Binging with Babish: National Grilled Cheese Day + VidCon Announcement

hey what’s up guys and welcome to a very special national grilled cheese day where I am making public an old patreon exclusive in which I recreates chef Carl Casper’s I love you son even though I’m not very good at showing it grilled cheese we’re starting with a little bit of olive oil and a cast iron pan then we are liberally buttering two slices of sourdough bread placing in the pan over medium medium-high heat trying to get a little bit of a toast going before adding grier cheddar and Parmesan cheese this cheese blend was tweeted by the man himself at 8:04 a.m. on July 13th 2014 once these guys get a little toast going and the cheese is looking a little melty let’s bring the two halves together and sort of inexplicably continue spreading butter on the breads what he does in the movie if I had to guess why I’d say it’s to add a little bit more butter eNOS continue toasting and flipping as necessary until nice and brown and the cheese is totally melted if it needs a little help through a pot lid on top pour yourself a little bit of tequila and in a few minutes you’ll have a nice toasty melty grilled cheese most of this stuff is pretty standard but the cheese blend is really where it’s at the only thing I might do differently would be to use Comte or fontina cheese in place of the cheddar and now what we all came here for the cheese stretch a moment of silence please let’s listen in to my celebration of this treasured national holiday yeah shocker it’s really tasty anyway guys happy national grilled cheese day I also want to take this opportunity to announce that I’m going to be a thief [Music]

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