[Conspiracy Cases] The Denver Airport Conspiracy

The Denver Airport Conspiracy… from the massive network of underground tunnels to the creepy murals in one of the terminals; the infamous airport is certainly hiding a big secret somewhere- but what is it? Today, we look at everything; from the mysterious origin of the airport itself, all the way to the hidden messages and cryptic codes that have been merged in paintings, plaques and sculptures. Denver Airport’s conspiracy that the New World Order are preparing the bunker for use during an apocalypse remains one of the most likely conspiracy theories of the modern age to hold water, with so much to back up the claims that foul play, elitism and ulterior motives were behind the airport’s seemingly unnecessary construction.

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there are many conspiracy theories out there that may well be true and one of the most likely is the infamous Denver Airport conspiracy while many dispute the true finish the purpose of the airport most people are in agreement that there is something amiss with the airport’s construction everything from the construction itself and the need of the project all the way to the interior architecture reached a foul play and ulterior motives but some even believing that the New World Order or real-life equivalents is behind the project today we’re going to be looking into this conspiracy that has been unanswered for over 20 years now Denver International Airport was an airport opened on the 28th of February 1995 the project was an extremely ambitious one with the new airport covering 53 square miles almost twice as large as the next biggest airport in the United States and over twice the size of Manhattan the initial construction of this new airport raised suspicions in itself just six miles from Denver there was already a normal functioning airport with no outright problems or need for a new one Denver International Airport was privately funded but to this day no one really knows who it was funded by and this wasn’t a small sum either with the airport allegedly going to billion dollars over budget totaling a mammoth cost of four point eight billion dollars to construct quite a lot for an anonymous party to just hand over another mystery surrounding the construction was why was it delayed for so long the airport was opened in February 1995 an estimated 16 months after its original planned release date nobody really knew why the airport cost so much or went so far over budget and over time but people began to do some digging an urban legend spread and we began to get an idea of just what the extra resources might have been useful the airport itself is huge on the surface but many believe there may actually be far more underneath the airport itself under the airport there is supposedly a huge bunker containing the world’s largest network of underground tunnels we don’t know what this bunker is useful but we know there is sadly something down there before construction began five multi-story buildings were buried beneath the airport site and this is what many believe to be the root cause of the airport’s massive delay in scheduling while we know something was built below the airport nobody really has an official answer to absolute structure and why it is used there are many lock security doors within the airport itself which is said to lead to the bunker but nobody from the general public has ever had access to them besides one release of his start photograph of an alien on the wolf some believe the bunker is said to be used as a safe zone via link in the event of some sort of apocalypse being perfect fortress in the event of nuclear war or a super geographical natural disaster both of these things being highly likely in the United States based on its political and geographical positions suspicions about the bunker were raised further in 2011 when a comet known as Elenin narrowly avoided hitting the earth while no disaster actually took place President Barack Obama moved to Denver during the event many believe he was moved there to be placed in the bunker as a matter of caution just in case Elenin did hit the earth other theories about the bunker a more radical with some believing it will serve as a network of concentration camps for the new world order to control the remaining population of the world after an apocalypse well this is a much less likely theory it doesn’t seem totally impossible especially given that there is a lot of strange artwork and strange messages that depict some form and takeover by an elite group the additional reasoning for the tunnels is that they are now being used the airport’s network rail system but this rail network does not use that much of his system that is ability to be buried down there as you touch down in Denver you’ll notice something unnerving on the runway a 30-foot statue of demonic-looking course with illuminated red eyes this horse is known as the Mustang statue and is nicknamed Lucifer Lucifer is certainly a sight to behold the 30-foot ceramic course is over 9,000 pounds in weight and his thoughts because the architect Luis Jimenez was commissioned to construct the statue two years earlier in 1993 but it proved to be his quite a work of art as the statues head fell on him while it was being finished and he later died from injuries sustained this is where the belief that the horse is cast comes from while being related to Lucifer there is also another biblical links many believe the police’s that supposedly represents the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the fourth Horseman represents death while these are all superstitious beliefs thought of the death toll as killing its architect in an unlikely accident while possessing all these demonic features does make you wonder why was such a sinister looking piece of artwork allowed in the first place one of the first things on the inside to put conspiracy theorists on high alert is the dedication stone Denver International Airport has strange dedication stone and the whole thing doesn’t really make much sense the first thing you see is the Freemasons logo with the FEU Masons being a very powerful old Society this plays into the idea of a high society of elites being behind the airport but there is even more the dedication is set at March 19 1994 and conspiracy theorists have since pointed out that if you add up all the numbers in this dedication being one nine one nine nine and four you get 33 and 33 is the highest level in Freemasonry the masonic links are very suspicious Freemasonry is allegedly the world’s largest private and secret society it is estimated to have existed as far back as the Middle Ages conspiracy theorists wonder if the masonic links are present because the Freemasons were looking to seize global power perhaps this could be their sanctuary and bunker aside from the Freemasonry linked there are some other strange things engraved on the plaque the dedication stone lists the New World Airport Commission seemingly an or contributing group but there is no such thing as the New World Airport Commission on record many believe it to be an alignment of either people or companies or both but nobody has ever been linked to the pseudo Alliance and the use of the word New World do not help the airport case in being suspicious to conspiracy theorists the final strange thing on the stone is a message referring to a time capsule beneath the stone it claims that the capsule beneath the marble contains messages and memorabilia for the people of Colorado 2094 nobody really knows always underneath and why it is there but the day of 2094 was suspicious because being hundred years after this dedication stone was dated we’ve looked at a lot of aspects of this airport that leg suspicion but once you’re in sight it seems as if the airport is definitely taunting you and is far more visual in its head in messages I’m talking about the murals on level 5 of the jeff hastily terminal they are large paintings on the wall inside the airport and there are four of them the four murals are incredibly detailed and they paint a very weird story the murals are said to have been commissioned by government officials and local artists and were designed by Leo Tanguma all four seem to tell him a Cobb story of the new world of taking over the world after a large bio war destroys the planet the first mural depicts a large green soldier wearing a gas mask that is holding an ak-47 and a sword they stabbing a Doug the symbol of peace in his weight he is emitting a large gray smoke that is killing and poisoning a number of weeping mothers and their babies underneath the soldier the children of the world sleep in rubble the soldier clearly seems to resonate somewhat with world war ii imagery as the edge of the first mural pays tribute to panis hashem berg who died at age 14 in 1943 at the Auschwitz concentration camp the biggest hint of world Apocalypse is contained within the mural and is the addition of the gray smoke so bear that in mind for the next section the second mural depicts a burning forest with the children of the world weeping over three large open coffins personally is my belief that the middle coffin is meant to resemble mother nature as surrounding her are the carcasses of animals and her coffin lined with flowers in this mural the go to the bride is holding a Mayan tablet referencing the supposed apocalypse that was supposed to take place in 2012 the Mayans however also predicted a rebirth after the apocalypse which is a main belief theory behind why the duck from a bird are being preserved in quadrilateral cages third mural predicts the end of the world war with the children of the world handing in all their weapons and flags to a German boy with a mallet so to simple the dissolving of the world’s nations and the end of the global war the soldier from the first mural is now dead and the two doves sit above it to the right of the picture there is a gravestone rising for the bottom corner with war violence and hatred on it so to simple the end up these male practices of humanity there is also a poem that tells the story of a hopeful child who grows up to hate fear and make enemies but the one daydreams he will reawaken as a child again the final mural depicts a very similar setting to the Garden of Eden all the children of the world are marveling at a blooming flower with many animals revived and running around again in the background of several different environments emerged from coniferous forests to arid deserts the mural has a lot less imagery but depicts the end of bad times and the start of a new perfect society very reminiscent the premise of the New World Order taking over following an apocalypse these murals may mean nothing given the artists behind them was clearly out to depict the end of the world in a fairly generic way and so cannot be taken too seriously but you do have to wonder why these were commissioned by the local government in the first place and why apocalyptic murals are the choice behind what to put in an airport the airport is also lined with high-rise statues of God’s oils emerging from the suitcases and bags which typically look like they would be handled by the airport’s carriers even if these murals have statues mean nothing they are certainly experienced choices for architecture within an international airport another plaque can be seen within the airport and it depicts a trolley with unmarked contents but the initials au a G now our first glance this would typically mean gold and silver by their chemical compounds however some people have decided that the truth may actually be far more concerning as I said earlier the first mirror depicted some kind of grey smoke killing humanity in actual fact a UAG may be our biggest clue to what the smoke is one of the people who found at the airport is also scientist who discovered a deadly chemical a UAG is what he discovered and it stands for Australian antigen which is a lethal strain of hepatitis that could easily be harnessed and be used as a new-age violΓ  weapon the aview AG plaque can be found directly in front of the first mural illustrating that the biological warfare and it’s almost as if someone was trying to tell us something it may well mean gold and silver but the deeper message could be a hidden clue warning us about the weapons to be used in an upcoming biological war not only this but the antigen could easily replicate the natural and animal destruction depicted by the murals so now we’ve looked at all the creepy and unsettling aspects of this Airport let’s examine it with some objectivity what is really going on here well there are three main theories the first is that the airport is being used as a bunker of sorts for the New World Order in the event of an apocalypse this would make sense given nearly all the imagery seems to somehow point to the end of days and you beginning all in a quite macabre sense another theory is that this may be a concentration camp of sorts tying with the idea of an apocalypse some believe the airport may end up being a Center in which the New World Order can control the small remaining population obviously an our concentration campuses have been dated so some consider this to be more like a new version of one Panama Bay while this seems far more of a far-fetched theory with few grams be true some aspects of the airport do point to it the runways setup looks suspiciously like a swastika and there is a lot of German imagery and what would Sumer imagery depicted within the murals concentration camp of the future or not it certainly does seem like world war 2 and the mass genocide that is the Holocaust seemed to drive some of the inspiration for the artwork tended story behind it the final theory is that this may all be smoke and mirrors while some believe that hiding in plain sight theory it does seem a little too obvious there’s something in the mist it is very possible that the mural architect had seen previously commissioned artwork like Lucifer as simply wanted to provide ominous food for thought these murals are in one section within one terminal is hardly like the entire airport is predicting the apocalypse the imagery also reads for a very obvious script being the end of days and a new beginning the blue surfer artist death could have simply been an unfortunate coincidence and maybe we’re reading too far into this however there are some questions left unanswered the a UAG pipe raises alarm bells in my opinion and the dedication stone still has a lot to explain also the tunnels and the network system built on a key airport whatever it used are very real even a former site worker has confirmed it now as doubt a Network Rail marks its entire purpose so what is going on down there in my opinion the solution is largely a mix of all three I believe the majority is indeed smoke and mirrors art is complex and there are independent artists behind some of the creepy inventory and I don’t think the government was directly involved with these weird murals as statues I think they are designed to be niche and unique and simply to mildly entertain people in lay overs however there are obviously the tunnels and in all honesty I don’t believe that it should be that shocking to people that is probably a defence bunker the fact that Obama was assured that during the most likely apocalyptic event in recent times screams that it probably does have facilities capable of housing it leaks in the event of a crisis given these tunnels are built under an airport is likely a bunker could house not just the POTUS but all the world leaders who could simply fly in and easily be evacuated into the bunker in the event of an imminent crisis this also suggests the idea that it may not be a crisis the Bilderberg Group one of the closest documented alliances to the Illuminati itself is an open forum of the world consisting of elite politicians media figures and runners they meet every year in a somewhat secretive collaboration to discuss the political and economic feature of the world and a bunker underneath the international airport is a secluded safe and secure location in my opinion probably political motives behind it and I don’t think it should come as such a surprised people so what she will say come next do you think that the New World Order is really at work here or is it just a load of hysteria I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below thanks for watching guys I’m glad to have the conspiracy cases series back again if you enjoyed the video please leave a like and if you could subscribe if you’re new to the channel then it would really help me out thanks for watching guys I’ll see you all see

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