Binging with Babish: Rachel’s Trifle from Friends

it’s a trifle it’s got all of these layers first there’s a layer of ladyfingers then a layer of jam then custard which I made from scratch then raspberries more ladyfingers then beef sauteed with peas and onions oh my god she she made half an English trifle and half a shepherd’s pie tastes like feet hey what’s up guys welcome back to binging with babish where this week we’re taking a look at Rachel’s trifle a dish that relies on the virtue of the idea that Jam good meat good so in other words a dish that’s going to fail miserably let’s start by making our homemade custard we’re gonna place three and a half cups well three and a quarter cups after we’ve spilled a bunch of whole milk into a medium saucepan then and an auxilary Bowl we’re going to combine one cup of sugar 1/2 cup of corn starch and a good pinch of kosher salt we’re gonna whisk that to combine before adding 5 whole egg yolks scraping every last little bit in there and whisking to a pale paste then once our milk gets a little bit steamy we’re going to add about a cup very slowly to temper at the mixture temper our eggs make sure that they don’t cook before adding the tempered egg mixture back to the milk whisking everything constantly got to keep whisking at a solid dollop of vanilla paste cook gently over medium-low heat until thickened and finish with maybe 3 or 4 tablespoons of butter okay hang on a second Mary Berry’s walking over to my table to taste my creme Pat the cretin patches have a bruise scrub in well sorry Mary but I’m going to ruin it by adding ground beef to this trifle so we’re gonna start by sauteing as Rachael described some onions just letting me sweat a little bit before removing from the pot and browning a whole bunch of ground beef and give you measurements for all this stuff but I’d hope that you’re not gonna try this in real life once the beef is browned add the onions back to the party and a whole bunch of frozen peas cook until heated through and then we’re gonna try to make the most basic of shepherd’s pie filling by adding a few tablespoons of flour cooking to get rid of some of that raw flour taste and then slowly adding a bunch of beef stock until a thick gravy is formed seasoned with salt and freshly ground pepper not that it matters but make sure you scrape up all that good stuff from the bottom of the pot and it’s time to start assembling our trifle let’s start with a layer of ladyfingers a layer of jam custard which by the way we made from scratch just half the batch for now because we need the rest for the topping then a layer of fresh raspberries this trifle is starting to look promising another layer of ladyfingers this is going to act as a buffer from the all the moisture of our ground beef mixture spread it on evenly making sure to leave a little room at the top for another layer of creme pack smooth it out and then top with a layer of sliced bananas doesn’t that just look lovely now this being a trifle we need to let those ladyfingers absorb some of the moisture so we’re refrigerating this for about four hours before finally digging in I realize now that I forgot the whipped cream that Rachael added but I’m sure this is still gonna be really really good with at it trying to keep it down trying to swallow it trying to chew it so I can’t do it had to spit it out does it taste like feet no but it tastes like ground beef custard and bananas so it’s absolutely disgusting making a halfway edible version of this is going to be a challenge so let’s start by mincing up a whole chuck roast nice small bite-size pieces that we’re going to brown a little bit of olive oil until we get some nice color on there it’s a nice fond on the bottom of the pot into which we’re going to dump a chopped onion paying no attention to the bits of meat stuck to the outside of the pot we’re going to add a few chopped mushrooms and a finely chopped carrot okay we got rid of that stray meat now we’re going to deglaze with about a half a cup of red wine and a half a cup to a cup of beef stock we’re then going to add a teaspoon each freshly chopped thyme rosemary and sage maybe a tablespoon of tomato paste don’t forget to scrape your fund adding the beef back to the mixture supplementing with extra broth if necessary partially covering and simmering for two hours thickening with cornstarch at the end of cooking now it’s time to make our stand in for ladyfingers I thought cornbread would be a good way to go I’m heating two tablespoons each vegetable oil and butter in a 10-inch skillet in a 400 degree Fahrenheit I’m measuring out eleven and a half ounces of cornmeal maybe two ounces of all-purpose flour a good pinch of sugar smaller pinch of salt two teaspoons of baking powder a teaspoon of baking soda whisk until thoroughly combined before adding 1/2 cup of whole milk and a cup of buttermilk you could also optionally use sour cream we’re gonna add the first of two eggs cracking with two hands before realizing that we’re on camera we should crack with one hand and whisk until thoroughly combined before removing our preheated pan from the oven and pouring in our batter ideally you should hear a nice sizzle as the batter hits the hot oil and butter spread around evenly and place back in the oven for 35 to 40 minutes or until a tester comes out clean next up the raspberry jam surrogate we’re gonna start by heating half a pint of raspberries and maybe a half a cup of wine and a little splash of balsamic vinegar a big pinch of sugar little pinch of salt crush up those raspberries and cook over medium heat for 30 to 40 minutes or until thick and jam like last but not least the issue of custard we’re just going to make a roux here out of four tablespoons each butter and flour drizzling in two to two and a half cups of whole milk until a thick bechamel forms that were going to grate a bit of whole nutmeg into it’s always welcomed in bechamel season with a bit of salt and season with a bit of salt and cook until thick and custard-like adding an egg once cool to make it more like a moussaka topping now it’s time to assemble we’re filling a buttered casserole with our beef stew mixture topping with slices of our cornbread topping that with our jammy sort of raspberry sauce and topping that with our bechamel custard thing then for another hit of flavor and color going to top that with a healthy grading of romano cheese that’s going to turn nice and brown during its 30 minutes stint in a 350 degree oven now if this weren’t already enough of a culinary mishmash it’s time to address the bananas that Rachael puts on top the closest thing that I can think of that would be a savory equivalent to that would be tostones so we are frying some slices of green plantain in a bit of vegetable oil taking them out of the oil draining them on paper towels smashing them and then dipping them in some ice water before them once more I kind of wish we could just eat these because I love dust on ice they’re delicious and go especially well with a bit of mojo sauce but sadly that’s not what we’re doing today we’re making a savory topping for our savory trifle Frankenstein’s monster which is coming out of the oven and being left to cool at room temperature for 15 to 20 minutes before digging in right away the color scheme not very appealing but let’s see what happens when we top it fried to stone it now that doesn’t help much either sort of brown and yellow and red and to be honest it doesn’t taste awesome but it’s totally palatable which makes it a damn sight better than Rachael stripe will end after having worked on this for two hours since finishing that other sweet and salty monstrosity I pretty readily wolfed it down we’ll see if I can make this thing halfway decent next year hey guys I was recently asked to take mark than a cooking challenge called ad-lib dinner party which was presented by Geico it was a lot of fun to film I really had to think of my feet to come up with recipes on the fly I ended up making a delicious a low taste soup and we’ll check out the video and you’ll see I’ve put a link in the description below so it’s easy to get to and if anything from the video looks especially good to you you’ll be able to find the recipes for everything I made think of it as a little holiday bonus babish

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