Defense against a Choke from Behind – Women Self Defense

all right ladies we’re gonna be looking at some women’s self-defense we’re gonna be looking at defense again some choke from behind so he’s gonna wrap it around and sit and he’s gonna put it that’s it we’re gonna look at this okay what would you do so I’m walking okay I’m walking number one if an attacker is coming this close you want to turn around and you want to face him the last thing you want to do is keep them this close just by Generale facing him but if I think I’m being followed or if the person is getting too close I will turn around and face them already I’m avoiding this your awareness was down you you know you were not aware you’re texting listening to your iPhone sending a message reading a book but your awareness was not there so again again the key is awareness so all those failed you’re walking your attacker comes puts the belt around puts the belt around the neck okay most of the time what you know what is your first instinct to do a lot of times you’re going to get this reaction person’s gonna do this try to stop you only have a few seconds think of it as a chokehold you’ll have a few seconds before you block the oxygen over here to the carotid and you pass out so literally you have seconds to react trying to go for the eyes you won’t reach or try to stop but what you want to do okay so go over so whatever you want nope yes turning around I’m releasing a look where my hand is both his hands you got to think are always here Oh strike as quickly as possible that you want what you want to do now again your reaction might be to do this but let’s say for a second you do this from there down there’s no way right as soon as the hands here I squat and turn look where his hands is look where my hands are is Andrew grabbing the belt foam and I strike right away as quickly as possible okay so what I want to do is uh we’re going to try what you wanna know Joanna’s with her heels already you know let’s say she can’t escape she can’t run you know she doesn’t have an option right now right her awareness was down or you know easy lifestyle or whatever it is where mine is somewhere else and Mesilla comes behind her and what’s the belt now Joanna what I want you to do as soon as the belt comes around just think of turning and what you do is stick both your hands in his face as fast as possible okay ready right go again now what I want you to do now you’re gonna do it walking so I’m gonna walk go over sill whatever you want go to me go well link up turning and going right into the face net ready so what you did before is you’re pulling away but he’s much bigger and stronger than you think up boom going right into it right your hands right in his face okay go face go fuck oh oh did you feel that okay so is your earring a little bit like she just turned around and just smacked him right in the face right he’s open right I know her reaction again was to pull away which is probably normal instinct we are our instinct is always to go away from nature now just a little trick was he action she just slapped him hammered him again what did he do he moved he let go now how did continuing she would have struck you know which she had been able to run probably not because she’s she’s with her there he’ll she would have felt we don’t know how the rest of the fight would come right but what she did do is turn around and automatically just whack smack him anyway cat enough to get a reaction from the sill and from there it’s basically what you would want to do is enter keep striking hammering palming hammer fisting just ripping into the face like a wild cat non-stop so excellent work join up the silver awesome see if you guys like the video share it family your friends your loved ones on Facebook on Twitter and if you want to learn more self-defense go visit our website Nick juicers calm stay safe

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