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Let’s Talk About The Piss

You don’t really want to talk about piss an neither do I. Unfortunately I believe our President does have a piss fetish. Not that that necessarily makes him a bad guy. No, most of the rest of his personality is what makes him a bad guy. The piss really wouldn’t be worth talking about,….except for…

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Mr Flake Goes To Washington

Flake: noun 1. a small, flat, thin piece of something, typically one that has broken away or been peeled off from a larger piece. “paint peeling off the walls in unsightly flakes” synonyms: sliver, wafer, shaving, paring; More 2. NORTH AMERICAN informal a crazy or eccentric person. 3. A brave and true Senator from Arizona…

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Mitt Romney

If Romney Had In 2012 The World Would Be A Better Place Today

I was never a Mitt Romney supporter, and I still think he’s got a spine made of jelly based on the way he sucked up to Trump when a carrot was dangled for him. I was even less of a Barrack Obama supporter and couldn’t vote for either. It is surprising to find myself arguing…

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Trump is smart

First Time’s A Charm?

Our semi-literate orangutan of a president went to twitter to prove all his other tweets were fairly coherent in comparison to what was on his feeble, little mind today. It seems Michael Wolff’s book has gotten under his extremely thin skin in many ways, and the part about him being mentally unstable and an idiot…

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Effectively Communicating Directly To The People

Trump says Twitter is an effective way that he can speak directly to the American people and that no other president has been able to bypass the press and go directly to the people. Neither of those assertions are true, as is often the case with our pathological liar in chief. Every president since FDR…

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No Moore GOP

If the Republican Party thinks the Roy Moore nightmare is over, they need to think again. The GOP is deep into an identity crisis. The party of Lincoln got behind a pro-slavery Neanderthal. The populist, fascists and white supremacists of the Steve Bannon Republican Party have delivered a pro-abortion Democrat to the US Senate. The…

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Does Trickle Down Work?

I have seen and commented on many posts over the years about the validity of the “trickle down” economic model. Not surprisingly, many people think it’s a sham designed to benefit the rich and patronize the middle class and poor. I can’t argue that what the Republican party has put forth as trickle down economics…

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video gamers

Video Gamers Are Today’s Rock Stars

It’s strange for boomers like me to think that people who play video games are the rock stars of today, especially since they were pretty much the opposite in our day. life has a funny way of making big changes while you’re distracted with smaller changes. So many 20th century hipsters were so concerned about…

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Sessions Lies Again

Jeff Sessions was back in front of Congress again for yet another chance to come clean on the lies he told at his confirmation hearing. Instead Sessions seem to hem and haw and at times fall asleep during his testimony, insisting he had no improper contact with Russians. The problem is he not addressing the…

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JFK-What Are The Odds?

I was too young to have any serious thoughts on the JFK assassination when it happened, but from the moment I began to learn about it the official government story about a lone gunman didn’t add up. It’s not that I can’t imagine a single shooter being capable of killing the president, nor is it…

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Simple Don

I’ve maintained all along that a big part of Trump’s appeal to his base is simplicity. Who doesn’t like simple? I admit that there are many times when I’ve felt frustrated by our government’s inability to get things done efficiently and have thought that the people we elect to serve often over complicate things. The…

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Enough About Australia – No Comparison

The truly is no comparison between Australia and the USA when it comes to guns, I know that many of the people who are parroting the Australia “success story” mean well. They clearly are not independent thinkers. They are robots programmed to pass on other people’s failed rhetoric, in blind faith. Forget all the statistics…

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Your Mind Is Not Your Own

We all like to believe that we think for ourselves. As intelligent beings we express thoughts and communicate opinions constantly. But are the opinions you deliver yours? Sadly, in most cases, the answer is no. Chances are you are regurgitating what you’ve been programmed to think and say since the day you decided which side…

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Stand Up You Spoiled Brat!

It’s time to stand up NFL! Since Trump announced he was running in August 2015 I’ve been pissing off a lot of people who are newbies to politics, republicans, and people who have been thinking of themselves as conservatives. Now it’s time to piss off the rest of the people, the other side that lives…

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