6lb Food Truck Challenge (8,000+ Calories)

dami calories are in this I would say I would say sure the I was during the four thousand thank you looking at way more how are you I would think somewhere in the five yeah leave yeah this is one monster standards you can feel the weight of it it is insane like look at all the cheese and meat this is not it is challenge whatsoever like at all at all so we are here in San Francisco this is Adam big grub challenge and this is a monstrosity this is a monstrosity this is like this is like the heaviest biggest sandwich I’ve ever encountered Ritchie grilled cheese you know this is heavy this is like every single ingredient here is heavy it’s heavy so good post-workout meal let’s get this one started ready to go good luck man okay I’m start now poor weapon party listen now then fried chicken a full port right there we we had a tent tasted good you [Music] if you do it on Kali that night think about it everybody does well right now it’s just when they get to the last on last part our Corvis you get your the water this pot yeah that’s one thing about or the beat mentality waited on let it cool down a lot though never told me that little I’m not getting tougher every person saw me baking [Music] you do what I challenge and he’s doing really well well Sami people through meditation group project is projecting raw chicken poop or Oxfam on fries grilled chicken bacon okay where’d you get it and your guitar bad news put it on our if you look I’m ready you got to look up recently [Music] birth time get up we want to get this one em cuz then I have my grill cheese done raawk we want some ego [Music] Sally’s gonna kill it knowledge that beep right will please officially done officially in my body now everything up right another practitioner to get down rut some spam and that’s really just the price okay I’m just waiting for this birth to come out because I’m going to feel a million times better we’re on I wasn’t joking I wasn’t joking another great me more water music I don’t know maybe the continued reading will rise another gucci dim more water babies one important last generation and coming off coming along oh yeah is a heavy dish yeah I didn’t know we had it I’m do you have a last video I watch the news I had a few gummy worms into the blender plus entry so how’d that be we’re good now what about the user at this point it’s not as good as it was which a lot too scared to start okay for your part about it I don’t know that now the last little bit out of harder I just broke it’s broke now that’s what I have left Oh did it over such rights like that final where it’s like the green planner got to you about sure yeah I was flying through it and then room not even about cyber down yeah I still have lots of time ago we’ve got yep I think it’s at that point yeah you do okay so you feel better you know what I think I’m done I’ve had enough of this one you know we’re traveling around San Francisco gone to a bunch of spots we ate some food came here I tried it it’s honestly just hate to say it but too much grief for me today too much so I’m going to call it quits I actually feel very comfortable right now I don’t want to get to a point where I feel like if I eat that I’m going to feel sick I don’t want to feel sick it’s a long long day yeah you know so I enjoyed it it was a you know to the point where it’s like now I’m like very evaluating I’m like two more restaurants to hit up you don’t want to feel so want to feel like death so thank you it was a fun challenge but going to leave a little bit for you I appreciate that man from man I like to share the love I appreciate magical medical – thank you yeah Challenge is over that was that was difficult I think honestly all due respect great very creamy the chicken was not a fan of spam at all it should be personal after that mantra I know she’s very heavy and greasy and I just didn’t have the right coverage coated and I clearly almost finished it but I got to the point where it’s like I’m going to peel passes it awful the budget Spanish was left in pieces right now I feel feel and think you know it’s okay right now okay but if I had probably been an elastic either I think it would put me over the edge stuff we have one more location we have one more location to shoot on this world tour so I called it called it called it I think that was a smart move but hopefully you guys enjoyed the video give it a thumb up all my links in the description below that’s it world’s for you guys will see everything from the show soon as always my friends thank you again for watching so we’re cheap ears were dedicated for life didn’t change it for that shirt of a luxury procom team period then Cape realized guys they sexy they hungry again and get laid you

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