Buttered Garlic Noodles With A Dash Of Lime

A quick and easy Creamy Garlic Pasta with a dash a lime. This is great with a green salad and garlic bread for a quick dinner. Keep and maintain a flat tummy.
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are you guys today I’m going to be showing you how to make a just pasta and garlic with a hint of lime so you can buy choice whatever pasta you want to use right here I have some healthy harvest and this is 100% whole wheat grain it’s just a spaghetti and then I have some rapini over here and then I have since that achene e right here I’m just going to go ahead and eat the rest of the fettuccine that I have here this bag works almost gone so I’m just gonna use the fettuccine so you can use whatever pasta you want to use it doesn’t matter these seven spaghetti noodles just use those but we’re going to do it need some butter one lime and then some garlic salt or you can you have any garlic cloves you can cut some garlic cloves up to crush them and put them in I’m not going to use any olive oil just going to use just butter and I just have a hint of lime in it it’s really really good I enjoy it so let’s get started I’m not going to bore you with the boiling of the water so we’ll just boil some water get our spaghetti how I like it some people like their noodles a little hard some people like I’m super soft I like to kind of end in the middle so however your liking of your noodles so let’s get started and I’ll get some water boil and then I’ll be right back okay so we’ve got the noodles ready and I just want to have you got these already precooked and you have to sit and watch and I’m just going to go ahead and dump them in the bowl here all right cook the way I like them I’m going to take some butter and just throw cube in there and just let it melt in there just move the noodles around you can take it and you can put it in the pan and cook the butter down quicker and I can do that but which one works out is let me grab a different insult and you can always take some of you want to take a little bit of olive oil and put a little on top where it doesn’t stick but the butter is going to do the same job for you some people like a little bit of olive oil in it so it melts down pretty quick I’m going to see the human enough there it is a little bit left on that and it’s known as a blur what more butter and have a little more butter on take another slice and just let it melt underneath the heat of the noodle and just take you a little bit of garlic and I just have the garlic salt and put some garlic salt on top and you the same thing just get all the garlic mixed in for noodles you want to add a little bit more garlic going to be that also you get all mixed in okay take take a taste oh yeah I just had like having the plain butter in the garlic these noodles like that but I really like these add a little bit of lime lime just give it up just a little zest the kick to it which I really enjoy I’ll just take half a lime or you can take a quarter just try and see if you like it but squeeze it over the top of it do the same thing we’ll just mix it in get all the line now you can like I said you can try quarter first with if you like it but got a really good flavor to it with the butter garlic salt mix the pasta really nice natural butter but these are already like screaming in nine take it taste yeah so thanks for watching subscribe and like my videos but there they are just a hint of lime in them just some butter and some garlic salt are you guys thanks for watching

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