Dear Trump Voter

Trump promised to “Make America Great Again,” but seven months into his presidency he has done exactly the opposite: stoking hate and division, selling out to lobbyists, and profiting at the public’s expense. Robert Reich explains that for the good of the country, it is time for all of us to speak out against him.


[Music] if you voted for Donald Trump
I get it maybe you feel you’ve been so badly shafted by the system that you didn’t want to go back to politics as usual and from seeing divide keeps hopple that corrupt system you voted to change our country’s power base to get rid of crony capitalism give our government back to the people who are working paying taxes spending more just to survive lots of Americans agree with you but now the president is turning his back on that idea and the many changes he promised did not rain this wrong after telling voters how he would take control away from special interests he has surrounded himself with a very wall street players he decried now those who gained politicians for tax loopholes and laws the reward the rich don’t even have to sneak around with backroom deals state Minuten giving donovan dina powerless and others from wall street as well as corporate lobbyists by the hundreds are now inside the Trump administration rigging the system for the extremely wealthy from the inside they want to make it easier for banks to once again gamble with your money and repeat our financial crisis they want to cut health care for millions of you they want to lower taxes on corporations on the rich they want to get rid of rules that stop corporations from harming your health or safety that’s not the change you were promised make America great again the Trump administration wants to expand on policies that have kept American wages stagnant for almost four decades huge corporations and billionaires get the breaks and hardworking Americans once again get left waiting for the crumbs that’s not the change you were promised bringing back fiscal responsibility The Secret Service budget is skyrocketing to protect his family on international business trips ski vacations and separate New York living quarters at the same time the president still refuses to untangle himself from his businesses and prove he is not leveraging our government for his financial gain you’re paying for his lifestyle while he is doing nothing to help yours but not the change you were promised but we can disagree with a lot and agree on this Donald Trump is breaking his promises to his party to his voters to you for the good of the country we need you to speak up and speak out for those things you voted for [Music]

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