Albert Brooks’ Impersonation Kit on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show – 1983

is it out here yes right I didn’t know what it was it adversity we have seven scientists three doctors that we’ve been employing for the last five years and they have come up with a way to let you impersonate great people there’s a reason why people that are impersonated are great that’s because they’re easy to impersonate that’s why they’re great it’s like the chicken and the egg so there are certain foods that when they interact with the normal body chemistry produce the impressions we’re going to show you it’s uncanny I don’t do any of this stuff so I’ll you know maybe it won’t work but it probably will okay this will be packaged Johnny and something made a plastic yeah this was just a demo this is demonstration kid yeah this is a demonstration we’re going to start out I have different foods here’s ice cubes Ed Sullivan it’s labeled you’ll see how that works alright so you actually are what you eat then I know it away huh for only a few seconds oh yeah I don’t think you want to be these guys forever right okay let’s start out with Clark Gable I mean he’s a favorite Clark Gable you take a lemon and of course you’ll get this in the kid will be freeze-dried you let it defrost for one day I’ve chosen a fresh lemon because it’s a prototype this is a little green so it’s gonna be bitter right that’s for Gable in his 30s when he was 32 35 older gable older land of course okay watch now carefully all right brightly scarlet I don’t give a damn frankly Johnny I don’t care if the whole city Berg the lemons just the lemon just hangs on just for that’s right now if the I haven’t come up with what to wash your mouth out with I think it lavoris is in the business they ought to figure out this is a favorite of mine I love this one Burt Lancaster such a great great star and an impression that always works and previous till now hard to do ha ha ha potato heavens Burt Lancaster when you take as hot as you can as hot as you can stand stay boy all right Johnny yeah just a minute ok all right cutting a small poor head necessary pushing it up I’m gonna cut it into 4 pieces Johnny says all right just in the mouth No I can see that’s that’s alright absolutely true now it says it says something else here under the thing it says burt lancaster and then the same potato package it says curly curlies a little easier if you want your early victory lancaster yes you need a little bit of pepper and peppers good for everyone it says brando sullivan at all it has them a little here all right curly is you take a little bit of pepper a little bit of pepper you know curly the great three stood to do not now I’ll take a pepper put it really like that okay now you begin to make a child’s train noise it will a potato

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