Bigfoot Caught in Tree in Cali (ThinkerThunker)

Is this a baby Bigfoot or a wild Ape filmed up in a tree? California Fish & Wildlife said it was the latter, but there’s even less evidence for American Wild Apes than there is Bigfoot. You decide.


we think that it’s that it’s a pretty good possibility that some kind of ape hey this is think about her did you get that we think so it’s not just him he’s speaking for all of California Fish and Wildlife we think it’s a pretty good possibility that it’s some type of ape so what’s he talking about here he said that in response to this video which we’re gonna take a good look at but that’s pretty amazing to me that a state official would come out and say that on TV but what’s even more amazing to me is that 80% of our population thinks Bigfoot is a joke you know a punchline to beef jerky commercial or a really terrible movie yet these same discerning people will listen to just some guy any guy as long as he’s on TV wearing a uniform and has an official sounding title and man then he can pretty much tell the masses anything he wants and they’re gonna eat it up hook line & sinker no questions asked zero proof now that’s that’s fruit this might be one of the most important videos I’ve ever covered let’s check it out buddy we are not in Kansas anymore here in Southern California we’ve got our fair share of mountain lions bears and other critters but here in La Crescenta just off the 210 freeway there may be something different really different hiding in the trees Jacob Gardner often takes a stroll in the woods during his lunch break but last week while walking by himself in La Crescenta at first I heard a bunch of strange noises up in the trees figured it was just some types of birds or something like that then a still uneasiness came over him I knew I had a feeling that something was out there and kind of watching me Jake pulled out his phone and began shooting video at first nothing out of the ordinary but when he checked the footage a second time you can definitely see a torso and four limbs moving around and swinging around in there it gives it gets a it’s a pretty obvious kind of a motion officials with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife say they do not know if what was captured in that video was in fact a great ape but they say that if such an animal is thriving in these woods it is a serious public safety concern these animals are incredibly strong and they can very easily kill or seriously injure a person because if it turns out to be an ape this animal is scared hungry out of its element how is it possible that agreed it could be swinging around in socal people import these animals as illegal exotic pets now that’s not great but what happens is these animals get out of control and they either escape or they get too unruly and the owners just let them go so could there be a large primate swinging through the trees in Southern California it’s pretty hard to tell however we think that it’s that it’s a pretty good possibility that some kind of ape California Fish and Wildlife says there’s no reason to be alarmed right now they also say they don’t want folks going into these woods looking for this animal whatever it is they say that these large primates are very dangerous and should you encounter one not to make eye contact and back away very slowly reporting live in La Crescenta I’m John Fenoglio and I’ll send it back to you okay let me get this straight frightened hungry man killing apes are on the loose right here in America out there behind the Tastee Freez or whatever and the Fish and Wildlife guys are sitting around the office doing interviews get out there man do something you should have guys with tranquilizer guns and scent hounds and choppers in the air track in these man killers down for their safety and ours but now we’re all fine just don’t look him in the eye back back slowly away now that sage advice but does that sound right to you just the fact that nobody’s doing anything about this extremely dangerous situation tells me we might not be hearing the full story here you know so first in the same way any Bigfoot skeptic has ever said over and over and over and over again prove to us these wild escaped American Apes exists show us their bones show us a dead body show us DNA evidence show us HD quality videos of these escaped apes crossing roads in our forests or parks or rummaging through dumpsters or raiding camps or tents or whatever it is these Apes would be doing because with a million plus people hat in those very same parks right now you just know some videos would have already turned up on YouTube but nothing no proof whatsoever apart from today’s video and a handful of possible chimp ape sightings mostly in Florida one or maybe two in California but that is it and those could be mistaken identity one case a woman got lost while hiking in California she was out there for days and she saw her claim to see what she believed was a chimp crossing a river rapidly on all fours so what did she see she saw a small she saw a brown furry which means chimp right I mean what else could it be especially in America and you have to remember for most Americans Bigfoot does not exist so for these people the only explanation is a chimp an ape now what’s funny about that I personally know three different families who believe they’ve seen escaped chimps and even had escaped gorilla sightings either ones I mean terribly violent ones in Texas and in New Mexico they don’t have chimps and gorillas in Texas in New Mexico not in the wild they don’t and one of these families I love this story it’s an attorney and his wife I know them and their kids very well very good family very serious there was a ski resort northern New Mexico this couple was out for a walk they looked up in the trees what did they see but a baby jump up there playing and swinging around right over their heads and I would guess it looked pretty much like this video here and when asked what they saw it was a chimp but escaped jump so why do you think was escaped and they’re like well why else would it be all alone up in the trees you know good point where did it come from and they they said it must have escaped from a hippie commune that made sense to them you know a hippie commune in their minds they pictured some nearby hippie commune where somebody there had a pet monkey and you know hippies the monkey got away from them and they didn’t call the police they didn’t call the fuzz so now there’s just an escaped monkey in northern New Mexico and they happened to be the one couple that saw the only escaped monkey in northern New Mexico at a ski resort in the winter does that sound right to you because if I said guys what you might have seen was a young Bigfoot and chances are there were seven to eight to maybe even nine-foot adults no more than 20 yards away watching you making sure nothing got out of hand they would have laughed in my face and called me crazy insane escaped chimps from hippie communes to them is sane and logical and rational and reasonable but Bigfoot you are out of your mind but again for all those families and for most people out there to think anything other than chimps and apes here in America it’s impossible unthinkable even the term Bigfoot Sasquatch any of that does not exist in their vocabulary you might as well try to tell them they saw fire-breathing dragons but those people those stories that I grew up hearing and heard as recently as a few years back are part of the reason I became thinketh Unger the other reason I’ve had encounters myself on that same river system just miles I mean two or three miles in cases from some of these other encounters that took place and it’s taken me my whole life to wrap my mind around what happened to me and my friends at camping two different times you know it’s just the type of thing that doesn’t happen to you it might happen to other people but it doesn’t happen to you and I can tell you it’s nothing any of us ever discussed back then we didn’t tell a soul we didn’t tell parents we didn’t tell girlfriends we didn’t tell anybody about it we didn’t discuss it amongst ourselves and we sure don’t discuss it now you know it just does not come up but that’s how it is when you’re dealing with something the majority of people don’t believe exist so anyway there you go there you go escaped apes and gorillas and did you notice the media scanned way of dealing with this our intrepid reporter here up in a tree he managed to make a mockery of this whole thing and he starts off with we are not in Kansas anymore it’s only about the bee and time we’ve heard that phrase and it always means the same thing which is what you’re about to see is a fairy tale but but that’s the media’s apparent job here is to keep the masses thinking all of this stuff is a joke and we even see this guy literally fighting back laughter I mean look at that smirk and the thing is this wouldn’t film laughs they could have cut this whole thing out of him because it’s nothing but dead air that’s a news channels worst nightmare dead air yet they chose to leave that smirk in because I’m guessing they wanted all their viewing audience to know this entire story to them was in fact a joke which begs the question why would anyone ever take footage like this to their local news only to have them mock you and your footage so there you go that’s all I’ve got it’s your time to weigh in what did he mean by some type of ape and an even stranger question to me is again why is it the masses will fall for anything with zero proof yet they insist Bigfoot is a joke while refusing to even look at any possible evidence it’s just weird it’s like we’re all hardwired to hate a topic until it happens to us okay special thanks to my patrons over at they make this and any and all new videos possible thank you guys so much go check it out join the conversation over there also I think Yeti Cooter’s would be the perfect sponsor for my channel for obvious reasons does anybody know how to make that happen please do it because I would love to thank Yeti crews profusely and praise their products at the beginning and the end of all my 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