Artificial Intelligence Camera? — Intelligent Canon Concept Camera #CES2018

– A camera with artificial intelligence? In this video, we take a first look at a concept camera from Canon
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here with Think Media, bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence
with online video, and we’re here at the Canon booth at CES checking out a brand new concept camera. So, this camera has no release date, it’s really just kind
of an idea right now, but it’s super inspiring to
see where things could be going when it comes to camera technology. And so, really, the idea here
is a mini portable camera that will ultimately fit
in the palm of your hand, but that is intelligent. So, what’s an intelligent camera? Well, it’s a camera that
could track your face, follow your face movements, that could potentially distinguish
between different scenes and know what to do. It could be controlled
with your smartphone or also voice commands, and it could track faces. It could know who’s in a scene, it can know when to take pictures, know when to shoot videos, and could even potentially
stitch some of those things together in an edit. And so, right now, we’re kind of just
looking at the use cases and the possibilities, whether you just wanted
to film with your kids and get stable shots, that’s one of the things that are already in the concept model that we’re testing here. We’re testing out a little
bit of the face tracking, it was super cool, with the team. We also tested out the
image stabilization. You have a similar kind of a three axis, kind of like a camera
you would see on a drone, but that you would have
in the palm of your hand so that you could get super
steady shots with friends, taking selfies, that you
could do skateboarding, videography, lifestyle, all
kinds of different applications. And so, Question Of The Day: how would you use this camera? You know, I really hope
that Canon releases this, but I’d love to hear from you guys in the comments section below about maybe your creative ideas for this. You could mount it maybe on a bike, you could mount it on
different action photography, family shoots, photography, photos. What are your creative ideas? Definitely post those
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