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The perfect Sunday dinner, a country style – made from scratch meal – from entry to dessert! Chicken and Noodles, made from scratch, a Garlic and Chive Butter Spread to go over biscuits, and for dessert, a Texas Style Peanut Butter Sheet Cake.

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hi there just in the rate of kitchen thanks for joining me today we are going to make a country-style dinner from scratch we are making homemade chicken and noodle we’re going to make a Texas style peanut butter sheet cake if you have ever had like the cafeteria style dessert it’s one of my favorites and then we’re gonna make some garlic chive butter that you can put on top of some biscuits or some bread to go with our meal here I have about a six pound whole fryer chicken and we are going to simmer this in water I have some water already in my stockpot that we’re going to put the chicken in I’m also going to add to this some chopped garlic and onion for our soup base here and to that a couple of bay leaves that we’ll remove later and then just some black pepper and salt and we’ll adjust the seasoning as we go as well and then my chicken make sure the cavity fills and then if you need to add more water on top go ahead and do that and we’re going to set this on the stove over medium low heat or in your insta pot just to simmer this so let’s start on our egg noodles I’m going to start with three cups of just all-purpose flour and then to that for our dry ingredients two teaspoons of baking powder and some salt and then we’re going to add four eggs I have about four tablespoons of milk here and then I have some extra flour on the side that we’re going to use if our hands start to get sticky but I’m just going to mix this up by hand and then we’re gonna roll it out and cut it with a pizza cutter and our needles are gonna be rich and fluffy and eggy and so good when we drop it down in our broth so this is what we’re looking for here in our end product just a nice big ball of our dough and then we’re ready to roll this out so we’re gonna take a little bit of this flour and just dust our surface mix it around here yeah and get our dough down I’m probably gonna do let’s do half at a time this is a lot and if you don’t need all these noodles at once they freeze really really well so all right let’s go ahead and start rolling and we want them to be about a quarter of an inch thick all right and I think that looks about about good so with my rate of pizza cutter we’re just gonna come in and start making our noodles and then we’re just gonna come back through obviously they’re not all going to be the exact same size that’s okay and then I’m gonna toss these into our Bowl and if you need to add a little flour so that they don’t stick together go ahead and do that so our chicken is simmering away on the pot on the stove and I’m just going to chop up some celery and carrots that we’re going to add at the end so we’re gonna jump to the dessert portion of our country-style dinner and this is our Texas peanut butter sheet cake so I’m going to start with my dry ingredients I have 2 cups of sifted flour and to that 2 cups of sugar and then I’m gonna add in my salt and my baking powder and I have one teaspoon of each and just give it a stir on our stove we are going to bring to a boil one cup of water one cup of butter so I have two sticks here and then some peanut-butter about 1/4 a cup we are going to mix up our dry in wet ingredients so here I have that peanut butter and sugar that we brought to a boil on the stove I’m going to dump that in our flour and we’re gonna mix that up so for the rest of our wet ingredients about a teaspoon of vanilla and then our buttermilk and two eggs and just make sure it’s all mixed in well just going to dump our cake batter onto our greased pan and then it’s going to go into a preheated oven at 350 degrees for about 15 to 20 minutes so my chicken is all the way cooked through and let my heat off here and we’re just gonna pull this out and let it rest trying to be careful not to splash yourself see it’s falling off the bone that’s exactly how we want this there we go alright so to our stock if you need to go ahead and skim off any fat that’s remaining on the top which I’ve already done here so our broth is looking pretty clear to this I’m adding half a cup of white wine you could add some chicken broth or you could add in some chicken base at this point too and then for seasonings some thyme and cracked black pepper and then my vegetables which I just have some celery and carrots here you could add in mushrooms some green peas right at the end before serving they’re also really good in this but what you want these to be tender before we put our noodles in so here I have 1 pound of powdered sugar in my bowl and on the stove we are going to warm up a third of a cup of milk plus 1 tablespoon 1/2 a cup of butter and then 1/2 a cup of peanut butter so to our powdered sugar little bit of vanilla then we’re going to add in that melted peanut butter and butter and milk then just make sure you mix that up really well so we’re ready to put our noodles down into our pot and I just turn the temperature back up on this so that it would boil our noodles and our vegetables are just tender crisps we don’t want them to become mushy but our noodles are gonna cook really quickly once we get them all in I’ll give it a stir so here you can see all of our noodles are puffed out and little clouds of deliciousness we’re gonna just give it a good stir turn my temperature back down and to this we’re going to add our shredded chicken adjust your seasoning as needed go ahead and check that broth and you could add more salt and pepper or thyme sometimes I’ll throw in a little bit of dill let’s chop up our chives for our chive butter okay so I’m just gonna use my fork here to whip up my butter you could use a hand mixer but this is just as easy toss in our chives and then to this a little bit of fresh cracked pepper just a touch of garlic powder and then give it another good mix so I’m just going to scoop this into my cute little mason jar to store my butter our cake has cooled and you can see it has this nice spongy texture to it and we’re ready to add our frosting if your frosting gets a little stiff just add a little bit more milk and whip it up all right that looks good just chop up a little bit of fresh parsley here just give it that pop of freshness and pretty green color we are ready to dish this up so our country-style dinner is complete I have some of my delicious homemade chicken and noodles so creamy and fluffy this is the perfect Sunday dinner put that aside and then our chive garlic butter which I’m gonna put on top of our biscuits you could use country bread on here would be really yummy too and then finally brings me right back to childhood our peanut butter Texas style sheet cake thank you so much for joining us today be sure to check us out at rate of cutlery calm and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get more delicious dinner recipes just like this one [Music] you

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