Beware of the homosexuals

“There are no vaccines for it and you might catch it too!”
A funny take on some of the most common misconceptions about homosexuality, this video was Inspired by certain educational videos from the late 50s and by most recent events in Russia, Nigeria and Uganda.

This is a typical Cafe in west London. Tim comes here often to study in the morning. There is nothing better than a good cup of tea to start the day off on the right foot. A man asks if they can share a table. Sure -says Tim- no problem at all. Mother always says it is important to be polite. The stranger says his name is Frank and soon enough they start a friendly conversation. Frank seems to have a great sense of humour and it doesn’t take long before he wins Tim’s confidence. Frank seems like a fine man. What Tim doesn’t know is that Frank is a homosexual, a man who is physically attracted to people of the same sex. This highly dangerous, highly contagious disease affects thousands of youngsters every year. Tim doesn’t realise he is in grave danger. But how does one recognise a homosexual? As a matter of fact, homosexuals present no physical symptoms. They may look normal and healthy, but don’t be deceived. If a man dresses too smartly or cares too much about the latest trend, he may be a homosexual. If a man doesn’t have a firm handshake, there’s a good chance he is a homosexual. If a he can’t resist a good dance tune, he is very likely to be a homosexual. If a man is often emotional and speaks too openly about personal matters, then he must be a homosexual. So, next time you meet a stranger, be careful if they are too friendly or if they dress too nicely. You never know when a homosexual may be around. There are no vaccines for it and you might catch it too. Like Tim.

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