Bigfoot, Sasquatch & Hairy Giants That Anthropologists Have a Hard Time Explaining

This is full of never heard before accounts of this mysterious beast in the most remote parts of the world. Takes us on a journey through the Himalayas, Nepal and Tibet, unearthing very old encounters with the elusive Bigfoot type creatures, in places that the world has never heard of. Includes recent discoveries in the field of Yeti and Bigfoot research, as well important case histories. Illustrations and Photos bring the astonishing creature to life! From Biblical giants to modern Bigfoot & Yeti sightings, it covers an amazing amount of ground on the subject.

The Buddhist skull in Nepal? The Almas from Caucasus? The remains of Neanderthals? The incredible Giganthopithicus? All the famous films and photos? Skunk Ape? Native American reports? Grass Man? They are all here; with some of the newest accounts and research available. Childress is a great orator and you will enjoy the adventure, whether believer or skeptic.

[Music] my name is Jan Carr’s aunt I’m the executive director for MUFON we are a scientific research organization that basically collects sighting reports from the public and then goes investigates them our mission statement as an organization is the scientific study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity and we have three primary goals we investigate UFO reports we promote research into the UFO subject and we educate the public on our findings [Music] you all right let’s give our attention back and David had your children you know I just during the break a couple of people have come up to me and said told me a couple interesting things one was that somebody was asked me Aalto about Death Valley and the stories that could in Death Valley there were caves and ultima Me’s and Giants were reported there and that is right and I write about that in my book lost cities of HM Asturias of the southwest if those of you who have been to to Death Valley there’s a place there that’s well worth visiting called Scotty’s castle and in fact I believe that it’s his that castle or it’s another thing that’s nearby it that was on the cover of the Eagles album Hotel California in fact they sued him for that for using a picture there their visit Villa or something but yeah Scotty at Scotty’s castle became very wealthy and he built is literally a castle in Death Valley and he claimed to that he knew of a secret place in Death Valley dead was a cave system that had all these mummies in it and they were giants and there was all this gold artifacts and stuff too and that he would get he would whenever he needed money he would go out into Death Valley go into this secret caves and he would get the gold artifacts and things like that and there’s a there’s a 1934 book that I have called Death Valley men and it’s just a mainstream book about Death Valley but the last two chapters in that book are all about this and and I quoted in my book on lost cities of ancient mysteries of Southwest so yeah this whole strange story of Death Death Valley Scotty a cavern system treasure and these mummies Giants mummified Giants similar to what’s in love lock someone also mentioned to me that David Wilcock was on the coast of coast last night and talking about I guess Anunnaki and I didn’t hear it myself and that yeah there had been a pole shift and and the Antarctica suddenly ended up at the South Pole kind of thing and and that there the American base there’s digging into the ice and they’ve found in these giants under the ice apparently and then that strange story that was a couple of weeks ago of Buzz Aldrin the astronaut who went to the moon and all that that yeah he had flown to Antarctica on a tour flight actually but then he had to be medevacked out because he had a heart attack while he was there literally at the South Pole and I guess in in the coast-to-coast thing last night David Wilcock who you know he has all these secret sources who have their secret sources who have their secret sources and that the story was that what had given Buzz Aldrin the heart attack was that he was taken down under the ice and shown the for a 14-foot body of an alien you know with it with a conehead and Buzz Aldrin wasn’t ready for that and so we had a heart attack and they flew him out I don’t know if that story is true I don’t think David Wilcock knows whether it’s true or not Buzz Aldrin did go to the South Pole and have a heart attack what is at the South Pole and and this just gives me a chance to talk you guys about this because because I don’t normally talk about it and it’s and I’ll get back into this in a minute but a lot of people don’t realize what’s at the South Pole and I’ve because I’m also the editor I have a publishing company adventures on limit outside and we published all kinds of books and we reprint books and one of the books we reprinted was the Hollow Earth which is about Hollow Earth stuff and and so that’s another whole weird story Hollow Earth believers believe there’s there’s holes at the poles if you go to the South Pole there’s others that what they call Sam’s hole you go into the hollow works or something like that but here’s the part here’s what’s interesting and talk about the Buzz Aldrin because that was an interesting story what Americans are unaware of is that despite the fact and this is what’s going on in the news now despite the fact that you know the we had the Cold War with the Russians and supposedly during World War two the Russians were our allies we armed them we gave them technology many people believe that the Americans and in fact that’s the Alger Hiss case and other things that the American government gave the Russians the atom bomb I mean they couldn’t have really done it themselves so we gave it to him and the Germans had already developed the atom bomb too during the Cold War during the Cold War when America and Russia are supposedly adversaries we have had two joint military bases with the Russians and still have them today one is in space it’s called Skylab okay that is a joint American Russian military project it’s it’s a base especially in space okay and in fact today we can’t go to Skylab or into space supposedly unless a Russian rocket launches us into space and we have to use Russian spacecraft to go into space right now but they’re supposedly our enemy at the same time that we had and this starting in the 60s that we had a weather Skylab didn’t start till 70s we’ve had a joint military base with the Russians at the South Pole for decades and that is a secret most people do not know about that it’s it’s a quasi secret so what is at the South Pole because I’m dealing a lot of times with people who believe in the Hollow Earth and a and I don’t think there are holes at the poles honestly but the Hollow Earth theory is an interesting one but what I’m often have to tell people I say well what’s at the South Pole is a military base and a lot of people don’t know that at the South Pole right now is an American military base that’s also with the Russians and it goes nine stories or twelve stories underground in the ice and it’s a it’s a manned base and so in fact I first learned about this base from a British TV show called pole to pole and probably many of you will remember the popular British comedy team called Monty Python’s Flying Circus yes I’m I’m actually working that into my lecture Monty Python’s Flying Circus after Monty Python’s Flying Circus then the the the comedians separated and one of them his name is Michael Palin and Michael Palin like to travel so Michael Palin a Monty Python’s Flying Circus he did a show for TV four in Britain and it was a show called pole to pole and it was like 12 episodes of this TV show like a hour show for British TV and was shown on the PBS here in the United States in that TV show he starts at the north pole flies up the North Pole and then he’s each episode he’s actually flying to the South Pole and in the last episode of his TV show he leaves from terra del Fuego to fly to the South Pole in a chartered plane just like Buzz Aldrin was did a few weeks ago but in Michael Palin’s pulled a pole show he’s falling to the South Pole and you know they’re gonna land on ice and everything and they’re ray doing now they’re ray doing the base it’s a military base of the South Pole okay well I’m Michael Palin I’m coming here with my camera crew get ready and they no no don’t come here go back don’t you know don’t lay into the South Pole no no go you know turn around and he’s no no I got a TV show to make I will be there and they’re two hours you know they’ll in the show they land at the South Pole and they get out of the plane and their cameras are rolling they take them into the first level of the base and it is a cafeteria where Russians and Americans are you know getting their soup and sandwich and this this in this under ice cafeteria and the base goes for another 11 stories underneath the ice so so here we have so here’s part of the thing and it’s interesting what’s happening today where suddenly Russia is Russia really our you know our enemy with all the problems in the world and I kind of like Trump for this because yeah this idea that the Russians are really our enemy just that doesn’t hold true and here’s the other thing to think about after world war right after world war ii Einstein personally wrote a letter to President Truman and suggested in his letter and this is this is famous he suggested in his letter that America and the Soviet Union worked together and control the world that’s what Einstein told Truman well what happened instead was the Cold War and a superpower arms race and supposedly were at war with the Russians then we had a space race – well here’s the thing you cannot have a superpower arms race by yourself you need someone to have an arms race with and in 1949 Americans we’re gonna have an arms race with Mexico and we’d already destroyed Nazi Germany although maybe they had moved to Antarctica or something in South America by then but yeah we I mean in in my own opinion the the arms race and the cold war with the Russians was I mean it was real but at the same time it was it was kind of a hoax we didn’t need to to really do that and in both countries we spent billions trillions of dollars you know building up arms and and and the Russians really paid a big price for that because instead of building a car and a tractor for everybody in Russia they built a tank and a cannon well in America unfortunately we actually built cars and tractors for people and and we built weapons too because you know we’re so wealthy but that’s what’s at the South Pole so you so that is that is bizarre and it’s it kind of a secret by the way Edmund Hillary’s son Edmund Hillary is the first guy who climb Mount Everest and we’ll get at yetis and stuff here in a minute with him so it can work all this back in his son Peter Hillary is also very well known and I lived in New Zealand for a while Peter Hillary and an Australian friend there’s been a late 90s they cross-country skiing to the South Pole which took him like you know two months and in New Zealand and in Australia it was big news I mean this was the front page news almost every day and when they reached the South Pole it was big news and they got to the South Pole and they that base is there but they wouldn’t let him into the base and they had to sleep in their tents outside when this warm military base with a hot kitchen was right there and and the the New Zealand papers and stuff they they mentioned this and talked about it and that’s because and that’s the only time you’ll ever hear that so anyway one last thing so back to David Wilcock on coast to coast last night you know Buzz Aldrin when I saw their Buzz Aldrin had landed at the South Pole I was like well yeah that’s that’s a 12-story under ice millet that’s an underground base error right there but here’s the problem with David Wilcock story the ice cap that in it’s a mile thick so yeah I mean there’s a 12-story base under the right there at the South Pole but the ice is a mile thick and it’s and still growing so it I doubt that in my mind you know the real conspiracy here is that is what’s going on to South Pole and why why did the Americans and Russians feel they have to have a base at the South Pole what’s that about like why why would we even have a military base there and that’s a big question to of what’s going on in the South Pole and and you have the Nazi stuff or extraterrestrials or spaceships coming in going out of the at the South Pole oh and we don’t know all right let’s go speaking of South low and very cold let’s go to the Himalayas yetiz yetiz are are well known in Tibet and they Paul here’s a Tintin kind I think yetis are coneheads do by the way just interestingly we will see some Yeti scallops in the middle minute they like to party and actually that’s one of the stories of yetis and Bigfoot is and these guys are like half human they’re sort of half humans have missing link kind of thing Bigfoot’s and Yeti x’ and concave same but they’re attracted to human women and they’re dangerous they’ll men they will kill but women women they don’t normally they’re not gonna rip women apart usually and in fact there’s a number of cases of yetis wanting to have sex with women and there’s a case there’s there’s a case in Nepal and I write about in my book where the so here’s the Mount Everest region and are in Valley the scans in Tonga here’s Bhutan over here Tibet all along the Himalayas which is this border here is Yeti country particularly in this area of Nepal this is the are and valley here the aren Valley is a very deep tropical valley and a river that cuts through the Himalayas so on one hand you have icy mountains that are twenty five thousand feet high and high passes but down in this valley you’ve got jungle and monkeys and pandas and stuff like that so you have these two ecosystems one where you have the ice and snow together also with with valleys with lots of plant life and animal life and stuff like that the big thing with yetis and stories with yetis go back for many many centuries but this was the big one when a air his thing was eric shipton and it was early reconnoitering of mount everest by the british and it came over this pass and here was these footprints in the snow and they went off in the snow their guide said whoa these are yetis yo Yeti footprints they took photos they didn’t actually see the yetis but they went back to London and these photos were famous later they made this abominable snowman movie this was a hammer film the abominable snowman in this film – the yetis are almost kind of mystical yogi kind of guys with a with more of a higher consciousness that’s how this film ends in Nepal and in this Ivan T Sanderson he wrote a famous book abominable snowman and one of the weather things here with in Nepal and in Bhutan sukham they think that to see a Yeti is is a very bad thing it’s terrible terrible luck they don’t want to ever see a Yeti and they think if they do actually see a Yeti it means they’re gonna die they don’t even like to talk about yetis I feel that it’s it it’s almost like a just a forbidden subject because bad things will happen to you if you talk about yetis so the idea to that yetis are coming from secret valley and a shangri-la there are stories like that Tibetan Lamas have often said that yeah we know that yetis you know live in this valley but we leave him alone the idea that yeah you would be attacked by yetis one of the most famous stories and I have this in my book was near Mount Everest these are Yeti hands that are in the tango Shea monastery the pictures are gonna see now are all around Mount Everest and in 1971 this was a very very famous story in Nepal and it was near Mount Everest to this a woman asure pani she was in a remote high-altitude Yaak Valley and she was by herself she was a teenage girl she was like 15 or 16 and what apparently happened was this Yeti came into the pasture at broad daylight he was starving he grabbed a yak it grabbed him by the horns and they they break their neck they’re so incredibly strong and once he broke which he had killed the yak bye-bye-bye breaking its neck he then bashed its skull in and he ate the brains of the of the yak that’s the easy thing to eat it’s nutritious she was there witnessing all this and went into a shock and later when her family found her she she was totally incoherent and somehow she got this story out but she became like a mute and couldn’t really her life was so affected and she was just so shocked and frightened by this yeti encounter and that was a very very famous story all through Nepal in in the early 70s and and I first went to Nepal in 1976 myself so these hands were kept in a monastery called Pangboche a there’s my good friend clifford mahooty hi Clifford and so these these hands these Yeti hands were kept in a monastery called Pangboche a monastery and people could you could go there and pay something to the yamen and they would show them to you but they’re missing now and sometime in the 90s somebody literally broke into the monastery and it’s you know there’s no roads around there I mean you would have to a two-week hike to get in this area and they stole the hands what here we go this is a these are some photos allegedly of yetis this was one that was taken there’s the Yeti over here these guys there’s this was a Fox TV show in the 90s on the unexplained and it ran a quick segment that these guys claimed that they had a Yeti photo had taken film of a Yeti no one’s really quite sure whether it’s it’s real or not some Yeti photos but you can’t see a Yeti skull on the way to come Jim and in fact this was we’re talking about Edmund Hillary first when the first guys climb on Everest he actually created this skull it’s a it’s in a place called kum Chun here’s the monastery right here you go in there this above namche a bizarre here’s the Yeti skull they keep it in a case this is still here you can go and see it and we’re you know we’re up here and then so that’s the Yeti skull you can see it in Bhutan they have a lot of stories of yetis which they called a big boy Bhutan has issued all kinds of stamps about yetis I mean to them it’s a very real thing the whole the Yeti mystery a famous mountain climber Reinhold Meisner who’s an Austrian and he is quite famous for he climb Mount Everest by himself without oxygen I mean he’s like he’s Joe climber he wrote a book about yetis here’s this is this is booty on the this area here is a national park of Bhutan and it’s a heavy it’s a Yeti area where they get in fact they’d get Yeti fur and stuff and hair that they’ve analyzed Reinhold Meisner in his book he claimed he claims that yetis are our objective away and bear and that’s his explanation that that and he had an encounter once some place in Nepal or something where he met a Himalayan bear and it was walking on two legs and bears will do that they’ll they’ll stand up and they can walk for short distances with their front arms up and they walk forward and of course they wouldn’t be very tall so his explanation is that yeah the yetis are just people mistaking bears really and that’s kind of an explanation for for Bigfoot and stuff too that in Bhutan they have many many legends and and yeah I in my mind yetis are what they say there are these giant ape-men they’re half human or they’re half missing link yetis and like Bigfoot they’re afraid of fire they they whistle they make whistling noises and other kind of weird noises but they can’t they cannot speak like humans cat this was interesting too this was actually a like a trance music CD from some guy in England and you know so the Yeti is this mystical yogic you know animal and you hear this about Bigfoot – that Bigfoot’s can teleport that they just appear and reappear there are stories of a Bigfoot coming out of a flying saucer even that’s a famous story so you have that you you you’ve you’ve got different things you’ve got the grunting the dangerous animal half man who’s gonna rip you up they’re terribly strong and let me tell you and there may be people here who’ve actually had an encounter with a Bigfoot I I don’t know I I have not actually I after I met with Yeti or SAS but not a direct encounter but when you do it is so frightening you are afraid a friend of mine here’s the Yeti scalp again with the hand that’s that’s also there that’s different than the other hands that are now missing more of the Eddie’s okay well we’ll get into Bigfoot now so you’ve got ya then a friend of mine there’s a guy just in Illinois and he he knew I had written this book there’s some years ago and I was at our local just little restaurant pub and he took me aside actually and he said David I want to tell you that I saw Bigfoot once and I said really what happened he was a hunter and he had been out at a hunting blind near the Kankakee River this is a Kankakee River State Park although he must have been in just outside the park and he had a rifle on him he said I know that was there armed and it was late afternoon he said I looked across this field and there was Bigfoot was just standing there looking at me and he said I was never so afraid in my life he said I just I was my pants and he was armed – I’m he could have taken a shot at Bigfoot and-and-and he did he was just like all I wanted to do was get out there this is a photo that has recently come across it’s in our magazine the last issue of our magazine which is up there it seems to be from the 1920s a hunter with a Bigfoot I had not seen this photo myself until just last year when I was in Texas at a conference and this guy had this photo and I bought it from him actually and yeah it’s an interesting photo it looks pretty real it could be it could be a fake I don’t know but this is an interesting photo and it would be from 1920s this photo is even more interesting this is real and this is probably the oldest known Bigfoot photo this is taken up in BC and it was taken about 1911 here’s close-up of it it’s all of a dead Bigfoot that had been shot supposedly up in Canada on the back of the photo that was sent okay 1894 okay and we’ll see where this this thing what he says in this little note and this is all in my in the book my book on yetis Sasquatch and hairy giants what he says is there’s it’s this place here called Lulu at BC and Lulu at BC is really part of the Hudson Bay Company and what he’s saying on this little note on the back of the the picture here’s the Hudson Bay Company what they called Rupert’s land at one point the Hudson Bay Company owned all of this land in Canada and it was this was before Canada was really Canada and so they even own land way out here in Western Canada and NBC so Lillooet is a place where there’s a big salmon spawning fall and there’s and there’s certain times a year there’s just hundreds of big salmon there in Lillooet and what the guy says in his note is that at the Hudson Bay Company that they had shot and killed this Bigfoot in 1894 and kept it a secret and the guy says in there that we had I there were five photos that he knew that they kept in this office of the Hudson Bay Company and Lillooet this photo and he said they had there were five different photos and then he stole one of the photos then wrote that note on the back and he sent it to these these researchers so this is a fairly new photo to this this seems to be totally real this is another very old picture of Bigfoot this one is maybe from that 1940s I got this guy from a guy in Denver who was a collector of all kinds of oddball photo memorabilia and he sent this to me it’s it’s about some guy who was family with Bigfoot and it’s not a very clear photo but yeah it’s some people said this was the oldest photo of Bigfoot in the in the late 60s there was what they called the Minnesota Iceman an Ivan T Sanderson got involved in this it was put on display which it was it was and here’s a photo of it he was in ice and it was a Bigfoot that went on display and and to certain kind of remote or country fairs in Iowa and Minnesota and Wisconsin North Dakota South Dakota that thing and people would they’d go into the carnival you’d pay a buck or whatever and you’d get to go in and see the Iceman frozen in ice this is what he looked like under the in the ice one of the things about him he had been apparently shot right through one of his eyes and that’s what killed him so some sharpshooter just had had killed him and shot him and I had shot him right in that right in your eye what happened to this it disappeared what what went on with this around 1971 or so the FBI got involved because it had been shot and the this is when is sort of the concept of you can’t go out shooting Bigfoot because you know you’re a murderer and will arrest you and that’s what they started to look into with this was well who had shot and killed this Iceman this Bigfoot well it suddenly disappeared after that it vanished like so many of these things and it elderly disappeared and it was apparently owned by some guy in California it’s all that it’s a very hazy kind of a thing I was sold also that with the Patterson film that maybe one of the Bigfoot had been shot there and that and and that the one that walks away in the film is a female Bigfoot but that her the male had been shot and killed Loren Coleman believed or and this is all in my book that this may have come from Vietnam and there are big then the forests and stuff of Vietnam there are also reports of Getty Bigfoot things and that some and that the story there the the idea was that during the Vietnam War in the late 60s some army guy or Green Beret or something had shot and killed this Bigfoot in Vietnam shot it through the eye and then it was brought back to the America and was somehow private property of this guy and then it was put on display briefly as a Minnesota Iceman so anyway we don’t know what happened to it where it is RVT Sanderson looked at it very closely he thought it was real this is another oddball the photo of a supposedly of a Yeti this comes from France it was this thing was put on display like the Minnesota are ice man briefly in in France in these kind of California things that it was on display and then it vanished too it was supposedly from somewhere in Mongolia or or southern Russia that this thing had come from and we don’t know where it is either there’s just some photos here it is again almost looks like a Wookiee there so anyway lots of lots of strange stories about you know as a missing link and Bigfoot and whatnot this was this polish Yeti in 2009 there’s a mountain range in Poland that’s also very remote it’s sort of it’s on the board of Poland and Czech Czech has the highest mountains and these people were camping and they took these photos of what they said was this hairy Yeti guy and the distance running around very very high up in these mountains so even even Europe a sense you know has got some of these yetis here’s the here’s the art of the Iceman again what he kind of looked like under the ice this you know my 8 hours of Hell with Bigfoot this was a story and this photo this is a real photo taken by a trail cam and very northern Idaho and it’s kind of a famous photo again if people don’t know whether it was this the story does not have to go with that thing whoops this story is not with that photo Bigfoot he doesn’t like bikers as much so here we go a Bigfoot and sort of popular thing here’s Edmund Hillary what he did to in a early one of these um Wild Kingdom shows is Edmund Hillary going over the rolling pass looking for Yeti this is a guy named Tom slick he was a Texas oilman in the 50s who went with Jimmy Stewart who was a friend of his actor they went to Nepal he got that Yeti hand hey Jimmy Stewart actually smuggled it back to the United States in his luggage he was friends with Tom slick Tom slick was very very famous cryptozoologist at the time he died in a mysterious private plane crash in like 1959 in Montana where’s his plane just sort of blew up in the sky and and that was that was it for him Texas oil man yeah so here he is up in Katmandu Peter Byrne was with him in 59 he’s a British guy to Yeti hunter who’s kind of well-known this was the Pangboche a hand which Jimmy Stewart the actor then smuggled out of Nepal and India this guy Takahashi he’s as Japanese Yeti hunter he claims Japanese love yetis to their certain countries where Bigfoot and Yeti are very popular Nepal and Bhutan are that United States and Canada and the Japanese are really into yetis too so the Japanese tended like mysterious things these are Yeti footprints that he says he took near Annapurna which is in central Nepal that’s at pers a third highest mountain in the world these are some Yeti footprints around near Everest and on Madhab LOM I was in this area this Sherpa who was a well-known of Mount Everest climber had he had run across a number of Yeti footprints he says some people think that yetis are and Bigfoot are some kind of Gigantopithecus this this huge super ape that is supposedly extinct this is perhaps what it would look like these things are giants to yet can be nine ten feet tall even bigger different goofy stories when you go to these climbing places in Kathmandu all the all the hot ball climbers hang out they have all these posters on the walls of all the Yeti and Bigfoot stories that they like you know Bigfoot versus the alien that’s that’s when we got to see the Bigfoot die out of course got to get on that one Bigfoot escape skills – yeah Bigfoot is dangerous I mean and Bigfoot killing people this is probably why Hillary lost the election really she named Bigfoot as a running mate that was big mistake big mistake so yeah these are from when she was running from with four against Barack Obama that’s when she had that Yeti running mate so here we go here’s the the famous stories of this is the Roger Patterson film of the Bigfoot it’s a female actually here’s Roger Patterson with Bigfoot cats he died in the 70s but he was a famous Northern California Bigfoot hunter this is a frame from his still the the movie footage he took this is a really important one because this was a female Bigfoot is that her her food is coming up but we can really see the bottom of her foot that’s the unusual very unusual photo so we can get get see what size shoe she’s gonna wear there we go there’s another earlier frame from it I mean and it’s coarse very very good photos like this and you know you have to say well this this is real naturally skeptics claim this is it’s a it’s all faked and that he went out and bought a gorilla suit you know and and then got his friends to wears grill this suit I don’t think so I feel totally real many some Bigfoot stuff is totally here’s the foot again I feel that the footage is is genuine it’s another interesting Bigfoot photo this was taken by a guy in Northern California named cliff crook was his name and this got out an interesting photo he claimed that he was standing and the Bigfoot was down in this kind of swamp so he’s looking down at Bigfoot and he took this photo this was like early 90s or something it’s probably fake but it’s pretty a photo it’s hard to say this is the one we looked at earlier this was taken by supposedly a trail-cam very very northern Idaho during the winter he’s looking constipated or something there here we go bill bill are or what’s his name he’s this Bigfoot guy uh his name’s escaping me right now but yeah he was promoting this photo of Bigfoot which Bigfoot big his mouths sticking his tongue out here we go searching for Bigfoot dot-com yeah so this was some kind of alleged photo of a Bigfoot he’s the one to who promoted that Bigfoot was in a that a policeman and some years ago a policeman in Georgia claimed he had shot Bigfoot and they had in a freezer and they were gonna and it turned out it was a fake and it was a costume with some pigs intestines and stuff all right this is another trail cam footage taken what’s kind of going on here now too is that people have you know their smartphones but people are going out and buying these trail cam things to get pictures of raccoons in their backyard or some and so there’s a skunk ape one in Florida so they put these little trail cams out and they’re triggered by motion or something and then what happens is instead of getting a picture of a raccoon they get a picture of a Bigfoot this is this is not a trail cam footage nor this one these are skunk Apes supposedly it’s a smaller type of critter the skunk Apes they’re more about the size of a person they about five to six feet tall well Bigfoot is it’s more like eight nine feet tall this is again also the Everglade these are supposedly skunk Apes running around this one it’s hard to see but we’ll get it closed up this these guys were taking pictures and apparently here this this kind of smallish ape thing is just crouched there by the trail their stories to that they say that they say that coyotes are in every state in America I mean they’re in Delaware they’re in Rhode Island they’re in New York City coyotes are everywhere and they say that about Bigfoot too had Bigfoot’s literally in every state he’s in Arizona he’s in California he and he’s back east – he’s in North Carolina he’s in Maryland this was an interesting this was in Oregon where this climber was it was it was looking at this mountain away from him and he sees this like black furry figured huge giant walk up to the top of this mountain and he’s you know over there and it stands there and then it and I walked up and it went down and he’s like yeah I’m a mountain climbing with Sasquatch here so he took these photos and I put these are my book I had to pay him here’s another trail cam pic supposedly of a Bigfoot the Brants cam pick as they call it his branch trail cam again a photo the yetis trying to hide I was – in Illinois when I investigated an interesting Bigfoot sighting and yeah here’s one this one is this one is in Arizona I believe this photo okay this one was in County cupboard Texas there’s some cafe down there and somebody this photos there in the cafe where some guy says yeah I took this picture of a Bigfoot so here we go here’s the Myakka skunk ape this is one of the few really good photos of us of a skunk ape this is miacca which is in the near Sarasota Florida the west coast of Florida which is a big Everglades swampy area and the story with this was a woman who whose backyard was up against the swamps that she claimed that this skunk ape would come to her backyard and she lived by herself and what I found that women and you know generally older women who are widows or something lived by themselves and in a remote area and particularly few have an orchard there was a woman in Illinois and another one in Georgia both of them had orchards their stories are almost exactly the same that orchards in their yard and they would they would see Bigfoot and and they lived alone and they would see Bigfoot and they’re you know very back of their yard and Bigfoot is not so much afraid of women and in both cases they said yeah you know I we kind of got you know sort of a friendship of sorts and the Bigfoot would come and steal apples or peaches from the orchard and what he would do sometimes was leave her a dead rabbit as a present and she’d go back to her orchard apple trees and there yeah there’d be this dead rabbit with its neck wrung and she knew and then she would say yeah that’s Bigfoot leaving me this rat rabbit as in exchange for my apples more my peaches in Georgia so that was the story with the case of the Myakka skunk ape the woman it’s really she this skunk ape kept coming up to her backyard and she finally took two very good photos of it and then she sent it to the police department it was a little note but she didn’t identify herself and she little note to the police saying hi you know I live in miacca and I got this I got this ape coming to my backyard all the time you know here’s a picture of it and so it got out so that’s the miacca skunk ape pictures there are two of them here’s another Florida skunk ape these things more skunk ape stuff Legend of Boggy Creek this is also if you’ve ever seen the movie this is an Arkansas again it’s a swamp area where this where where Bigfoot lives the story of Boggy Creek which is also called the folk river monster because it’s this folk swamps was a family in the 60s and it’s a true story and they had several daughters and they had a cabin that was very remote very at the end of this road and but they didn’t always stay there but the girls stayed there and it and this was still in the sixties and they didn’t have a phone in their in their house in a sense and I mean they may be barely how electricity and these teenage girls would would stay there but sometimes the parents weren’t there because they had some other house that was more in town and as the story goes and the movie what starts happening is when the girls themselves are alone in this remote cabin Bigfoot starts hanging around there and he’s interested in the women and and in the movie it becomes very scared and he the Bigfoots even trying to get inside of the cabin an interesting story like that that was told to me actually by Giorgio Giorgio was sent up to Washington State to interview for for a segment of his show which they did an episode on Bigfoot and it was a it was a policeman and his story was really interesting he he was a he was a police officer near Olympia Washington lived in a remote wooded area and in like 1990 or something he had seen Bigfoot once just on the road driving and he had seen it by the side of the road so he’d already sort of witness Bigfoot himself and believed did it then what he started doing was kind of interesting he knew Bigfoot was around there so he would take a jar of peanut butter that was open and and and he would do this with a Snickers bar to unwrap a Snickers bar he would tie string around like the open jar of peanut butter or the Snickers bar he went out to this glade that was away from his house but where he thought Bigfoot went and he hung them from a branch but so that there were it was quite high up so you would you know would have to be some six or seven foot-tall animal that could reach up and take the Snickers bar or the peanut butter and he kept going back there all the time and yeah the peanut butter was gone the Snickers bar was gone and he would see footprints he knew Bigfoot was coming and then one day he was there he says and he was you know reloading the Snickers bar on the branch whatever and he heard footsteps coming and he knew it was Bigfoot and he told George oh he says he was wearing a brim to baseball camp cap he said I was so afraid he said I knew Bigfoot was walking up to me and he said I couldn’t look at it I just kept my head down and and he heard Bigfoot walking up here man again he’s just you are so afraid and then it was quiet and he looked up and Bigfoot was gone and not there but it’s not at the end of the story he he got so afraid after that that he wasn’t going to put the peanut butter or the Snickers bar out anymore because he didn’t ever want to encounter a Bigfoot again ever I mean you are your pants but Bigfoot like was his Bigfoot friend really like that peanut butter and the Snickers bars so at night Bigfoot started coming to his house and throwing rocks at his windows and his door and kind of going hey dude where’s my peanut butter I like those Snickers bars and you know again he was afraid I mean he’s so afraid and and here was the thing that Bigfoot and I’ve been told this in Illinois you’ll sit and I’ve heard this in also here in Arizona up in the Mogollon Rim and stuff you’re sitting on a campfire and a play at it’s night and if if Bigfoot’s annual he sits behind a bush I mean they’re just so stealthy and and good at concealing themselves and and stuff and they’ll sit there this is what I’ve been told and they flick pinecones or small pebbles at ya and they’re super accurate and you’re so you’re sitting there at a campfire and this one guy Nolan oh I told me this with his brother and and he his brother didn’t believe in Bigfoot but this other this other guy you know he was he was like yeah man Bigfoot’s here I’m telling you and so Bigfoot was flicking these stones at him and his brother was like hey you know stop that you know I know you’re doing this he’s like I’m not throwing this stuff at you bro this Bigfoot Bigfoot doing it you know and so yeah you have these stories you’re a Bigfoot is gonna throw stones but like with the policeman you know Bigfoot was just throwing pinecones and little small pebbles at his windows just to get his attention but Bigfoot could have torn that whole house down I mean he could rip the door off the hinges I mean Bigfoot is so incredibly strong I mean it’s it’s something another interesting story about Bigfoot here’s some here’s a here’s a Arizona photo supposedly that somebody took on the Mogollon Rim very fuzzy but it’s supposedly Bigfoot carrying a baby over here as they’re saying yeah it’s not a very good photo but yeah the story with that of Bigfoot that he can just just tear you apart and and kill you and there have been people definitely who’ve been killed by Bigfoot people who are missing and hunters there is a there’s a policeman out of California now that some of you might be familiar with or perhaps her on coast to coast or something his name is David Politis and he’s written a whole series of books called missing for one one that is the phone number for a missing person for one one what his books are all about is hunters and berry pickers and other people who go into national parks and remote areas and never come back and sometimes they’re just completely missing other times they find their bodies or they find their weapons and things like that but his his books are very interesting studies these are some more Bigfoot hi photos but what’s really clear when you read his books is that Bigfoot is really dangerous and if you’re a hunter hunting by yourself going into certain places you may never okay here’s another Bigfoot picture over here here is here is crossing here I think this is Bigfoot there there is skunk ape festival so with with the David Polly days books yeah they’re pretty scary and one of the things that comes out of his books is that a lot of times little children are missing and sometimes their autistic children and their and it’s quite frightening they’re out picking berries they stray a little bit and but and suddenly they’re gone and they completely vanish and then there’s a huge and that’s been going on for a hundred years he has stories going back to the late eighteen hundreds of stuff and suddenly you know all the police hound dogs are brought in and all that and they’ll search a whole area for this missing you know three year old four year old and days go by and you know and they’re baffled why they can’t find this kid the bloodhounds won’t track them and stuff and then they’ll actually find the child alive in places they’d already searched or they’ll find him in on top of a mountain nearby miles away where some what farther than any little kid could have possibly walked and pilita is he basically thinks I think he’s right that what happens Bigfoot is attracted to these little kids they’re not afraid of Bigfoot because they’re just these little kids and in some cases they are autistic and so Bigfoot grabs him and he takes them off and sometimes these kids are not ever recovered sometimes they are found dead but a lot of times they’re found alive and it’s it’s it’s a weird thing it’s in fact it was in the news this morning of some little girl in North Carolina that was kidnapped for 18 years they just found her and she was raised by some other mother it’s almost like that that Bigfoot wants to bring these little kids back to its its den or something like that here’s the other Miaka skunk ape photo so I mean in my mind it’s really the bigfoot and yetis and and skunk apes here’s the maracas stay forth this area this is here’s the area this around Tampa and st. Petersburg Mia cos right in here so this area is really skunk ape central and in Florida but skunk apes are in all these different things so here we go those are the two different photos these are very very good photos and not faked I mean something’s going on I mean in my mind as a cryptozoologist this is one of the latest photos looks kind of fake but who knows I mean this is there’s a Bigfoot standing in water and they’re Everglades that came out but to me they’re they’re real are they’re animals they eat they they leave footprints they they they they’re interested in people they’re interested they’re insects they have incredibly good sense of smell they’re good swimmers they live in swamps they’re huge their feet are twice as big as our feet they easily stand eight to nine feet tall I would say they have conical heads one of the really odd ball store this is sort of what skunk Apes are thought to look like this was I thought a very interesting story when when Mount st. Helens how we doing here who quit here saying when Mount st. Helens blew up in 1981 was it and what happened then was a pyroclastic flow of hot gases poured down the mountain and it it it incinerated animals and trees you know instantly were incinerated on fire and bears and deers and people were instantly killed by this this wave of hot gases that came from the volcano then a guy reported that he was in that area immediately afterward and the army was there with a helicopter and they were picking up what he claimed they were picking up carcasses of dead animals on Mount st. Helens and some of the he claimed some of these dead animals were Bigfoot and that the army was now taking these is what claimed the army was now taking these dead Bigfoot that had been burned alive by Mount st. Helens like other animals loading them into helicopters and taking them away to an army base probably so that’s interesting and what you know what would the army be doing now with a dead Bigfoot well they could if they could cloned a Bigfoot they’ve you know they could do genetic experiments create their Bigfoot army you know to take over America for the New World Order yeah I’m just telling ya I don’t know but it’s interesting the idea that the Army has got Bigfoot you do have the oddball story of flying saucers UFOs and and Bigfoot stories and Bigfoot get now flying saucer I mean the idea that you know we’ve we all loved the Star Wars movies and George Lucas is a genius but whether you know Bigfoot can fly spaceships and run around with a ray gun in his hand you know I’m not so sure I mean what little we really know a Bigfoot he I mean he is he says kind of a subhuman he’s a half human he has but there’s something there he his DNA and our DNA are similar and that’s the same thing with chimpanzees and with orangutangs human DNA and chimpanzee DNA and orangutan DNA is very very close and in fact it’s in theoretically possible that that a human and orangutan can have a child or human and maybe even a chimp and there are stories of people who are who who’ve had babies or a Bigfoot half human half Bigfoot children this was an interesting story too this was this was like 2003 it was on fox news and local news this is up it this is in South Carolina this guy North Carolina me Tim peeler he lived it was in the news for a couple of days he lives on top of this mountain in North Carolina remote kind of hillbilly guy without a phone and stuff and he claimed on the news that this 12 foot tall six fingered white Bigfoot was coming up to his farm and was trying to eat his dogs was trying to get his dogs and that he was personally chasing this Bigfoot away and in this photo that’s what he’s doing he’s demonstrating for the news guys how he’s telling Bigfoot you know get out of here you know you get get going there oh you and you think it would be armed or something but he wasn’t shooting the Bigfoot that that’s kind of a mistake and that is part of the problem too so so this was a really interesting story was national news and and it wasn’t just a normal Bigfoot it was a white Bigfoot a very tall Bigfoot and a six-fingered one here is drawing pictures of it for the news and stuff what seems to happen with these white Bigfoot and stuff is that for anything for Bigfoot or whatever you got you have to have a breeding population and and there is a breeding population of skunk aches and and Bigfoot and whatnot but then so what will happen is and this happens to sort of bears and lions would be another example as a adult male gets older and he’s he’s become really an old man he gets forced out of the clan and the younger male males force this the old male out and lions do that other animals do that that are you know that that are kind of a pride or a clan and and that the the old man Bigfoot is is forced out and he becomes a dumpster diver and he he strays close to the city you know the other younger Bigfoot know not to go into town and go dumpster diving stay away from the highways but these old Bigfoot and they’re you know they’re they’re they’re on their last legs they’re dying they’ve got white air they’re suddenly seen so they’re suddenly go to some guy’s farm I was told also this was in Illinois I wanna investigate he was a Vietnam vet who lived near to Sanok Illinois where was a big lot of Bigfoot stuff was happening there and I talked to him and he took me out and armed he immediately grabbed his pistol but he told me that yeah Bigfoot was eating its cats and he lived alone he had a farm corn soybean farm right on the edge of this bush and forest and he had a bunch of cats I mean the guy was a cat guy he must have had seven or eight cat and he told me he said every winter I you know I lose a couple of cats eye on it you know and he he according him it’s Bigfoot’s eating my cats and for this guy it was Bigfoot was trying to eat his dog so the bloody rage a Bigfoot so Bigfoot is dangerous and he’s curious too he’s like hey what are you doing here here we go some people say they have good you know they’ve our stories of again it’s usually women but sometimes it’s men and they say yeah I’ve I’ve got a Bigfoot friend I’m in psychic contact with him you know we we meet in the backyard now and then and he psychically tells me you know this and that or whatever you don’t want to mess with Sasquatch either see see you night look at him he’s a conehead that is he so you’ve got this is pointed skull and the skulls and whatnot so yetis Abraham Lincoln and Sasquatch had a lot of arguments and disagreements and of course you know interviewing the skunk ape in the Florida things and they even have their own money skunk ape dollars but you can get so I like to make you know just fun I’m and it’s a subject that I think you know we can enjoy and laugh at although for many people sasquatches is a very serious subject and you never know what kind of photos you’re gonna get so yeah the fake photos they’ll find them out there and this is my last photo in fact my friend from Zuni Clifford moody this one who took me here this is up in a ravine near to Zuni on the Arizona part of the reservation we think this might be a Bigfoot and it’s kind of hard to tell whether he’s got five toes or six toes but this might be and those of you who spent time around Payson and strawberry and palm even camper itself is Bigfoot is well-known in that area of Arizona and he’s called the Mogollon monster and I was interesting in 2005 also have this in the book that on the White Mountain Apache reservation what happened was I there’s a lot of stories of Bigfoot as a peeping tom and this happened and so some Apache couple who are living living on the reservation with a called of the white mounted patchy police late one night it was midnight and they said we’ve got a peeping tom here you know looking in our bedroom window and would think you need to come here well they dispatched a policewoman who drove immediately to their cabin and she pulled up to the cabin there was Bigfoot standing there at in the headlights at the cabin he was still there and yeah Bigfoot you know whoa cops are here everybody and he took off to the into the woods and the couple came out and they were just like wow you know it’s Bigfoot and that then the police lady – it’s like yeah Isis I saw Bigfoot – and and here’s the thing because she’s an American Indian she went back to the White Mountain police headquarters and she wrote up a report with Bigfoot in it and you know just just like did happen and it’s a two-page report it’s in my book chi Chi police officer sworn to duty saw a Bigfoot and that is the difference in a you know an Anglo European police department he would never that policeman would not have gone back and written that rip police report he would have he would have known not to you you know you don’t and this is and this is the difference I mean and I think that’s such a good thing about you know the Apaches and the other Native Americans I mean they can just you know she’s a policewoman she can just say and she’s Apache she can just say look I know what I saw I saw a Bigfoot and she can tell her you know her supervisors and everybody else I saw Bigfoot but you know John Smith from Payson he can’t go out and see Bigfoot and go back and write a report on it he cannot do it his the the police department won’t let him do it I mean and he knows better than to not do it he might privately tell people man I think I saw a Bigfoot when I went to that house but he wouldn’t write a report and that and that’s the big difference so look that uh that winds it up for today and I think we’ll have some time for questions and then do we have time for questions what time we have to be out of here we’ve got a few minutes does anybody have some questions sure yes sir ma’am right at Lloyd Pye and I have pictures of Lloyd and I know I know Lloyd or he’s passed away now but right yeah Lloyd kept saying he was running D having DNA tests and stuff made and in my mind and I’m you know he thought it was yeah I’m gonna have extraterrestrial DNA and it he thought as far as I know nothing really conclusive ever came from that but it went on for years that he said he was going to have a tested yeah maybe right at the end of he passed away three or four years ago but okay you would think it would have been published but but Lloyd never really wrote another book I met Lloyd a number times and I held that star child let’s go it’s a similar thing with these skulls in Peru I mean they’re a more impressive than the Starchild skull really was I mean those ones and that Starchild skull was smaller it wasn’t so much a conehead but it looked weird it was more like a pumpkin head and it was it was missing stuff and he wanted it and he owned it but you know they they could do much the same with these skulls in Peru and and I’m on it and I keep hearing about people saying well we’re gonna do DNA testing and stuff on these cone heads and stuff but I never yet to see a really good report on that honestly but that is something I think particularly yeah those things of practice and Iike it’s it’s those skulls there that should have some DNA done unfortunately a lot of times with when it comes to national museums and state museums and stuff and I know this for the case of Mexico they have their own agenda and if a DNA report you know did show it was extraterrestrial or something they wouldn’t release it and and for the same reason that many of these places won’t even show put these skulls on display I’ve seen so much in Mexico and stuff where I’ve gone to museums como calcio is one and which is in near Villahermosa an Olmec area and they had a big display of all of these Olmec heads and ceramics and weird faces and it was the bazzara splay I show it in my my so my lectures and you just look at some of the faces it’s a museum display and you’re like wow these guys are weird-looking guys some of them look like extraterrestrials some look like Africans some look like Chinese when some just looked weird and the last time I went to that museum they had completely removed that display it’s just not there anymore and the museum is still there with the stuff to see but not that controversial display of all of these strange faces something must have happened and and I honestly believe that like in the case of love lock and stuff like that it’s this story the Smithsonian taking all the stuff in the Grand Canyon back to to Washington DC that yeah there are some archaeologists out there I you know I I don’t want to name blame somebody like Smithsonian I just don’t know but they literally go around to museums in foreign countries do and say you know take that off display don’t you know don’t have this in your Museum it’s too controversial yes sir you know I do like to go camping on the Mogollon Rim so we camp up there yeah and and that’s a nice area to go camping I have I see a chiropractor in Flagstaff who’s actually a pretty good friend of mine and my Zuni friend Clifford knows him too his name is he’s a chiropractor and he lives actually outside of Flagstaff in the woods and kind of remote house he’s got neighbors but he likes to go hiking a lot and he’s had a lot of Bigfoot experiences and where he’s gone he likes to hike and go up kind of remote canyons and look in caves and yeah he’s claimed that he’s come more or less face-to-face with a Bigfoot like in a cave and and he gets afraid and he leaves but he’s had and he’s a doctor and in fact he one time told me he said because I wanted to put some of his stories in a book and he said well you know I’m a doctor and I have a practice and I don’t want to ruin my reputation by being a Bigfoot nut and and that is a problem I think where people have unusual experiences and a Bigfoot one would would be some that people to have and you just don’t know what to say you know whether you go and tell all your friends they’ve just seen Bigfoot you know or maybe not maybe you want to keep it to yourself so I don’t know any more questions [Music] all right where’d it’s Bigfoot live yeah there are photos and I’ve seen some up in there by the Mogollon Rim where they make little kind of small huts kind of round huts of branches and there it was I saw this on the internet recently I didn’t show any the photos I could have snag him but yeah he he was up there on the mug in rim and he found these kind of stacks of branches and there’s sort of a domed a little little Hut but very primitive and they thought this is what Bigfoot was making him what I was told in Illinois at Seneca when I investigated this thing is that and I asked this guy and he was the one who’s telling me how they throw pinecones at you and Little Rock’s and and one of the the incident that had happened there that was famous and it got into the Chicago papers in this is also like 2005 that area is the the monster there is called the DuPont monster because there’s a dynamite factory there and that diner dynamite has to be stored in in bunkers underground and away from from areas so it’s a private forest and hunters aren’t to go into it and it’s along the Illinois River so it’s very forested there’s a park there but then there’s this private forest and there’s a Lovers Lane area there little hollow in a band and it’s famous for Bigfoot sightings and it’s ultra famous as its Lovers Lane and what happened in 2005 and police were involved in this too was these this young couple was in the backseat doing it at midnight and and the woman looked up and there’s Bigfoot looking in the window and she freaks out and they both peeks out and it’s just I mean I mean they you know they’re romantic feelings were totally gone and and they they literally roared off to the police station and told the police they just had a counter with Bigfoot and it became a very famous local story and it got into the Chicago papers and I went to investigate it and it was we I went with my wife Jennifer and we went to that town it was well like we were and Molly and the x-files kind of thing and we went to this local bar was in the middle of the afternoon sat there had a beer I asked the bartender this woman I said yeah you know I’m here to to investigate some Bigfoot stories you know I I didn’t know who to talk to I just started talking to her she Emilia was very friendly she’s just pointed to the two guys sitting next to us saying oh yeah they know all about the DuPont monster and Bigfoot around here so immediately these guys started telling us that that town everyone in that town knew Bigfoot was around and he hung out in this in this in this DuPont a forest area and that’s when I also met this other guy and he told me a part of the story that that was not in the newspapers and that was this that the couple who were having sex in the back of his car and Lovers Lane what that the woman had been having her period and they had thrown a tampon out of the car and that’s what and that’s what brought Bigfoot he smelled the tampon and you know he he was there hey what’s going on and so that was the big story of that and and and in Bigfoot so but anyway here’s what this guy told me to finally answer your question so I asked him I said where because winners are pretty tough there too and I said where’s Bigfoot living around here and what he told me he said well what I can figure out is that Bigfoot lives in burrows along the banks of the river kind of like alligators or bears okay so you have a steep embankment coming to a river and you you dig you know just a little burrow into the back your own little mini cave alligators crocodiles they also do this and they have this little they create their own little caves off by the side of the river with alligators and stuff they’re often the interest actually can be underwater to go up into it and that’s what they think the skunk Apes do the same thing they think in the Florida Everglades any swamps that they’re living in little burros along the banks somehow in their own little underground thing but yeah an up around Flagstaff what my friend told me I mean he believes there’s a lot of caves out there and along the Mogollon Rim there’s many many little caves and that he thinks yeah Bigfoot lives lives in these case so that that’s a story yes sir yeah that’s a good question there are some private museums more state governments like like there’s two towns there once called Iike and once called PO raucous and skulls are found there and both of those towns have their own museums and there but so it’s not the approving government itself but it’s the local government you know so they are government-owned and stuff the thing is in Peru and Bolivia is worth the same they’re pretty open-minded about this and so improved particularly those skulls are so common that there’s no reason why they shouldn’t put him in the museums there’s just so many of them and they realize that they’re popular and so you go to those museums you see them but where those it’s in museums where they’re not so common and they were rare that’s where they they put them out and people like whoa what’s that you know and they’re kind of freaking out when you see those skulls you know I mean they’re weird I mean you’re thinking this got to be a extraterrestrial or something I mean they and to actually meet somebody who look like that yeah I mean that would be scary right right there I think yes sir okay the two of right and two rows of teeth and six fingers with some of these skeletons and some of it we just have stories there’s one story out of eight late 1800s was in San Luis Obispo in in central California and they were they were digging basement or something and they came across they said like a sarcophagus and they opened it and what was inside it was like a nine foot tall person with double rows of teeth six fingers on his each hand a similar thing like that happened here in Arizona near found near tombstone and Nogales and Crittenden Arizona and that was a fort and that’s a story to that there when they were they were digging what they called a powder magazine at that fort they’re digging up hit and and that area is an ancient city – that’s the Cibola area of and there are so many ruins there so there they also claimed they found this dug up the skeleton and it had double rows of teeth and six fingers and stuff so you have that polydactyl ism with people and and and that is a you know that’s something that people just have and some people are still born with six fingers or six hands double rows of teeth are more unusual but there are people who are born of that so in a sense there that is a part of it as gigantism thing that yeah the six fingers double rows of teeth and then you know being nine feet tall yeah I mean that’s part of the story so maybe that’s just a you know whether there was a whole race of people who were like that I mean that’s that’s a strange it’s a strange thing I can’t really explain it yes that’s a really good question and an important one and so it’s when I’m asked a lot and I and it’s something that people should ask yeah I mean and that’s it you know well why don’t why are you just walking down the trail or going hiking and you see a dead Bigfoot or you’re a hunter or even you know dead Bigfoot well that’s not really gonna happen and here’s why I I’ve done a lot of hiking and and I’m not a hunter actually but I’ve hiked a lot in remote areas and in the US and stuff and look there’s mountain lions out there and there’s bears and stuff you know how have you you know how many people do you know who’ve ever walked down a trail and seen a dead mountain lion you’re not ever gonna see one okay and you won’t see a dead bear either you’re just not walking down a trail or even walking off he’s just not gonna see a dead bear up dead mount like you you simply won’t but there I got to be out there I mean mountain lions have to die and so it Bears and Bigfoot as well what kind of tends to happen is you know unless they’re hit by a car a truck yeah when they’re dying they go to a remote place and I you know not on the trail but in a remote cave or something like that but yeah I mean it it seems natural that yeah we would somehow just see dead the old dead Bigfoot of died of old age but but yeah that’s it’s just not how it really works the other thing like that too and that’s good scrolls with fossils when something dies out in the woods it doesn’t become fossil and within a very short time scavengers and insects of it it’s all it’s gone pretty quick really but that’s it yes ma’am that’s prior last question yes well then they do and Bigfoot here and that’s the thing anything here’s a Bigfoot trap and this is what they do in Bhutan this is what sort of the policeman was doing in Washington what you do is you you have to have some nails or something but you have something that the Bigfoot or the animal wants some Snickers bar and then you make it so he has to you know it’s hard for him to get it and as he gets it he will be scratched by a nail or whatever okay and then when you go back later and this has absolutely happened okay and in Bhutan this is what British researchers were we’re doing to get Yeti DNA and stuff so then what they’ve got is literally blood and some hair from the Yeti okay and that’s what they’re trying to do is get that and you would think there would be Bigfoot yeah dung out there too that people have scooped up and and that would have DNA and stuff too but in Bhutan that’s what they did these British scientists they they made this kind of trap and then they took the hair and they took it back to Britain to analyse it and they couldn’t come up with it have any known animal and yeah they later declared that yeah I guess this is a Yeti you know because it’s it’s not a bear you know it’s not this it’s not tap so okay know that I know times that fun one last question sure well I when was that I you know I might have vaguely heard about that with that on that site before it’s news do you know that one okay I might have heard of that boy I was her photos that did they what happened that night [Music] Yeah right I’ve no I I mean I may have heard something like that I you don’t know I mean some of those stories could be true as it comes to be false unfortunately there’s a lot of fake news out there there was a story also that a vimana was discovered in by the military in Afghanistan and that they went into a cave somewhere in northern Afghanistan and and there was literally a you know a spaceship in it and they said it was Zoroaster the story you know from Zoroastrianism and stuff yeah and so that was another story that came out I mean when they’re so I don’t know if those stories are true when the military’s involved I would think that yeah it’s the photos aren’t going to be released they would keep it a secret and and they have good reason to I think so I mean I try and take all this you know with open mind like you and you know what I think it looked not everything that’s weird and strange is actually true but some things that are weird and strange are true and trying to figure it all out I’m constantly because I’m on the TV show and and we have websites and the magazine’s stuff I’m constantly getting people sending me emails of things and they’re just like they’ve got something amazing you know this and and I my response is always okay yeah well send me the photo you know send me the evidence and when they nine times out of ten when they send me the photo I’m terribly disappointed and I’m just like oh boy you know it’s a face on a mountain that’s that’s a simulacra or something I mean I need real evidence for things not you know and a lot of the photos I showed were fuzzy photos you know who knows what they are it’s but okay one thing because of some smart phones I mean because people are now walking around with movie cameras in their pocket good high-definition movie cameras and folk you know and and that that’s a new thing you know it wasn’t you know nine out of ten people we’re walking around with a you know instant filming camera in their pocket all the time but now we have that and so when people see something unusual or Bigfoot or a UFO that’s happening and fleeting of the moment and a lot of times you don’t have a lot of time to you know take pictures of this stuff but people are getting photos and so there’s there’s absolutely more and more photos of a Bigfoot and skunk apes than ever before that’s for sure I mean they’re coming out all the time and some of them probably fake too and the same thing with UFOs and there’s more more good photos of UFOs coming out than ever and at my mind they’re probably all you know pretty authentic to good [Applause] [Music] you you

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