welcome to president Trump breaking news YouTube channel please subscribe and don’t forget to press the bill icon button next to subscribe button to get daily latest news alert click on the CC button to get automatic subtitle in video if you facing the difficulties in listening sound breaking news North Korea will launch destructive cyber attacks on the UK security expert warns North Korea will launch a greater scale of a cyber attacks on the UK next year a British security expert has claimed Robert Hannegan the ex director of the government communications headquarters GCHQ has warned that the wanna cry ransomware attack on the NHS in May is just the start a desperate leader Kim jong-un cyber war he said wanna cry was friendly reasonably sophisticated tool used rather in a plane they will learn from that people always do they will get better at using those tools and there are far more sophisticated tools out there and they will start to use them the technical sophistication of the threats is going to get worse without question we’ll see more ransomware we’ll see a greater scale of attacks the security expert added that greater state involvement in Pyongyang will lead to more destructive attacks and will result in more of what I call collateral damage mr. Hannifin went on if you look at the NHS nobody would seriously believe that the North Koreans wanted to attack the NHS and not least because they were never going to pay a ransom these were collateral casualties if you like in cyberspace the critical thing is that there are players out there now behaving badly enough not really to care either because they don’t have a stake in the international system or they have a stake but actually that’s a threshold of damage that they can live with in order to deliver whatever effect they want to deliver and they would expect the rest of the world just delivered that so I think we will see more of that unfortunately more collateral damage and more unintended consequences the security expert explained that the rogue state is not the only force to fear in the cyber realm discussing the threat imposed by Islamic state on the UK he declared groups like ISIL love the idea of a destructive attack they are a very long way from having the capability but as always with terrorism intent and capability we will meet at some point the challenge for government and for industry and particularly for critical national infrastructure providers is to make sure that by the time those two converge we’re better armed against attack but it is bound to happen at some stage UK’s Security Minister Ben Wallace detailed that the cyber attack on the NHS earlier this year that also saw over 230,000 computers and over 150 countries infected was caused by the Hermit Kingdom he stated this attack we believe quite strongly that it came from a foreign state North Korea was a state that we believe was involved this worldwide attack the attack saw 81 hospitals in the UK have their terminals come to a standstill leading to the cancellation of 20,000 medical appointments a Republican senator recently warned that the Hermit Kingdom will not only use cyber attacks to inflate its aggressive rhetoric but could also spark a war and will use its weapons against the United States and the rest of the world Cory Gardner a United States Senator has criticized using strategic patience against the rogue state and Kim jong-un as world tensions rise during an interview with on assignment with Richard Engel on MSNBC the Republican warned about the dangers of the Hermit Kingdom with fears a war could trigger World War 3 mr. Gartner said if your kids are around the table

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