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[Music] doudou in turkish please thank you hey guys so today’s video is going to be on how I style denim jacket I literally love dirty jacket I wear them in the summer and I wear them in the winter and yeah you can start in so many different ways I’m going to show you how I saw them so I really hope you like this video let me know if you do and let’s get put in an alarm for the Range Rover army instead so for outfit 1 and wearing this coffee denim jacket from a soft it’s in a girlfriend style and I love it so much already at first I thought it was a little bit big but actually now I really like the fit is it and I’ll know I’ll get so much use from it with it and wearing a plain black t-shirt from Jack wheels and a pair of Topshop Britney Jean jeans I love the Jack cool t-shirt I just feel like they last such a long time and I really like the quality of them and they’re not too expensive either my choker is one from a set from new look with my old ones on a soft and my watch is from Henry London the colors literally go with everything and I’m obsessed with it you can leave you here and the boots I’m wearing are from River Island I get so much use out of these and I just think you can’t go wrong with a black heeled boot so my second outfit and when the fray bodycon dress from boohoo and the denim jacket was actually my mum so you can’t get it anymore but I’ll find something similar and leave it down below I just want to show you that you can wear Jenin jackets with anything there persitz are both summer and winter which is why I love them so much and the jewelry I’m wearing is the same as before and my trainers are from converse in the color mouth [Music] I’ll pick three is definitely a spring outfit so I’m wearing my favorite Topshop denim jacket you can’t get this exact one anymore because I got it secondhand but I’ll leave the really similar ones down below because they literally bring one out every year that’s just a little bit different a great pop from boohoo and a pair of Topshop white journey jeans I just love how the denim goes with white jeans it’s probably my favorite color combination and I think it’s just such a light airy outfit again my shoes are the same converse as before [Music] so in this outfit I’m wearing this cropped 80s bleached jacket I got from the Asus marketplace I really recommend looking at vintage and secondhand denim jackets just because of some really nice ones out there and they’re not so expensive either so we did I’m wearing a plain black long-sleeve dress from ASOS I wanted to show you how they literally go with dresses skirts tights all of those things they’re so versatile and with it I’m wearing my timberlands which you all know I’m obsessed with so for the first outfit I’m wearing a cropped black denim jacket from a sauce I know a lot of people gravitate to the oversize denim jackets and I do too but I wanted to show you how the fit ones because also looks really good especially when you’re short so it just makes your legs look kind of a little bit longer so with it and wearing the spam t-shirt from over islands and a pair over 21 leggings with my low Coq sportif trainers [Music] [Applause] and finally for outfit six and wearing the same top shop denim jacket as before with this great body suit from misguided and a pair of leather look trousers from new look the Denon goes so well with leather lot pieces like a leather skirt all these trousers and you think it looks really really cool the shoes I’m wearing at the same River Island boots I showed earlier and yeah just really like the overall look of this I just love how the leather and the denim goes together and that’s it I hope you liked this video and got a little bit of inspiration from it all I want to show you was that they really do go with everything and they’re such a staple in your wardrobe and I just love them so thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you all again very very soon bye

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