CREEPY BIGFOOT ENCOUNTER CAUGHT ON TAPE – Mountain Beast Mysteries Episode 34.

In today’s video I go over the “Bigfoot is pissed” footage from Eastern Texas! Some seriously creepy stuff in my opinion.

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[Music] when I’m walking around I’m trying to get in the habit of aiming okay I actually just heard something my heart is racing I can hear an airplane now as I was saying trying to get in the habit of keeping the camera aimed in front of me in case something crosses my path or is there then I’ll get it on camera I just watched the other night I just watched the movie the ritual on Netflix it doesn’t make me feel very good right now it’s a scary movie hey everyone welcome to mountain beast mysteries I thought I’d show you another quick sneak peek for the next expedition Sasquatch film trying to wrap it up as soon as possible I know I said by the end of this week but it might be delayed a little bit longer having some technical issues but it’ll all be figured out soon anyway so that’s not today’s topic today’s topic is a very very interesting and creepy piece of Bigfoot footage that was brought to my attention by Vince Thomas thanks Vince for sharing this with me the video was uploaded back in September of 2014 so it’s a bit on the older side now I am as always late to the party going over this kind of stuff filmed by a guy named Robert Dotson he’s an older fella and I have to say he’s got a big pair of balls on him so congratulations for sticking around after experiencing what you experienced because if I was in this situation it would be a different story I would be running away in the opposite direction so down below I’ll post a link to the full video the original up it’s 24 minutes long roughly 25 minutes which i think is awesome because most pieces of footage and you know videos of encounters are very brief and you only see the creature for a very short amount of time and you know usually once the creature disappears the camera shuts off and that’s what you see well in this video it’s one continuous shot for 24 minutes so you see everything which would make it incredibly difficult to hoax unless they had everything set up just absolutely perfectly you know and planned it out in that way but I I I have a very good feeling of this video I think it could be legitimate and it’s creepy when I watched it I was creeped out let’s take a quick look at some clips here I can’t mess it up I’m on way down there look her by the time I get down there will be pitch dark so tree spiders we’ve seen nothing what traffic’s really loud today some some reason some days to roll out out here and some time today I think it’s just spins on the house which our wind and all the blow sealing up backseats my shine over there somewhere I can get between them trees ain’t easy we if they removed Mogo stick on it that looks like it’s been moved or something all this has been pushed back some of these tree limbs ago just cooler see a more gently no salsa I know it dude some of they’re looking way down down that ditch down there dokin down over don’t do this at home [Music] right over here don’t ever do this that was a rock oh shit you find me there you know that thing wasn’t but about 40 foot behind so you see in the video a set of eyes and throughout the clip he keeps pointing the camera back to this spot and you see the eyes there and once it realizes that it’s being observed or filmed it quickly ducks down and there’s like one clip where the eyes look like they’re really high up and then they quickly just shoot down behind cover and man I don’t know if I saw that I don’t know what I would do how I would react this guy’s pretty calm he’s got quite a bit of control over his nerves which is great though the one part of the clip that really creates me out is he runs towards where the creature is and by the time he gets there the things gone there’s no trace of it and he’s looking around I think he’s looking for footprints and whatnot and all of a sudden as the cameras pointed at the ground a rock flies through the frame so whatever this thing was threw a rock at him he quickly turns in that direction to see what’s there and the creatures standing right there like it’s so close and it looks tall in the video and its eyes are just reflecting the light of the camera and yeah at that point he he backs off and put some distance between himself and the creature which is exactly what I would do in fact I would put more than just some distance between us I would be getting the hell out of there at that point yeah gave me the heebie-jeebies for sure but you don’t really see fine details of the creature the resolutions lower it’s an older video but you know you even still it’s just a really good piece of video just because you have the length you see the whole encounter without any cuts and it’s it’s strange like as far as I can tell from watching the video the creature is incredibly silent like you can’t hear its footsteps you know of it moving around or anything and when Robert Dodson moves and advances towards the creature you don’t hear the creature take off and run away which is very interesting but you can also tell on the video that it didn’t go very far and you know after it through that first rock atom there was more rocks being thrown and didn’t seem to want him there and it wasn’t really scared of him either this is one of the better Clips I’ve seen definitely and I’d recommend checking out the full clip check out Robert’s channel I’ll post a link in the description below let me know what you guys think you know I think it’s a great clip I’m gonna have to show Doug this one to see what he thinks because I don’t know maybe I could change his mind about some things make him less skeptical when I show him this one but we’ll see what happens I’m gonna go over to his place probably tomorrow night we’re gonna record some more stuff I think we want to discuss the missing four on one case is a bit further but we’ll see what happens anyways thanks for watching this episode of mountain visa mysteries we’ll see you next time [Music] you

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