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The 3 Amigos

Dealing Don The Wall And The Dems

You love Trump right? Remember back in 2015 and 2016 when all your Trumpers were adamant that Mexico was going to pay for the wall? I was saying, no, no, if the wall gets built, it will be you and I paying for it. Then you all told me to just wait and see. Well,…

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Are You Surprised Trump Sided With Democrats?

Lost to many people in all the news about hurricanes in the US, has been the disappointment among republicans and shock by democrats that President Trump decided to agree with Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi on raising the debt limit. If you’ve been deluged with coverage of Harvey and Irma you may have missed a…

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nazis like trump followers

Trump Nation – Seduced Into Hate

Trump & The Rise Of Evil In The Nation One of the big enduring questions from the 20th century is how Germany was seduced into following Hitler and the hate he brought with him. The simple conclusion many of us come to was that the German people shared his beliefs and bigotry. I don’t believe…

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Can A Race War Be Avoided?

Please Come To Boston For The Race War Are we destined for a race war? Before you Trumpers jump in my ass with your standard “what about Obama” or “what about Clinton” lameness, I was one of the many people saying that Obama was weak and divisive by not calling BLM out and doing and…

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Explaining Irony To Trump Supporters

I know a lot of Trump supporters. On Long Island, where I live, they dominate the landscape. So naturally I understand that Trump supporters come in many different shapes, sizes and backgrounds. They are not all redneck, uneducated white males. However, it’s a pretty close call to say that all redneck, uneducated males are Trump…

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Stop The Leaks?

Anthony Scaramucci, Donald Trump’s new communications director has called leakers of confidential White House material “un-American” and promised to take “dramatic action” to stop such information reaching the press.He has made it his top priority to stop the leaks. Stop the leaks? Confidential White House material is not secret or top secret. It is stuff…

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The Trump Card: The True Alternative

I have good news and bad news for supporters of Donald Trump. The Good news is that Hillary Clinton will NEVER be President. The loss of the 2016 Presidential race signaled the end of Clinton’s political career. Already 70 years-old, she will would be the oldest person to ever run for a first term in…

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Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Risk Vs Reward In Every Day Life We’ve all heard or used the cliche, often as a critique. In truth, quitting your day job requires faith, confidence and courage or carelessness, stupidity and a safety net, depending of how much talent and/or drive you have. I have quit my day job more times than I…

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