Buddy Rich / Bus Tapes / REMASTERED / Jazz Drummer

Here we have the infamous bus tapes from Jazz musician and drumming legend Buddy Rich in the early 1980’s when Buddy was in his 60’s. Buddy Rich’s tirades were infamous among all the musicians who played with him. Buddy was very confident in his physical threats because he held a black belt in Karate.

Several tirades were secretly recorded by pianist Lee Musiker on the tour bus and backstage. On one recording, Buddy threatens to fire Dave Panichi, a trombonist, for wearing a beard and a saxophonist for trying to lead the band on the bandstand. He even goes after the bass player for his bass amp sound.

What I have done is take the separate recordings and filter, EQ and compress the audio to reduce background noise (mostly the bus engine) and enhance Buddy’s dialogue. The end result are “Bus Tapes” heard like never before with Buddy Rich front and center.

These rants are so famous that Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld used parts of them in Seinfeld episodes.

[Music] you think I’m you’ll notice when I work on there well you motherfucker still out there we’re all over this park enjoy what do you think this is anyhow we’re going to play you this but on this huge performance but fuckin baby if you’re playing are polar fuckers going to fuck with me on a bass then let’s put the door on up there working my balls or I’ll plan to do somebody a favor and you motherfucker just slap it all over the joint what kind of trumpets with your boss alright let’s saxophone you better fucking be kidding me how dare you pull your cells professional assholes playing like fucking children up there you guys if I’m gonna fuck you there’s why you got your fucking heart to rock deep in a fucking Bell we don’t need to have a band here tonight your place will be heard everybody can hear your fucking plans out there you will need a bike for that to take up too much fucking time blow on right shit you stay down here all fucking I try to throw your fucking face up and then find a place where your play plans you got no way let’s go to the next step cause it’s right here one fucking bathroom anybody you panic white clam and this whole fucking band is school tonight claiming you’ve got some fucker there’s lights off nothing to do and you couldn’t have played this kind of shit for me fuck all of you there are too many but there was a thing in my heart of it I got whoop your verify you motherfucker I played with the biggest fucking musicians in the raw game play like that for me how dare you try to play that back to me asshole I get 15 particulars for fucking time others fans and travel we don’t play some fucking bars in one fucking temple not one you can’t keep fuckers have a playlist too many please will do isn’t it you can’t pledge your fucking foot and play your best you ever missed you you try run fuck up the next step when you get back to the off you’ll need another fucking job count on it get out what bus Hey Oh [Applause] who you thinking I am personally not worried about honestly 0 and 3 you do that every a simple protozoa singapura caught my ear and I even got a vanity fella can assist you on the edge like that you get to open up with you where you carry it all clear for the booth for $40 forget it damn it are they gonna fucking modulo herobrine around here leave you here I think you boys are too fucking fast anyway I knew psychological physical silent boots for you is not easy one for you please I’ll let the car before and therefore shit they welcome in this file the wrong way to go you have a long little everyone along for the vehicle call any man butchers are the party South $50 than anyone we enjoy to do if you’re a joiner fuck you my there are always responsible orbit fuckin sugar hungry man while inside the darling you are fuckin bullshit I was charging the left foot in fact in the pieces believable for the viola here or LA and tomorrow during a very much that’s girly boy buzzer sorry oh yeah I guess meeting you one thing you keep organized will get the fucking window for get off the dance right now now what do you think about that let me get in the kitchen you go to work tonight if I get your fucking gear on I’ll blow you off the fuckin thing okay what geek right now it will tell me what I tell you yeah get get off you know keep your book waving it off right now right whether you’re fucking playing if you want it I think it’d be nice going up you learn the role fireman you don’t like it there it you get off and sides make me flip over you and I look I look you get no Kiwi funny you get to me time get off wrong fucking get you that everything’s moving your fucking mouth people I don’t like what we do right and I still play your fucking shot do you understand that luckily because what is your man this it is yes Jake Manhattan get off aqua success without you and without you right over here I know all right Logan was a bit sort of Michael City and what have you doing good luck yes g-dog nothing cheeky fucking mouth shut right now all our clothes avoid keep it shut one fi’ty one depreciate it means what I try to talk to I can’t even do a unit on like all the time I keep your fucking mouth shut or I’ll see what it’s like that’s all the cave judgment right rip I’m not sweating you I’m telling you you don’t want to do what I wanted my bad I’m telling you hey let’s shut up I’m real all right hit it understood by everybody so what

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