysuit I always feel like the crotch is way too skinny like the crotch on this bodysuit is literally like that big so I always just wear my regular underwear I just can’t go bare with a bodysuit because it’s just uncomfortable I’m just not into wearing thongs or anything that goes out my butt and I just think that the crotch area is too thin for my personal preference please tell me there is somebody else out there that does that because Eileen does I wait wears underwear underneath her body suits to thank God please let us know down below in the comments if you do this as well and also can we start a petition for a wider crotch and body suits please also I firmly believe that all body suits should have little snaps in the crotch as well so then you don’t have to like peel it off when you go to the bathroom this bodysuit just FYI does have little snaps in the crotch so it’s super easy to go to the bathroom really not a crazy extra step that you have to take because you know you’re already unbuttoning your pants and then you just undo the snaps and you’re good to go those details are really important to me with body suits so I just wanted to share that with you guys just think there’s somebody else out there that also cares about those things let’s move into the outfits now one of my favorite ways to wear this bodysuit is with a black pair of jeans I love this pair of jeans it’s from J Brand my high-waisted black skinny jeans with the perfect ankle crop oh these just fit me perfectly and I love them I love an all-black look I just feel kind of like Catwoman when I’m wearing all-black and I really love how that feels something that I like to do when I’m wearing all-black is throw on a really cool blazer or duster and in this case I have this House of Harlow metallic long duster blazer thing I think it’s kind of between the two I love this because it’s super soft it has this cool texture to it so you really don’t have to worry about it getting wrinkled which is awesome for traveling cuz I’ve definitely traveled with this and it travels super well I don’t have to do anything to it and I can just throw it in my suitcase and it comes out looking perfect I think that it just adds a really cool and different element to an otherwise simple and classic all-black look for shoes I am wearing one of my all-time favorites in my wardrobe I have had these for years they are by Chloe and they are a really classic bootie but what I love about them and have always loved is the gold detailing that’s on the heel it’s really subtle but you’d be surprised at how many people pick up on it I think it’s a really cool simple detail that just makes the booty a little bit different I love how they look when I’m wearing black pants especially and I think that they just pair really well with this look especially with the gold tying in with the metallic element of the Blazer next is a much more casual look I love wearing a black bodysuit with looser fitting jeans these are distressed jeans that I got from maritza and they are by citizens of humanity they are just so comfortable to wear I love rolling them up and I’ve just thrown on a flannel around my waist just in case I get a little bit cold but this is something that is so easy to throw on and I love wearing body suits with looser jeans because I like to tuck in my shirts but with looser jeans sometime you know the pants aren’t staying totally up on my waist like they’ll move around so then my shirt comes out but if I wear a body suit it’ll stay in the entire time and I just really like that the combination of the more fitted top with the looser bottom and then for shoes I am wearing my slides which I really love they just go with so many things for the next look I really wanted to go all out with a print and I love these pants they are from Zara they’re high-waisted wide-leg pants I think this is a great option if you want to wear something that’s comfortable but maybe a little bit more dressy the bodysuit works really well with these pants because they lay flat and smooth underneath the pants you also don’t have to worry about tucking anything in and I love the black with the floral in the pants I think it’s just a great balance and then on my feet I have on these low black heels from and Other Stories they’re kind of like a suede material and I love the pointy toe I think these go with so many different outfits and they’re just the perfect height they’re not too high they’re not totally flat and they work really well with these pants because if I’m not wearing a heel with these pants they tend to be a little bit long everything just works out perfectly I love how they look and they’re also functional too and for the last look I wanted to go super comfy and casual I know that sometimes with overalls it can be hard to figure out what to wear underneath like do you want to wear a crop top do you want to wear a regular t-shirt overalls come in different styles and cuts so I really love wearing body suits with overalls because they pretty much work with any style that you go with whether they’re shorts whether they have a higher waist or a lower waist these overalls are from Paige I’ve had them for a while and I love them they’re super comfortable and I am just wearing a pair of sneakers because I wanted to keep it super comfortable this is something that I would wear like on a Sunday when I’m just hanging out maybe getting some stuff done and I want to be able to move around comfortably all right so those are all of my looks for the black bodysuit I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and if you have any requests for future fashion foreplay’s please let me know down below in the comments thank you so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel because I will have more fashion videos coming your way because it is something that you guys have definitely requested a ton so that’s coming but I also have more videos coming too I hope you guys are having a wonderful day and I’ll see you next time bye

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