Colin Hay: How To Play Overkill Tutorial

a lot of people ask me how to play overkill 429 thing to be exact me last kind anyway look um it’s not a bad little rundown I’ll try and explain how to play the song in the simplest way possible and but and as in as interesting as a way as possible so we’ll start off with a guitar which is just a regular tuning and that’s as far as it won’t be in regular tuning for long but we’ll just start with that so this is a you know guitar which is tuned standard but we’re going to CH in both these e strings down to a d which is called a drop D tuning so we’ll do that right now this D and this is a string as well dented E you okay so we have so you in other words here I mean you can play in all different keys but the whole point of this is to get kind of a drawing the drawing vibe going and or as my wife would say vague chords very vague so here we go so this is so this is what this sounds like so if you play a D card you don’t have to play gleich this you’re playing you’re just taking this finger off because this string is already playing D so you have so we’ll play overkill on the record I think it’s in the key of E but a lot of this early songs that that I was working on with men at work were written with it with this drop D tuning that’s all well played indeed just because we don’t have to worry about cables and so forth so it’s a simplest approach so you start off it’s this chord here I’m just going to play it and I’ll just do it slowly so you can just get the fingering for the for the chords so this is kind of an interesting way of playing it so you’re not playing like this bar corny like it like a D and then if you play that I’m gonna play it like like this so you so you’re you’ve got your your first finger on the fifth fret on the on the fifth string on the d end three here and then this is one is open the g string is open and then you’re putting it your little finger down on the second string on the seventh fret so you have that quad which is I don’t exactly know what that cord is but it sounds pretty so you start off okay so I’ll just play it for you going under very slowly I can get to sleep so everything stays where the same place except this finger here moves that one fret you’re playing exactly so I can get to sleep and then you move down to the C position same same as the D position be moving down the C so you going I can get to the sleep think about the and then move this your first finger down to the B to the B no sooner I can get to sleep think about the implications dive in into deep possibly the complications especially at night worrying situation we’ll be all right perhaps his sister imagination so that’s the best that’s all the controversy so the same same fingering assistant in a different position so you have D position you go down to the D flat C sharp and then you go down see and then you just bring your first friend down to the beach so that’s the verse and then the chorus is you go down to the it’s like a B minor 7 with a something else in there might be a 9 I’m not quite sure the court is but so that’s the sound of it so your best because it has a different flavor because these two strings are tuned into a D but so you have your first finger your first finger on the second string on the fifth string on the second fret B note and your your your third finger here on the fourth fret fourth on the fourth string this is open the g string is open and your second fingers on the is on the second string on the third fret of the D note and that’s this is the D also so this is open so you have this son which is hey I’m today it reappears you go into the a note is that a suspended swivel it’s going to be it reappears well the real melodies night after night are you going up to this this suspended note which is a kind of a weird chord that I like to play and because of the drop DS it sounds interesting as well so you have your your your third finger on the seventh fret on the sixth string this one is more muted and you have the dis note here which is the the the G note on the fifth fret of the fourth string and this one which is the makes it to suspend notes the fourth so you’re going there to be reappears night after night my heartbeat shows the fear good after the major same positioning except down here on the three positions down which is the your third finger on the fourth fret that’s the same positioning and Faina gee it’s like a GNote this isn’t this is on the on the fifth fret but it’s the the G note because you’ve tuned this string down so the CG this is muted and then the knee not G the D so this part and then you go that’s the whole song so I’ll just play it really slowly again so you get a B so you can handle oh I can get to sleep think about the implication that in into deep possibly the complications especially at night a worry over situation will be alright perhaps this is the imagination carefully it reappears night after night my heartbeat shows most appear failure there you go hope that helps

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