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hi long time no see it actually does feel like a really really long time since I have like properly sat down and made a like talking to camera video because even in my Christmas videos a lot of those are pre filmed and they were filmed with people or they were baking videos so I feel like I haven’t like sat down on this bed in a while but this is my first video back in 2018 I hope you all had an amazing new year and a great start to January I know we’re on like the latter end of January but I hope it’s been a great start so far for you I have been very busy working on lots of exciting things that are coming up this year and also just like taking a bit of a breather and trying to get my video making mojo back I do think it’s important to give yourself a bit of space to kind of re-evaluate what you want to film and the type of content that you want to do and what it is that people want to see because so often it’s like week on week you just you don’t even think about it so that’s kind of what I did at the start of January and now I’m feeling fresh and feeling good and I’m excited to make videos I’ve got a really long list of things I really want to film for you but if any of you have any suggestions things that I might not have done before I don’t know maybe some slightly different avenues things that you’ve never seen you make a video about before or topics that you’re interested in please let me know in the comments here or over on Instagram I would love to hear from you I do already have my list so I’m gonna make my way through that and then go through some of your suggestions and see if there’s anything oh and see if there’s anything else that I really want to film start off with I thought it would be nice to do a rundown of all my favorite beauty and makeup items of 2017 because that actually were quite a few and I’ve really enjoyed watching everyone else’s videos of this and I just think it’s a really nice testament to the products that you use and love because anything that you can sit in this video and say that you wholeheartedly adored through a whole year it’s a product that I think should be on a fair few wish lists which is why when I’ve watched them I’m like this is definitely a product they really really loved because there are favorites videos and everything in a favorites video is like that monthly fave but anything that can like withstand the month and is something that ends up in like a yearly roundup is a product that is very highly recommended so yeah I’ve really enjoyed watching those and I’m gonna get started on a lot of the things that I have loved through the year and I will continue to love through 2018 I’m sure I’m gonna start with this because I do feel like did I use this in 2016 I don’t know I think some of these items might have been featured in previous years but I’ve heavily used them this year so that is why they’re being featured because that is the purpose of the video first item is the Smith & Colt lash dance mascara I’m not gonna go on too much about this because I have talked about this an awful lot it’s the sort of mascara that when you buy it new and you first use it it almost feels like a mascara at the end of its life if that makes any sense it’s very thick it grabs every single lash it gives your eyes this really dramatic smoky lengthening thickening voluminous look and I absolutely love it it’s kind of like a quick and easy clumpy looks like you’ve got four coats you’ve only got one type of mascara and for me that’s perfect you’ll have to excuse the fact I have a nail missing I’m not gonna give you the finger but as I was saying up for this video it pinged off so or was most to devastate it ah there’s me thinking I was gonna be so put together first video back no it’s me I should have known better next thing is the fancy beauty foundation this is a soft matte long way foundation and it is part of Rihanna’s new makeup line that she released in 2017 and I ordered this online on a bit of a whim lots of people have been doing their reviews and I thought you know what I’ll try it give it my two cents absolutely freaking love it it an amazing formulation I tend to steer away from map foundations because I like to have a bit of a Jew igloo and normally I just think matte foundations make me look a little bit 2d or a bit like sallow and tired I just I don’t think they do much for my complexion so I was a bit hesitant about this didn’t need to be because it’s amazing it lasts really well it’s not like matte matte and it gives a really good coverage so I really liked that also so many different shades if there is not a shade of this foundation for you I would be very surprised sticking with like skin this duo basically got me through the summer I wasn’t really wearing any foundation when we moved into this house it was like the hottest two weeks of the year we were unpacking boxes and running up and down flights of stairs and mostly just enjoying the weather in the garden so I didn’t really do much kind of full face of makeup there for what I was doing was using the urban decay I can never say this urban decay concealer with my trusty collection lasting perfection concealer I combined the two I put this on any like blemishes or scarring on my face and I used this under my eyes and then I blended it out with bare minerals foundation this was one of the first foundations I ever used when I was 17 years old myself and my mum placed an order on QVC and I bought this and I wore it in school and in six form and I absolutely loved it I’ve definitely gone through phases of my more adult life where I’ve loved it and used it and been obsessed with it and then when I felt like my skin needed a bit more coverage I’ve sort of popped this back on the shelf and this year during summer I was just using this on top of these concealers and I really liked how kind of healthy and glowy my face felt and I really loved it it made me fall back in love with bare minerals so this is now firmly back in my makeup bag this got a whole lot of love from this year this is the Charlotte Tilbury is it on the go palette or what’s it called instant look palette it’s a little bit grubby and we’ve hit pan ladies and gentlemen we’ve hit pan I used this palette so much this year I’d forgotten it and when we moved I was putting my makeup out and I was like ah that palette is just a dream it has like everything you would need it has really lovely neutral shades bit of shimmer and a matte brown for going in the crease which is perfect it’s it’s basically my everyday go-to I and then the sculpt part of the sculpt and highlight is the perfect shade blends beautifully and I absolutely love it as you can see this blush is also gorgeous this one which is slightly deeper color I also used it’s much nicer for evenings this color or when I had a tan after I’ve been on holiday I use that and then the highlighter on the other end it’s one of those palettes that I just think has everything you need in it if you are after any of those things separately I would advise you get it all together in this and just take this everywhere you go with you two more cheek products this this will probably come as no shock to you because I’ve pretty much used in every makeup look for the past six months it’s the Tanya burr cosmetics peonies please blush sash highlight is actually called an illuminating powder I love this I’ve got it on now it gives a really pretty Juhi highlight and the pink is very subtle and very pretty and it’s just my go-to if I want to look a little bit more glowy another item that I used this year a lot for glow but in a more kind of bronzy sense kind of holiday post holiday was this this is the Estee Lauder doesn’t have the name on the back and I should have googled it before I did this video but it came out in summer and it’s this gorgeous kind of Goldy highlight I don’t even know if you can get this anymore as part of the bronze God s collection but it wouldn’t have been a true video if I didn’t include this because it’s beautiful and I loved it this year for brows there was definitely one product that I reached for over everything else and something that I had never used before and that is the Makeup Forever aqua brow when I received this in my PO Box I very nearly almost immediately when that seems fiddly and time-consuming for eyebrows I am much more of a powder or pencil girl and I almost just put it straight in the charity file I don’t know why I didn’t I must have just thought ah it’s a kind of interesting concept I’ll see what it’s like and then I think I was having like a makeup bag reshuffle and I dropped it in there and one of the reasons I think this works really well is because it is waterproof so once you put this in your brows and I use an angled brush it really stays where you put it I feel like it gives my eyebrows that like just tinted look and it’s quite I mean sometimes it looks quite natural depending on like how much time I have sometimes it looks quite block heavy but I guess it’s completely down to you how much you want to use and kind of what technique you have to apply it but I have really really enjoyed using this lip product I’m just going to show one lip product otherwise I could be here for like 20 minutes talking about every lip color that I enjoyed wearing through 2017 so I’m just gonna show the one I wore the most and I know this because it went in like every handbag and it was my go-to nude and that is the M cosmetics in French nude and this is a liquid lipstick I love the formulation of this it’s kind of mousse like it doesn’t feel very heavy on the lips but it lasts really well it’s a really flattering color for my skintone I think and that’s why I really liked it I have it on today I also have a lip gloss on top which is why it’s shiny and not matte usually it’s matte but yeah this was definitely my most worn lip product of 2017 I wanted to feature eyeshadows but again I use so many different brands of eyeshadows and I’ve loved so many different ones but I do feel like a real standout for me this year was Kylie Jenner eyeshadows I think they are really pigmented they blend really well they stay on my eyes all day and I really really enjoy using them this palette particularly which is the burgundy palette got a lot of love from me for the majority of the first half of the year and actually through the autumn months as well so a lot of love for Kylie eyeshadows moving on to fragrance this one was quite easy actually I really enjoyed looking at all my fragrances and like deciphering which ones I used the most because I am one of these people that has all my like top fragrances out and every morning like depending on my mood I’ll be like oh I’ll use this one today so there were a lot of contenders but I have to say these were definitely the top 3 so number one this is the deke and Voltaire this is her perfume and I don’t know if I feature this in a favourites I must have done because I’ve been using it for like 7 months it’s amazing this smells this is a smell that I cannot put into words at all like I find this impossible to explain and describe and actually I find scents quite impossible to explain and describe anyway but I find this one really hard because it just smells like nothing else I own its see I would say it’s probably more of an evening scent for quite a few people because it’s very like all I can say to you is it’s quite a sweet smell and I’m not the biggest fan of very sweet scents but there’s like so many layers to this when you first put it on it’s quite sweet then it like mellows down to something completely different and it’s also one of those scents that when someone else is wearing this I know it’s this I just love it I really really love it I get so many compliments when I wear it and yeah I reach for this a lot the next one I absolutely loved and use all the time is the clean reserved warm cotton this is definitely a scent that is very unique and I think something that is lovely to layer with other scents clean scents are my favorite fresh clean fragrances are generally the genre of fragrance I’ll usually go for and this kind of encompasses all those things in one it straight-up smells like fresh laundry and this is such a lovely scent to wear in spring and summer but I wore it the other day so not opposed to a bit of warm cotton in the winter days either and then last but by no means least on the fragrance front it’s the by Rado super cedar odor path bomb this again is an entirely different scent to the other two in fact all three of these scents are really different this I bought back in March because Tanya was wearing it on my birthday and I remember saying to her you smell incredible what is it you’re wearing and she said it was this and I immediately ordered it it’s kind of musky a little bit woody but also very fresh and a bit like molecule oh one it has like a I always say that I always describe things as a molecule no one but if you’re watching this and you have no idea what molecule no one is that’s really not very helpful it’s it’s a bit more of a grown-up smell I would say but it is the sort of smell that how do you describe this it is a fresh scent it’s fresh a little bit woody very grown-up could also be a unisex scent I think but I love that body now we all know I am NOT the best at moisturizing my body in fact I suck at it and every year I tell myself moisturize your body this year Zoe because it’s very important when you start getting wrinkly and saggy you’re gonna wish you did it but one product that I did love and use a lots of during 2017 was the sole addition arrow Brazilian bum cream or is it brazilian Brazilian bum bum cream this cream is lovely it has a slight shimmer to it which means in the summer months when you put it on it makes your skin look all glowy and healthy but the one thing I love the most about it was a descent and be how rich it felt but how quickly it sunk into your skin you imagine because this is quite a thick consistency that it would take a really long time to sink into your skin but it doesn’t it’s magic you put it on and it just disappears it’s so good so thoroughly enjoyed that skin care the glossy a milky jelly cleanser conditioning face wash I love this stuff I love what it smells like I love how it feels on the skin I love how clean my skin feels when I use this I use this as my second cleanser so once I’ve removed my makeup I will use this just to relieve my skin feeling a lot more clean and I really really enjoyed using this product a lot the products that I have been using to take off my makeup is actually a product I’ve been using for years and years and years but for some reason I’ve been trying other products or loving other makeup removers and I just kind of left this one on the Shelf a bit and forgotten about it which I think tends to happen quite a bit with skincare and beauty products but it is the ever-so-popular Liz Earle cleanse and polish there’s not a lot I can say about this that everyone else hasn’t already said I love it I love it it’s not too thick it doesn’t leave any residue on my skin and it does the job very well I also feel like this is a lot more gentle on my skin and my skin likes when I use this so yeah a rediscovery of that I’ve been loving that and using that a lot hair these are from my shower so they’re a bit wet davin s oi shampoo and conditioner I think I have got through at least eight bottles of this this year is that kind of normal or is that like a bit excessive I guess that could be normal I don’t actually know I have saved a year of empties so I’ll be doing a video on that soon where we will find out how many of these I actually use through the year but I’ve raved about these so much they leave my hair feeling amazing they smell amazing there are actually a really good price tag for the quality of the product and I just it’s my go-to shampoo and conditioner what more can I say shampoo and conditioner that I’ve been loving more recently but again have gotten through a lot of bottles of this is the Windell and moody shampoo and conditioner I love this again it leaves my hair feeling so like nourished and shiny and healthy and that is what you want from bleached hair so yeah absolutely loved this this year so that is everything beauty and skincare and makeup wise that I have been loving through 2017 if you go back through any of my favorites there might be a couple of more in-depth reviews if you want to go find those but apart from that I hope you guys enjoyed this video and it’s so great to be back thank you for all your love and support make sure you subscribe if you haven’t subscribed already and hit the notification bell so you always know when I’m going to upload a video and I will see you again very very soon bye guys

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