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Burger King | Whopper Neutrality

The repeal of Net Neutrality is a hot topic in America, but it can be very difficult to understand. That’s why the BURGER KING® brand created WHOPPER® Neutrality, a social experiment that explains the effects of the repeal of Net Neutrality by putting it in terms anyone can understand: A WHOPPER® sandwich. ROBOT GENERATED TEXT: This…

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Vegas Revelations What No Ones Talking About!

hey everybody Jason Burma’s here for we are and today we will be discussing the latest developments in the Los Vegas Massacre investigation and let me tell you there is a lot to talk about earlier this week on Tucker Carlson a congressman from Pennsylvania claimed that he had information that was credible that…

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las vegas shooting

Las Vegas Shooting Report Released

Las Vegas Police released the following report: Paddock acted alone. Thousands of hours of digital media were reviewed and after all the interviews conducted, no evidence exists to indicate Paddock conspired with or acted in collusion with anybody else. This includes video surveillance, recovered DNA19and analysis of cellular phones and computers belonging to Paddock. No…

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Mr Flake Goes To Washington

Flake: noun 1. a small, flat, thin piece of something, typically one that has broken away or been peeled off from a larger piece. “paint peeling off the walls in unsightly flakes” synonyms: sliver, wafer, shaving, paring; More 2. NORTH AMERICAN informal a crazy or eccentric person. 3. A brave and true Senator from Arizona…

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NYT: Mueller subpoenas ex-Trump strategist Bannon

Special counsel Robert Mueller subpoenaed former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon last week, The New York Times reported. Bannon was on Capitol Hill testifying before the House Intelligence Committee when the news broke that Mueller had issued the subpoena for the now-estranged associate of President Donald Trump to testify before a grand jury. Bannon’s…

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Why People Are Freaking Out About Donald Trump, Pewdiepie, Sarah Hyland, and More…

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Why Is Everyone Wearing Black At The Golden Globes?

It’s not “who are you wearing?” It’s “why are you wearing?” #AskHerMore was started by nonprofit The Representation Project in 2014. See more information at: Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! GET MORE BUZZFEED: BuzzFeedVideo BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny,…

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Trump is smart

First Time’s A Charm?

Our semi-literate orangutan of a president went to twitter to prove all his other tweets were fairly coherent in comparison to what was on his feeble, little mind today. It seems Michael Wolff’s book has gotten under his extremely thin skin in many ways, and the part about him being mentally unstable and an idiot…

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North Korea Accidentally Hit One Of Its Own Cities With A Ballistic Missile Last Year | CNBC

In April last year, a North Korean ballistic missile crashed and hit the urban city of Tokchon, roughly two hours from Pyongyang, The Diplomat reported. [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey there thanks for checking out CNBC on YouTube be sure to subscribe to stay up-to-date on all of the day’s biggest stories you can…

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This is how a ‘bomb cyclone

A “bomb cycle” is moving along the East Coast and it’s expected to bring more bitter cold and dump some snow. This is how the weather event originates. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: Follow us: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

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2017, in 7 minutes

In a tumultuous 2017, these are some of the stories that defined the year. Robot Generated Text: my fellow marries it has been the honor of my life to serve it together we will make America great again thank you god bless you and God bless america how does it feel to feel happy happy…

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The Dark Truth About Bitcoin (Bitcoin Mining Explained)

if you’ve ever been curious about bitcoins we don’t blame you unlike other forms of currency you can’t just physically hand someone a Bitcoin and yet they’re supposedly of great value that coupled with the fact that we don’t exactly learn about them at school means that a lot of people have misconceptions about them…

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Universal Basic Income Explained – Free Money for Everybody? UBI

What is UBI? How would free money change our lives. Kurzgesagt Newsletter: Support us on Patreon so we can make more videos (and get cool stuff in return): Kurzgesagt merch: The MUSIC of the video: Soundcloud: Bandcamp: Facebook: A few sources: Cash Transfers and Temptation Goods Debunking the…

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FBI director Christopher A. Wray testifies before the House Judiciary Committee

FBI Director Christopher A. Wray testifies before the House Judiciary Committee for a routine oversight hearing. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: Follow us: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

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