BREAKING NEWS Out Of California- This Is NOT Good

welcome to breaking news today the like button and if you’re new make sure they hit that subscribe button down below and turn on my post breaking news out of California this is not good apparently in Oakland California the City Council would rather protect illegals that are part of human trafficking and child trafficking and punish Leo if they step in to provide aid to ice agents that are taking down these scumbags what in the hell is wrong with humanity is California so lost in their own corruption and delusions that they now work with the Mexican cartels and punish Leo for doing their jobs and kirkpatrick Oakland’s police chief is facing an internal affairs investigation because she aided federal agents arrest an illegal immigrant in a sanctuary city Fox News reports a formal complaint by a city commissioner and questioning by furious City Council members all because of her role in helping the federal illegal immigration crackdown in the sanctuary city is what has lead to internal affairs stepping in dot plainclothes agents working in Homeland Security Investigations the criminal division of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement executed a search warrant on 27th Street near Martin Luther King jr. way around 6:30 a.m. while Oakland police officers blocked off traffic in the area police chief Ann Kirkpatrick said in a statement that homeland security on Tuesday requested the presence of marked Oakland squad cars and uniformed officers which she authorized to help with traffic control and officer safety not only for them but the safety of those on the scene last month City Council unanimously voted to rescind an agreement that allowed Oakland officers to be deputized as US customs enforcement officers a designation that allowed the police force to work with federal immigration officials on cases of human trafficking narcotics smuggling and other cross-border crimes the officers and Commander were given strict instructions that they may not engage in any capacity in their enforcement efforts and their only role was that of traffic control and safety read the statement from Kirkpatrick at issue is whether chief Anne Kirkpatrick made false statements and whether the Department’s involvement violated Oakland’s sanctuary city ordinances that bar police officers from cooperating with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement federal agents detained two adult brothers records indicate the deportation proceedings began against one sent to Sal Berto but that no criminal charges have been filed contradicting a claim Kirkpatrick later made and meaning that city police officers provided aid to an immigration operation that only saw civil not criminal consequences James swamp and ice spokesman said he couldn’t provide details about the investigation but Oakland officials said that homeland security agents were there to investigate the alleged human trafficking of juveniles in a written response to the council members questions Kirkpatrick defended her actions saying traffic enforcement was needed in part to reduce the risk of friendly fire in which confused city police officers might shoot at armed plain-clothes federal agents or vice versa Anne Kirkpatrick reiterated that she ordered the officers not to participate in the operation itself brian Hofer chairman of the city’s privacy advisory commission took issue with both the involvement of oakland police officers and kirkpatrick statements around the operation he and seven others concerned about the issue filed a formal complaint against the chief with the Citizen Police Review Board and the Internal Affairs Division of the police department Auckland Council women des Lee Brooks and Rebecca Kaplan F pressed Kirkpatrick for more answers as well their complaint points to several purportedly false statements Kirkpatrick made about the operation at a September town-hall meeting she said that one person had been charged with the crime and that it was not a deportation matter both of which were untrue the complaint says only in California aka California can the police department do the right thing then turn around and get a formal complaint by the City Council for hurting their feelings

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