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hello everyone it’s time for another fashion foreplay where I trade for different ways to wear a fig that you put on your body today the star of the show is this denim jacket this is one of my favorite denim jackets it’s from Topshop and I wear it all the time and I’m going to be showing you some of my favorite ways to wear this jacket disclaimer stripes or a theme because denim stripes they’re like a match made in heaven don’t you think denim jackets are great because I wear them out at night I wear them during the day really versatile also really comfortable and the most important thing is I feel great so that’s why I wear them so here are some of my favorite ways to wear this jacket so this is an outfit that I will wear out at night a lot of times because it’s super comfortable I feel dressed up ish but not like over-the-top so I have on the denim jacket and then one of my favorite black-and-white striped tees a pair of black jeans and this is also a way to wear denim on denim so I have a light denim on top and then a dark black denim on the bottom and sometimes I will also wear like a dark blue denim as well and then on my feet I have on these strappy pointy flats and I feel like these shoes kind of help dress up the entire outfit a little bit and personally this is one of my favorite kinds of outfits to wear out at night like if I’m going to a bar or like a casual ish dinner it just makes me feel good because I’m comfortable and I don’t have to worry about like something coming undone no or like you know going out clothes there’s just adjusting a lot of the times and then also the jacket I can take it off and I feel great put it on I feel great it’s a win-win for me also was the outfit where I discovered that this jacket has pockets I was very excited onward and upward with the stripes theme haha so here I have on a blush pink striped tank top dress and this is crazy comfortable it basically feels like I’m wearing a pillowcase and I’m okay with that but it’s like a very lovely blush pillowcase with stripes on it personally I love pale pink against a lighter colored denim I just feel like I’ve walked out of my 80s dream and you know I’m rolling with it I also really love pairing dresses like this with sneakers and one of my favorite pairs that I have is from fans they’re my white ivory creamy colored bands and somebody actually in the comments recently asked me how I keep my white fans clean and the answer is I actually don’t they’re actually pretty dirty I’ve never cleaned them since I got them over a year ago and I like them dirty because they have that lived in worn in look but maybe the dirt doesn’t transfer it isn’t much on camera and I think this is a really great outfit for summer because during the day I’d probably take off the jacket I could tie it around my waist and I think it would be really cute and then if it gets a little bit chillier and I can just throw the jacket back on easy breezy I know that there are some people that do not like cargo pants I am NOT one of those people but let’s let’s work our way up from the pants and start up my really awesome t-shirt because I mean hello it says the future is female because y’know in it love me a good statement T because a lot of times it says what’s in here but it puts it out in the public so everybody can see what I’m thinking my pants are really soft and comfortable and these are the pants that I kind of wear on a day when I’m like I’ll give a fuck which nugget I love that they have many pockets because pockets are convenient and you know they really just fit with my lazy butt I also really love how the green color looks with the denim jacket big fan of that and then I have on my bands sneakers because fun fact I was actually going to wear another pair of shoes with the dress and then I forgot but I like the singers with the dress do so good thing they’re one of my faves last but not least guess what we have oh yeah another variation of Ingrid has tops with black and white stripes so I really love wearing this specific striped top that I have with these white pants because it has a little bit more white in it and the white matches perfectly with these pants and that just makes my little neurotic heart so so happy you probably recognize these white jeans from my white jeans video that I did so if you haven’t seen that you can see four different ways to wear white bottoms because I know it can be tough sometimes these are super comfortable I love that they have a little distressed element to them and I love wearing these white jeans with these white pointy toe flats that I have I love how it just goes like white on white on white all the way down with a little bit of the black and the stripes and then the denim on top I think it looks really classic and put together but still has a little bit of youth mixed in oh my god every time I say I think of Schmidt from there girl staying mute you know when he like walks out in the house and then he sees that his tires have been stolen and he’s just like use one of my favorite Schmidt moment I forget Lum that show alright so those are four of my favorite ways to wear this denim jacket and I hope this was helpful and gave you some inspiration I would love to see how you wear your denim whether it’s a denim jacket denim overalls denim pants denim skirt denim whatevs so make sure you send me your photos on Twitter and Instagram you can find me at Ingrid Nilsen also did you know that I have a podcast with one of my very best friends in the entire world Kat Valdez oh yeah it’s true it’s called ladies who lunch and every week we have a new episode up where we talk about things that are important to us whether it’s relationships sex online dating jealousy all these things that can sometimes consume our lives and drive us crazy that’s what we talk about lots of feelings if you would like to give it a listen you can listen to it for free I will have a link down below in the description box and it would mean a lot to us if you subscribe to our podcast and also gave it a rating because your ratings and reviews help us make the podcast better thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for even more videos coming your way very soon I’ll see you next time kids peace out

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