BEST OF BEAUTY 2017 | Jaclyn Hill

hey guys welcome back to my channel for today’s that is not what you think it is my dog is snoring right now okay that’s my story and I’m sticking to it my Christmas trees are still up yes I know I’m never ready to let go of the spirit of Christmas I know there’s some people like my sister she could not wait to get her tree down she’s just like oh my god I need my house to be back to normal I’ve gotta get rid of the Christmas decorations I’m just like say it Georgina I love you but you have got to stop making it sound like mommy is farting and it’s not a good look for my channel I tried really hard you guys to narrow down my products to just like my absolute love’s love’s of 2017 the way I always do this video everyone has their own rules of course of their own channel but the way I always do this video is I pick out my most used most favorite parts of the entire year some of these products did launch in 2017 and some of these products might just might have launched in 2009 these are the products that I found myself using over and over and over throughout the year and I just loved it so much so let’s get started as always I’m going to talk about things kind of in the order that you apply them to the face we’re gonna start with primers and foundations and concealers and powders and you catch my drift for the year of 2017 I only have one primer to talk about every since am I talking about this it pains me it does it physically pains me a little bit to talk about it because yes it is the price of a car payment but you guys I’m not kidding this was not just the best primer 2017 this is the best I have ever ever ever ever used I really can’t justify the price on this though honestly but I will say that the way it makes my foundation look where and last is unlike any other it is absolutely beautiful so I crown thee the greatest primer of all time I’m gonna start off with the most obvious concealer first and this is the Tarte shape tape and I’m sure this is an every single person’s videos for the year round up a best conceal because seriously I have to say just like the primer this is not only the best concealer of 2017 I think this is the best concealer I’ve ever tried to exist on the market to this day I don’t see how anything could get better than this I have tried so many concealers in my lifetime and I’ve loved so many of them but this is just like ridiculous before this I used to love the Urban Decay Naked skin concealer and now when I go back and use that one from time to time I still like it but I’m just like oh my god I had no idea how good a concealer could actually be until tart shape tape it’s super full coverage seal in a way that you wouldn’t like it is you don’t like full coverage concealer you can still blend out of course and she’s like a tiny dot but it is a full coverage concealer and when it dries it dries to like a kind of like semi matte so it’s not like a chalkboard matte but it’s not dewy and it’s not sticky when it says some is a spooky it’s not spooky when it says so second concealer I tried this year that was actually extremely impressed by and it’s very inexpensive is the new color pop no filter concealer I actually tried swearing very first time on camera and then I use it I would say probably five six times off-camera now the reason I use it more as because I can’t help it I always end up going back to this because it is just the best concealer ever but I will say that this one is absolutely beautiful so I wanted to mention it because it did come out this year and I didn’t really enjoy it so if you’re a girl or a boy on a budget and you’re just like uh want the Tarte shaped tips so bad but I can’t afford it this one is really really beautiful and it’s a fraction of the costs for foundations I only have one foundation for the entire year to talk about which is crazy I could obviously talk about several foundations there were a lot of foundations I use this year and I really liked but this was just like the bee’s knees one of the best foundations I’ve ever used in my entire life even when I use another foundation I still mix it with this one it is the Dior forever fluid foundation oh my gosh I’ve never used a foundation that has made me look so poreless and airbrushed in my entire life so back in the spring when I first started wearing this foundation I went to music park here in Tampa has called Busch Gardens and I went there with my entire family for the day and it was the first time that my family had seen me like out in the sunlight like in the light of day where you can’t hide anything while wearing this foundation and I could not believe how much my own family would not stop staring at my skin would stop complimenting me they’re like what are you doing my stairs like did you change your skincare and I’m like no this is just the foundation like you see me every day like I was so shocked by how beautiful my makeup and my skin looked out in the actual like natural daylight because girl you know that that’s like a hard test to pass like when you’re out in the Sun all day long and you look in the mirror you’re like oh no but my makeup still looked perfect to begin to this foundation let’s talk about powder so this year I really wanted to find like the perfect powder so I tried a ton of them this year and these are my top ones that I use all the time so the first one is this Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless finish skin perfecting micro powder oh it’s a lot this is a brand new compact that I just bought because I am officially 100% out of mine I’d go back and forth between the shades one and two and what I love about this powder is that it really does make your skin look airbrushed but on top of it it’s just sheer enough where it doesn’t give too much extra coverage but it looks so natural on the scale it’s like natural and kind of buttery and kind of satiny but there’s no sparkle there’s no shimmer and it’s not gonna make you look oily it’s just not gonna make you look completely fully max if that makes sense it’s just a really beautiful natural powder next I have the cover of X perfect setting powder and I love saying that name every single time so I feel like whoever nameless they’re just like just get some point all right it’s the perfect setting powder so this is technically a translucent powder but even though it’s translucent like it has color in there it is not completely like a white out translucent powder I use this just strictly as a translucent powder I use it underneath my eye I used to contour my nose and just contour my cheeks and it is just so beautiful but my favorite part about this powder hands-down is that it definitely has like a kind of like a moisturizing creamy feel it doesn’t feel like that dry ass just like chalk transit scent powder so that’s really what drew this I mean drew it to me drew me to it that’s why I use it okay last powder and I’m pretty sure talking about this powder in last year’s video maybe but I talked about it in a different shade but this I just introduced this powder back into my routine at the end of 2017 and it was one of those moments where I was like why did I ever stop this in the first place like I love those moments but I also hate those moments so my chocolate get it together I’d be better than this like why did you ever lock this up like this should be on my vanity at all times this is a must in my routine it is by Lancome uncle so this is called the absolute powder and it says it is a radiant smoothing powder it’s gonna smooth the skin don’t like it’s gonna smooth so this isn’t the shade absolute pitch I don’t know I don’t know if you are dry to normal skin and you’re just looking for that all-over glow effect when I say glow I’m not talking about like a beaming highlight but I’m just talking about a glow if the glow that I have on my face right now like I don’t look matte but I don’t look like boom highlighted everywhere this is the powder for you it is so beautiful I apply this with a damp Beauty sponge I just take it and I dip it right in there and then I just Pat it all over my entire face this powder does have a little bit of shimmer in it which is so weird for me to say oh yeah I take this power to has shimmer in it put it all over your face but it’s not shimmer it’s not glitter and press it into the skin it just makes you look so fresh and alive and just radiant it’s like a glow from within all over your face it just makes everything like let’s move on to bronzers I have three bronzers that I fell in love with this year the first one is the most expensive one and this is by a little Amer I talked about this in my favorites video and it’s one of those one of those products that I’m just like it has a very very strong scent every since I might open it up I’m like which time to bronze so right here there is a strip that has like a highlighting shimmer something I’ve never even used this like I’ve never touched it I always avoid that little strip with my brush which is really easy because it’s so tiny and the pan is very large so I always like swirl my brush over in this region right here it is such a smooth bronzer a little bit goes a long way it’s very pigmented it’s very creamy it’s not a she I just love the undertone in it but keep in mind I do prefer a more like terracotta orangie undertone if you will just funny that I say that because this is so much more Brown but this is the Marc Jacobs what is this even called the tantastic Omega bronzer this is the limited edition one that came out this year with their coconut collection and it looks like a nice it is a huge pan and this is one of my favorite bronzers that I did use this year also just the regular standard always available on Omega bronzer by Marc Jacobs it’s in the same packaging but black and it’s a little bit of a different shade I love that rod so I went back and forth between both of these all year I love them both pretty much equally but this is the one that I have right now and I don’t really know where the other one OHS thing that I love about the Marc Jacobs bronzers and I feel like it’s very hard to mess it up it’s very hard to be like really heavy-handed and take it too far like they’re nice and sheer and buildable and they look very natural on the skin which is funny because when I first tried that bronzer I hated it I was like oh this is crap and then Manny told me he’s like no bitch it’s amazing like what’s wrong with you it’s always like let me try it again and that’s it that’s my story then the third bronzer that I have and this is actually a brand new one because I was getting super low on it because believe it or not this is one of my favorite bronzers especially for when I am not really tan and this is the butter bronzer by Physicians Formula so you can find this at the drugstore much cheaper alternative to both of those and it smells so good it smells like vacation just like coconuts ah so good doesn’t come in that many shades I believe though at least not when I saw them when I was the drugstore there was only like three or four shades available and they weren’t really like a lot of dark ones so I can’t use this bronzer if I have like a good tan I can only use it when I’m fairly light and don’t have a spray tan going on but it really is so beautiful just the name of that butter bronzer I mean immediately I was attracted to it and it is so buttery nice and beautiful it’s a little on the sheer side but in a good way because it’s so creamy and it just goes under the skin just like butter okay so now let’s talk about highlighters of course my favorite part and I actually did a really good job narrowing it down because I only have one two three four five six which is really good for me I the entire year are you kidding I’m impressed sell 5% I’m gonna start with my number one favorite of all 2017 I use I would say the most actually no I have to their time but this is the makeup forever starlet powder in the shade number 13 this is technically not a cheek highlight I believe they met for to be eyeshadow but Oh Jorgie nose it became a highlight real quick though when people started discovering like the highlighting powder be highlighting power behind it you can see right here how intensely sure Maria is and that has a tiny tiny amount that I applied to my hand it is so just like beaming it is absolutely ridiculous but it’s smooth it doesn’t go on chunky and I feel like in the year of 2017 I was on the hunt for non chunky highlights because I feel like so many highlights have come out in the industry that it’s so oversaturated now and it’s so hard like to pick up the good ones from the okay one two the crap one sometimes so for me what makes a highlighter good is I want it to look smooth on the skin number one and I want it to blind people number two okay it’s not too much to ask second in line which is very similar to the makeup forever starlet powder is the Kylie cosmetics what are these even technically called okay they’re just called loose pigments right it doesn’t say on here but you can see the bottom of mine it’s so beaten up I absolutely loved these highlights this year so the two shades I wore all the time are Santorini and Fiji and Santorini is the palest shade and Fiji has a little bit more color to it but this is very similar to the makeup for everyone except you get more product in this one and it is a cheaper price so I would say it’s a really really great do like they’re extremely similar so this is the kylie one right here and this isn’t make it forever number 13 I might be crazy I think that the makeup for ever one is a little bit smoother on the skin but that could just be me creating stuff up in my head but I do think it’s a little bit smoother than the Kylie one but I use them both all the time and I think they’re the best highlights of 2017 speaking of Kylie I did wear these a lot and this is in the shade french vanilla and this is in the shade cotton candy cream what I actually like about these is the fact they are not so intense that when you highlight damn like you really do have to build it up but I appreciate that because there are days where I don’t want to have a blinding highlight I know you guys are probably not subscribe oh don’t leave me and speaking of sheer highlights this has been in my life now for way too long um the mirror is gone and I still just keep going you would think that could buy myself a new one this is actually the highlight the exact one I licked when I was doing truth or dare with Manny and Laura I just realized that and I never replaced it so this product does come in many different shades but I just personally think that this is the prettiest one with the prettiest highlighting effect and if you’re really really fair you can actually use it as a blush which is really beautiful it is in the shade of luminous light and it is hands-down the most universal beautiful looking highlight because it’s not going to be intense like the first view it’s way more subtle it’s way more sheer but this is like a head that you can kind of lightly dust all over the place and it just makes you glow this is the secret to a bridal beauty glow it is so gorgeous and it seriously looks like you have a light bulb within yourself and you’re just beaming in a very natural subtle but beautiful way this is a product that came out towards the end of 2017 I just recently started using it and this is what is actually on my face today for highlight and it is the Wet n Wild mega Glo highlighting palette we tell you right now there’s only two shades in here that I genuinely love the other two I don’t like this one right here it is so glittery and not not good I do not like it this one up here is very like bluish and just yeah like I don’t know it’s like I would only wear that if it was like a look you know if I was doing like blue eye shadow I want to have like that Space Jam moment but otherwise these two shades right here are the only ones that I actually use so this one down here it looks like it’s green but it actually has more like a golden undertone to it more than anything once you apply it to the skin and a little bit like a big yellow Goldy not green it doesn’t look like cash money bitches on your face like it’s not green but this one right here is the one that I’m wearing today you can see it on my face it’s got that really beautiful pinky kind of I see pinky vanilla undertone it’s right here on my hand that’s going hard to see I want them to come out with more palettes and more shades because I don’t love the shade range but I’m obsessed with this top color right here and I think that this top color is worth the price of the entire palette and this is the last highlighting product that I have right here and this is by the brand iconic of London and it is a liquid illuminator and it is unlike anything they can use all over the skin like before you go with your foundation to really give yourself that like oomph glow I mix it in with my foundation a lot in 2017 but the way that I wore it the most is just to highlight all over the cheekbones and I will use a damp Beauty sponge sponge a damp duty sponge I would type it all over my cheekbones and then I would go in with my powders and my highlights like normal and all that jazz and it would just give like that inner boom let me show you what the tiniest drop will do one of this you see that it’s just right it’s so right let’s talk about do you hear my Alexa like that little um my friends Mike and PK got me I was like shut up I said no one cares they got me one of those like little iGoogle home thing that this little speaker and you can like talk to Alexa and she just starts babbling about random shit all the time I’m like kid can you not obviously the first eyeshadow palette I’m gonna talk about is this guy right here the palette that I created with morphe this palette launching in June was the highest point of my year as far as my career goes not only do I finally get to launch something that I have been hiding for so long from all of social media and biting my tongue over getting to see all of your excitement and all the joy on top of it I also got to take my entire family out to LA to celebrate the launch of this palette I got to meet my family for four days straight and that was such an amazing thing so I’m so thankful for this palette I’m so thankful for that hype that you guys continuously give this palette you guys have made it’s so ridiculously successful Linda and I both never in a million years would have dreamt the kind of success that we have gotten from this it’s because you guys have shown this so much love and hype all over social media and it’s it’s all because of you so thank you so much for just all the love I came and begin to yeah so proud of and so thankful ah such a high point of my ear okay but for real though I’m gonna top of the actual palate and why I love it so much and why it genuinely is one of my favorites I’m gonna try to remove myself from this palette and accent I didn’t create it and tell you why I actually genuinely use this palette every single time I did my makeup I am able to create whatever look I want with this palette I have two different highlight shades I can also use on my cheekbones I have this beautiful range if I do things on myself of all these neutral transition shades but they all have different undertones and then for all different skin tones and all different eye colors and whatever look you’re going for we have all these beautiful warm orange and red job you see are a huge trend they have them for a while now and then of course all the dark Browns as well I have all different undertones it’s also basically half matte half shimmer so you got an equal divide depending if your a shimmery girl or if you’re more math girl you can do either look and you’ve got your pops of colors in here so this palette to me is everything that I need it is genuinely one of the only palettes I use the entire year I’ll show you guys the other two cos I think are amazing but overall that was it the second palette that I was so impressed by this year was the Sephora pro palette and not as much the warm palette and definitely not that like kind of weird cool tone mix of shades I don’t know what that was but I didn’t like it um but this one right here is the editorial palette so this one is all the little all the pops of color oh my god just in general if you are someone who likes color I don’t see how you cannot get this palette because I have never seen such pigmented in tense matte shades like these are gorgeous this is just like one swipe do you see this it’s absolutely insane how pigments these are the only downfall to this palette is it does have a lot of Fallout all doesn’t really bother me too much though because I know what I’m gonna get so I prepare and I prepped by putting transit powder underneath my eyes or doing my foundation last and doing my eyes first but if you are someone who just like hates fallout just be aware that that palette does have it but you’re gonna get a badass amazing extremely pigmented outcome even though you have fallout for the last I shadow palette that I have I really tried hard not to annoy you guys because I know it really frustrates me when I over talk about morphe because they think that I’m sponsored or because I want to get paid or whatever it may be and I wanted to prove to you guys that that’s not the case so I tried very hard not to put too many morphe products in this video even though I love morphe and not only do I love the brand morphe but I love the people behind the brand but I would have loved to put several morphe palettes that I use this year but I decided not to instead I kept it down to just one besides mine and it would have to be the more feet dare to create 39a palette which was their holiday their holiday collection I think this palette is so unique and so beautiful this is a brand new guy or right here this one was actually one that was supposed to go into my 12 days of Christmas giveaway and my sister didn’t know and she opened it up and she swatched won so I was like okay I gotta get a new one I’m just obsessed for this no row right here with these full-size pans of all these transition colors this palette is super super creamy I personally feel like morphic keeps getting better and better and better their shadows keep everything that they’re launching keeps improving and keeps getting better I think this is one of the best palettes in the entire year for sure because the fact you get such a range of neutrals and colors and mattes and shimmers and Vivid’s it’s a beautiful palette and it’s like so bossy and big so that’s the one I chose for more feet so the last I shadow product that I have are the Stila magnificent metals I no longer even really use loose glitter honestly like I think I use loose glitter once this entire year like I never even grabbed it I always go for the steal of magnificent metals now they are so beautiful and this color came out this year and I immediately just was so drawn to it it’s called next to note look how beautiful with one swipe this gorgeous cranberry kind of rusty red oh my god they also came out in these definitely came out in 2017 with the shimmer and glow liquid eyeshadows and this is in the shade La Douce sounds like ladouche but look how beautiful this color is right here this greeny oh my god it’s so good I have been so in to all of these like I have every single color well they’ve also sent me every single color but there are a few colors that came out and they didn’t sit like send them to me it’s like two months so I bought them immediately oh the guy I’m knocking away for the P are back I need them now and I am obsessed like I said I no longer even reach for glitters because this just makes it so easy you just paint on your I let it dry kind of blend it out and you’re done it’s like foolproof and I’m um cest hands found my favorite lash of all 2017 is the flutter intoxicating lash right here it is what I’m wearing on my eyes today I purchased 100 pairs of them this year because I was like enough is enough I’m sick of only buying 5 6 7 pairs at a time and running out so now mama is stocked for another only two weeks they’re very dramatic as you can see they are not in natural lash but I think they’re still fluffy and pretty and girly while being like Vavoom but not too much I love them Alexa no enough so we have finally entered the beautiful world of a lip product so the way I want to do this is I want to kind of go in like categories so first I want to talk about my go-to bold lips that I wore in 2017 I wore these three colors like crazy and I get asked questions about every single one of them every time I wear them so if I would just tell you all three of them right now the first one for sure is the Kylie cosmetics Kristen liquid lipstick it is this beautiful like I don’t even know how to actually describe this color but it’s probably my favorite color of the entire year it looks like that right there it’s like this beautiful berry red but it’s not God it’s not red that’s not the right word it’s not red it’s not pink it’s not raspberry it’s just it’s beautiful I wore it so much that I went completely through the entire bottle that’s the first time I’ve ever gone through an entire bottle of liquid lipstick in my entire life like have you ever gone through an entire model like it’s empty like I did that to mine and it was sold out and I was so pissed so I didn’t have it’s like three or four weeks at first of all problems like I want my Lichtman Lance Mac so I was just able to reorder it in like November I think it was so Kristin is back in my life such a good lip color snap get a bold lip for sure was the color pop and Alexis RN collaboration in the shade little weapon right yeah little weapon this is such a unique color I also purchase a new one of this as well it’s so unique because it’s not really red or pink it’s somewhere between but it is like fire it is just like a show-stopping attention calling lip color it is gorgeous and then my last one that I wore like crazy and I start wearing this in the summertime was hot shot by morphe it is a beautiful like straight orange II red liquid lip and you can see I don’t the camera will show you but it’s very different two little weapon a little weapon definitely has much more of a berry undertone in it I don’t know if you can see you can’t really see on camera that well but Hot Shot is definitely like an orange e orange –red we’re a little weapon it had definitely has like more like a pinky a raspberry to it but these are my three bold lips that I wore all year long okay so I want to talk about my favorite liquid lipstick formulas in general of the entire year so the first one is the always on Smashbox liquid lipstick this actually came out in 2016 but I continued my love affair with it throughout all of 2017 I think it is one of the most beautiful liquid lipstick formulas ever ever ever I love the applicator for it it’s got that nice little pointy doe foot applicator so it’s really easy to get nice and light every single crack and crevice it’s a little messy but not too moosie it’s not too thick it’s not too sheer it is beautiful it lasts so long it doesn’t bleed it doesn’t fade it is just like it’s the dream liquid lipstick all three of these are honestly but they’re all very different at the same time next which is the most high-end one is the YSL liquid lipstick and this just recently launched it was towards the end of 2017 I actually tried it for the first time on camera and I have not stopped wearing these liquid lipsticks ever since what makes it so unique is the fact that if you wear it and you kiss the back of your hand it will come off a little bit like it’s not so dry that it’s not gonna move whatsoever but it’s got just enough moisture in it to keep your lips looking plump and hydrated all night long but I swear to god you guys and this stuff does not move it is like voodoo it is freaky how it works like I will go out I will eat I will have drinks I will do whatever I’ll spend a night out on the town and it’s been five hours it’s still exactly the same has not moved it is so weird it’s amazing it is such a good formula I just wanted to come out with more news because they have so many brights I don’t like okay that’s great but like I want like 15 neutrals hmm thanks myself and then my last favorite liquid lipstick formula of 2017 is definitely color pop color pop had a great year they came out with so many products they came up with some products that I was not so crazy about but they come out with a lot of products that I really just genuinely loved and their price point is just so right color pop has so many good nudes I can’t even begin I could make an entire video just on like my top 10 nudes from color pop and their liquid lipsticks because they have so many and is outrageous which I absolutely love it’s a really really beautiful formula it’s not overly drying it’s not overly moisturizing it doesn’t come off and it lasts just like any good liquid lipstick would it’s not gonna last you for like eight to ten hours it’s gonna wear off like a normal liquid lipstick but it’s just so good and for the price point it’s absolutely bombed and then last for lips we have glosses so it’s really hard for me to say my number one favorite loss but I’m gonna be honest you guys I actually think it’s Kylie cosmetics I know I’ve been talking about this gloss for like a year and a half now at this point the only thing is after you had them for a long time they do start to get kind of like chunky and the tube and just kind of like gloppy and goopy but I think that’s just their way of saying like it’s time to buy a new one like enough is enough it’s been a year like time to replace the gloss maybe but these glosses are so beautiful and I love her range of nudes if you’re looking for her nudists like Kayla’s prettiest gloss I don’t like prettiest like I love it because it’s so nude and I love a good nude lip it is the shade so cute it’s not mommy it’s just like a perfect beautiful nude looks like that right there it’s a good gloss next in line is the bare minerals of gloss this is such a beautiful formula but I will say I actually like the kind of cosmetic formula better this one starts to kind of break up and separate and get goopy on the lips faster than the Kylie does this is one of my favorites right here it’s in the shade groovy it’s always sold out it’s kind of hard to find but it is so pretty I’ll show you on Kylie cosmetics so cute next to us you can see the difference in the shades there’s similar Kai’s looks a little bit more Brown it’s right a little bit more pink in it so depending if you wanted a more kinky one you PI like this but the formula I do like Kylie’s butter I believe Too Faced came out with melted latex in 2017 I’m pretty sure it wasn’t 2016 but this is a beautiful formula when I first tried this I was shocked if you will this is like so different and so beautiful it is so freaking it’s this one right here it is so pigmented it looks so hard to find a gloss that is like so pigmented and so glossy with not crazy sticky and not goopy you know like it’s so good I want them to come off more shades of this to like can everyone please just come out with like 30 nudes that would be great the Dior Maximizer the gloss it is definitely gonna cost you a pretty penny but it is so beautiful this is actually not the shade that I use all the time my favorite shade is just zero zero one it’s pretty much completely clear makes the lips nice and plump and it just makes them so glossy is when the glossiest glosses I’ve ever seen your lips just look like they’re drenched just soaking wet and I love that look I wear it over top of everything basically like hmm around lipstick or even if I put on a gloss and I love that gloss I want to look glossy err I’ll take just a little bit of the drawer and just a pinch cuz it’s just so wet and just like hmm looking last gloss I have is from L’Oreal and this is the infallible 8-hour probe loss this is the only shade that I actually continuously wear and I’m pretty sure I talked about it in a favorites video it’s number 105 petal and in the actual tube it looks like my nightmare I’m gonna be honest and the tube I’m like oh my god this is so frosty it looks like it has like crazy pinky gold frosty like it doesn’t look anything be flattering but on the lips you can barely even see it right here it is so sheer and so shiny and beautiful and it just gives you this layer of just like glossy shimmer all on the lips but it doesn’t look tacky it looks gorgeous this is a really really beautiful gloss it feels very high-end the lips last two things just miscellaneous items the first one is the Aleli be a glow face miss this basically is a dupe for the tatcha luminous skin mess it’s gonna make you very glowy and very dewy and it is beautiful I’ll take this actually more than anything I’m not gonna do it now except jewelry on um I don’t want to get like oil all over it but I will spray this on my chest like if I’m wearing a tank top I’ll just spray this on my shoulder spray it on my chest and I’ll highlight and it’ll just keep my chest my shoulders like being just radiating it’s really beautiful in my drunk tutorial on the iPhone with Jackie we use this so much we use like half the bottle just in that tutorial so you can go see over there how dewy and glowy it made me like it literally makes you look like Victoria’s Secret type glow like sweaty glow like glow last but not least I have to mention this when’s for me the best makeup setting spray the entire year it is the morphe preppin set so you can also use this to prep for your makeup as well but i always use it to set my makeup cuz I always have I have my own like intense ritual for prepping my face for makeup so this is always where I use to set and it is absolutely amazing and like I’ve said the whole time the best thing about it is the aerosol can so the fact that it comes like a hairspray it’s like you get an even face mist every single time you never have to worry about pushing down and you’re facing this like spinning at you and ruining your makeup or did you make a direct shot to the face like this is just so beautiful and like airy with the mist and it’s it’s bomb you guys it is bona reminds me a lot of fix+ but it’s not as sticky as fix+ like you don’t feel it on your skin once it dries like you do with fix+ but it’s so that is it for my entire round up best of beauty for year 2017 my most used most favorite products most favorite formulas of the entire year please leave me your comments down below of your favorite products of the year 2017 it can be a formula it can be a color it could be anything a lipstick a blush you know that I am a total makeup beauty junkie it can be skincare I got a lot of my own skincare favorites – I don’t want to include that in this because I guess it’ll be a long video okay also include some hair products in there some kind of on a hair products kick right now I’m just needing some new products my hair is starting get to that point where it’s like getting longer and I’m like okay what’s going on I need I need some new stuff so leave me hair products – I’ll be thankful for that that is it you guys I’m done rambling thank you so much for watching this video I hope that you enjoy don’t forget to give it a thumb up like/subscribe don’t you dare leave my channel not subscribing I see you I see you alright I love you guys and I will see you at my next video happy 2018 [Music]

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