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How To Make Working Water Dispenser โ€“ DIY Desk Water Cooler

In this video I show how to make a water dispenser or water cooler. It works and made of regular stuff anyone can find at home! Super easy! Pour it with lemonade, ice tea or any other drink and enjoy! For my DIY super-duper cool-cooler and beverage dispenser ๐Ÿ™‚ you will need: Empty Pringles can…

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DIY Phone Case Life Hacks! 20 Phone DIY Projects & Popsocket Crafts!

ุงุชู…ู†ู‰ ุงู† ุชูƒูˆู†ูˆุง ู…ุณุชุนุฏูŠู† ู„ุชุญูˆูŠู„ ู‡ุงุชููƒู… ุงู„ู‰ ุงุฑูˆุน ู…ู†ุธุฑ ู„ุงู†ู†ุง ุงู„ูŠูˆู… ุณูˆู ู†ุตู†ุน 20 ุงุบุทูŠุฉ ู‡ูˆุงุชู ุณู‡ู„ุฉ ูˆ ุณูˆู ุชุฏู‡ุดูƒู…!! ุงุบุทูŠุฉ ู‡ูˆุงุชู ุณู‡ู„ุฉ ูˆ ุณูˆู ุชุฏู‡ุดูƒู…!! ู…ุฑุญุจุง ุณุงุฑุง! ุชุจุฏูŠู† ุฑุงุฆุนุฉ ุงู„ูŠูˆู… ุงูˆูˆ! ุดูƒุฑุง! ู„ูƒู† ุจูƒู„ ุตุฑุงุญุฉ ุงู†ุชุง ุชุจุฏูˆุง ู…ู…ู„ุง ุจุนุถ ุงู„ุดูŠุก ู‡ู„ ูŠู…ูƒู†ู†ูŠ ุงู† ุขุฎุฐูƒ ู„ุงุญุณู† ู…ู† ู…ุธู‡ุฑูƒุŸ ู‡ู„ ุงู†ุชูŠ ุชู…ุฒุญ1ูŠู†ุŸ……. ุญุณู†ุง ุฑุงุฆุน! ู„ู†ูุนู„ู‡ุง! ุงู„ู‡ุงุชู…

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DIY Weird Back To School Supplies You Need To Try!

[Music] Rachel so this is number facts cool video students and here I have we’re back school club and in every year to catch you give video thumbs up and let’s even get to children come on we do it [Applause] work out and talk take a look which one of you of your back…

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