90% of you will go to FEMA camps willingly and this is why.

This is why 90% of you will go to FEMA camps willingly. A good solar day. Legacy will now ship food in 1 or 2 days after the order use the discount code of FASTSHIPPING and you will get 20% off order threw February 19th.



hey everybody prepara Swan here today is Thursday January 8th of January listen immediate February 8th 2018 as you can see we’re starting to get a little bit of snow here I came home this morning and I cleaned off the solar panels and actually we’re gonna run in here real quick and we’re gonna take a look at something okay we are still bringing in power between the two units we’ve brought in 1.8 kilowatt hours today and the batteries are actually at 100% as we speak so we actually did bring in decent power so far today especially on a day when you can see that we’re not like getting a whole lot of sunshine here and it is lightly snowing at the moment okay so we’re gonna go into this video I wanted to talk about yesterday I put up a video about will get on on the bus for the theme cover it was pretty pretty much resounding no okay so we’re gonna play a little game and I’m gonna be the devil’s advocate here what if I told you that 90% of the people they commented yesterday’s on yesterday’s video and said absolutely not I’m not going I’ll shoot him first bla bla bla bla bla what if I told you that 90% of you will willingly go to FEMA camps if they have FEMA camps lay your guns down and beg for help what if I told you that you’ll save prepper nurse when you’re crazy we’re not doing that we’re gonna play the devil’s advocate here for a minute and I’m the government I’m not gonna waste the resources of rounding up people not gonna do it there’s a waste of time and energy you’re gonna have people that are gonna fight and say no I’m not going whatever okay so I’m not gonna waste my time doing it now who will they round up let’s be realistic let’s see who will look we’re gonna go a little we’re gonna go round on this subject a minute if I’m the government people that I’m gonna round up are the troublemakers Preppers are really not troublemakers guys we’re just people to get ready okay so we’re not really considered troublemakers the troublemakers are your auntie feh groups your black lives matter groups the people that are like super super anti-government and looking to cause trouble okay the ones that are trying to organize these rallies to protest the government because the government is so horrible and all this type of stuff those are the people that are gonna go after all right they’re not going after the average Joe citizen all right now that being said why are you gonna willingly walk in lay your guns down and give up why are you gonna do that because if I’m the government I’m gonna control things and basically the government is going to be more concerned about controlling the big cities and you know larger towns and stuff like that so they’re not gonna worry about you know everybody else okay what they’re gonna do is they’re gonna starve you out okay if I’m the government I stop the trucks from running I stop the food supplies I stop you know like I said fresh water that can be easily cut off as well so now how long can you hold out with no food no fresh water and stuff like that okay how long can you hold out eventually you’re gonna run out of food eventually you know you’re not going to be able to do those things that you wanted to normally do if you really realize how much day-to-day that all of us rely on the grid rely on society if you will even if we try to be separate from it okay but the thing is if it comes right down to it at the end of the day if they cut off their food and they cut off you know and that realistically that’s all they got to do is cut off the food you stopped the trucks from running and eventually you gonna starve people out and people are gonna come down and you’re gonna willingly give up their weapons for help for food people are going to do it it is a not a matter of if they’ll do it it’s a matter of when and how long it would take so the government doesn’t have to waste the resources or the manpower trying to hunt all of you down now that that’s being more paranoid okay I’m not a paranoid person I don’t think you know I I’m not I don’t trust the government don’t get me wrong but I also am of the mindset is you know I am a small fry yeah I make youtube videos and I talk about prepping and living off-grid and how you should be ready and try to be as self-sufficient as you possibly can be and you know that debt is very very important in my opinion okay because you need to rely on yourself not on them if they stop the trucks from running tomorrow there’s no more trucks going to the grocery stores little grocery stores are gonna get cleaned out in a heartbeat and then there’s gonna be nothing look what the government down in Venezuela is doing that’s how you control the people folks you control them with food okay if you are not prepared for a long period of time to and then basically have enough time to get your gardens going get your livestock you know making sure that they’re breeding and you’re getting you know eggs and in meat and all those type of things and hunting or whatever however you need to do it okay but the majority of people will become gatherers all right so if you but if you have no concept of what to do what to look for what’s edible plants what’s not edible plants if you’re not ready for wintertime and have enough food on hand to feed you your family or your group people are going to quit they’re gonna be like you know what they’re offering help because that’s what I would do I would have I would have over the radio and in telecommunications all the time come in we’ll help you if you’re starving we’ll help you and guess what folks willingly willingly ninety percent of you that yesterday said no way I’m not going ninety percent of you if you are hungry enough and if you have not prepared enough and don’t have enough food on hands to keep you going until you can be more self-sustaining you’re gonna willingly walk in there you’re gonna lay your weapons down and you’re gonna say help me that is the reality I mean I I’m a very realistic person okay so that is the reality they’re not gonna waste time with us they’re not gonna come hunting us down I just I I think that that is a fantasy that a lot of people have or they think I really don’t believe that to be the case because they realize meaning the government that a lot of people will fight back which means they’ll have to kill people and that other people you know they’re gonna lose resources they’re gonna lose manpower and they don’t want to do that so starving you out is the best way to go absolutely the best way to go because eventually like I said you will come in you know we are people don’t realize how reliant we are on this system and so you know so you’ll say to me well what about you prepping us when are you gonna come in I honestly have no intention of going in I am working diligently I’m trying to make this property as self-sufficient as I possibly can I do have a lot more plans like I said this year as far as we’re adding chickens this year I do plan on hopefully getting a greenhouse and this year I don’t know if that’s gonna happen or not you know I’m gonna expand the gardens for sure this year I mean I have plans to try to become more self-sufficient as I possibly can be but the thing is it’s like at some point there has to be something that gives and you have to be as ready as you possibly can be that’s the reality you know if you don’t have those resources like okay here’s a good example fall is a great time of year all the fruits are coming into fruition your trees are probably loaded with app-like up here in the Northeast we’re like no cherry trees apple trees pear trees even peach trees okay you’re gonna get your fruit okay so you’re like oh my god account this stuff so you’re gonna load up well if you don’t have the resources to be able to store that fruit throughout the course of the winter either with canning or underground storage and a cold you know like a cold room and stuff like that that’s only gonna last so long you’re gonna eat great for a while while that fruits coming in but then it’s gonna all be gone so if you don’t have canning supplies and know how to can and undo those type of things you’re gonna be in big trouble so you know though that’s just one example there’s so many examples that I could give as far as you know what you’re going to need to have to be able to survive if that comes down to that point but you know the government is not stupid guys they are very very intelligent they’re very very manipulative okay and they want to stay in control they do not want to lose that power so like I said the best way to control the masses has starvation and you know and yes and here’s the thing well some of you choose starvation and death over going in yep some of you will but like I said and I you know and I’m not saying this to be dismissive of your thought process okay I’m not saying that it but most of you will willingly walk in turn in your weapons and say help me now the thing is how do we stop that from happening you get ready you know here’s the thing is like now I have the link and I put it in every one of my videos for legacy foods okay it’s a long term food storage 25 year plus shelf-life and it’s something that could actually very easily be put in caches where you bury them someplace and they’re gonna be good for a long long long time like I said all you got to do is add water and you got a good meal largest proportion size of anybody else and right now they’re actually running a special and so you know you can actually get I think it’s twenty twenty percent off right now with legacy if you go in there and I’ll put the information and the link into you know in the common or you know in the description so that you guys can see that if you’re interested in doing that that is a great way to store up food doesn’t take up a lot of space doesn’t take up a lot of weight okay and it’s absolutely best way to do it in my opinion as far as long-term food storage because it has a 25 year shelf life I mean you know that’s gonna be very very good to have so that’s one way you know get your beans your rice all those type of things get your canned goods in place you know get MREs you know there’s so many different ways to do things and and to have them on hand and it’s very very smart to do so anyway I wanted to talk about this topic and you know I wanted to I want to put the other video up first so that you guys could you know say what you needed to say and I knew that the resounding ly what the answer was gonna be especially because I am a prepping an off-grid Channel most people that watch are Preppers and off-gridders but realistically look at what your food preps are and how much food you have and that you have enough seeds and other things going in garden so you know how to do Gardens and stuff like that so that you could be able to continuously feed yourself past a point where your food runs out okay my food is a bridge to get me to where I want to be okay I don’t plan on just sitting around eating all my food preps and in not continuing to try to live off of the land and have gardens and all those type of things but those all of those things take time to come in so you know in the in the spring when the everything starts going again like the dandelions that’s a great great source of food right there in people what do they do they spend all kinds of money on chemicals to get rid of them you know so anyway that being said as you can see we got a late snow going now and I’ve been going on here for a while so I’m gonna go ahead and jump off this video I definitely want your feedback on this guys this is important and I’m not saying this to be kind of sending to any of you what I’m trying to do is wake you up to realize how much do you have how long will it last what do I need to do to better prepare myself for that eventuality where there is no food okay so remember guys hug and kiss the ones you love tell them every single day tomorrow was not guaranteed we never know what’s gonna happen and remember STD it’s one step at a time one thing at a time in one day at a time whatever you’re trying to do whatever goals you’re trying to reach you can do it the only one that’s gonna stop you from getting there is yourself that’s the only one okay so continue to prep continue to get ready as you can see we got the snow coming again here it’s not so bad it’s in the 20s today so but no wind again so that helps it with no wind it makes it so much more tolerable but anyway guys listen I will talk to you all tomorrow I definitely want your feedback on this yesterday a lot of comment so I probably won’t get to all those comments because it was so so many but anyway so that’s that’s it so please tell me what your thoughts are on this topic how much food you got do a realistic look at what you have and make that assessment and see what you need to improve okay and I said the for the legacy link I’ll have it down in the description and there is a discount going on right now so it’s actually a really good time to add to your preps that way alright I’ll talk to you later prep rehearse one out for now

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