BREAKING Iran Ship Blocked a US Warship. – LOOK What Happened Hext… – News

I ran ship blocked the US warship look what happened hexed a US Navy destroyer had another close encounter with an Iranian Revolutionary Guard fast attack craft and the Persian Gulf Monday two US officials tell Fox News that the Iranian ship came within 1,000 yards of the guided missile destroyer USS ban with its weapons manned the officials said the man altered course to avoid the Iranian warships sounded the danger signal fired flares and its own weapons the Iranian ship did not come closer than 1000 yards and no warning shots were fired coming inbound at a high rate of speed like detonating weapons despite clear warnings from the ship is obviously provocative behavior said one American official in describing the Iranian actions in January USS man fired warning shots at four Iranian vessels near the Strait of Hormuz in that incident the man tried to order the boats to stop by a bridge to bridge radio communication but the vessels didn’t respond prompting the destroyer to fire three warning shots with the point five zero caliber machine gun according to the US military Iran harassed u.s. Navy warships through unprofessional interactions at least 35 times in 2016 a jump of more than 50 percent from the previous year among the most notable incidents from that period in late November and here any and small boat in the Strait of Hormuz trained a machine gun on a u.s. Navy helicopter US warships have been targeted by rebels in Yemen who are being supplied and supported by Iran in September Iran threatened to shoot down Navy aircraft that said was encroaching on its airspace in early September an Iranian boats harassed the US Navy ship in the Persian Gulf please share this post on Facebook and Twitter if you support US Navy

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