DIY Christmas Room Decor! Cheap & Easy Ways To Decorate Your Room!

[Music] hey guys it’s Janine and welcome back to my channel and if you’re new here I hope you’ll subscribe and stick around for more of my videos and yes it’s that time of the year it’s the Christmas time Christmas exploded in my room I’m super excited about it I’m going to be showing you guys a bunch of DIYs today and how you can decorate your room for this holiday season I’ll be showing you guys four DIYs and just some basic simple ways you can spice up your room for the holiday season so I hope you guys will try these out and we can’t ignore this makeup and hair we just can’t because I never wear my makeup or hair like this so this is just a little you know hey yeah for what’s to come and you might be wondering him if you’re not wondering then I don’t have to tell you but if you are wondering yes I and ruins like this I’ll be blogging every day up until Christmas my blog channel is linked down below and definitely join me on vlogmas because i’m going strong so far loving it living for it and hope you guys will check it out it’ll be linked down below but let’s not waste any more time I hope you guys and do this video let me know which of the DIYs is your favorite and wishes for it into it [Music] okay so starting off I’m going to be adding in this pillow from TJ Maxx and then also adding this throw blanket from TJ Maxx as well I love what a TJ Maxx to holiday seasons because they have affordable stuff there and that is how it looks and I absolutely love it I love the pops of red and next I’m going to add this white garland I got from Target and I’m going to loop this with my fairy lights and my favorite lighter from Target as well and I always have them on my headboard but I love using the headboard to the advantage to really just spice it up so I’m going to spice it up by adding these cute little reindeers that I got from Target in the dollar section and I’m just going to be attaching them along the headboard and I think it turned out super cute just do those sleigh bells ding ding ding okay so moving on to DIY number one we’re going to be making this super cute Christmas Eve mason jar so I started off getting a mini mason jar from Michaels as well as this plaid ribbon and I’m going to just be cutting the ribbon and taping it down to the jar and of course you could hot glue gun it down but I could not find my hot glue gun so tape just has to do but that’s how it looks like once it’s done and then I got some twine and just cut it up and tied it into a cute little bow and then I got this from Michaels and I just cut off some of the pieces and stuck it within the ribbon and that is really what made it super cute and had a nice little Christmassy touch to it then I got this glitter from the dollar section at Target poured it into the bottom added a little candle and lit it up and that’s it y’all [Music] [Music] up next I’m going to making this DIY countdown to Christmas sign and I got most of these things in the dollar section – the marker pen so the stairway is very inexpensive and basically all you’re going to do is get the stickers from Target in the dollar section and you’re going to write out the word Christmas and then with my marker I’m going to write count down and then I’m going to stick on all these stickers which are actually used for like gift wrapping but I was like nah I’m repurposing it so and then I got my marker again and you basically just outline all the numbers you circle the ones that have you know had passed and then you can do the countdown to Christmas with them [Music] so this next tier one is extremely simple are you gonna do is basically wrap some old books that you’re not using with some brown paper I got this from Michaels and I got the ribbon it from the dollar section at Target the reason why I’m doing this the reason why you may want to do this too is this is a really great way to kind of stack your items on your nightstand or whatever table you’re doing what are you decorating so that everything is not just one level you can really just like layer things and make it look really unique and kind of a different dimension to it so it’s not all just flat you guys will see what I mean later in the video it’s a really great way to decorate your space here’s the last year why it’s simple it’s cute I basically got the sparkly garland from the dollar section at Target stuck in some fairy lights and then also some ornaments from the Dollar Tree so this is very inexpensive and Q and it’s just a great way to have a cute little pop of sparkle in your room [Music] now that I’ve showed you guys all the DIYs I’m going to show you how I style them and put them all together in my room so on my left nights and I took this wooden slab but I also use during the fall time I used that DIY from earlier a little mini Christmas tree I can talk about the body works and some of these little extra pieces from my first DIY and this cute little reindeer from TJ Maxx and I lit my candle and that is my left nightstand moving on to the next nightstand I use my DIY from earlier the Christmas countdown I did some little garland pieces my stacking boat a nutcracker from the Dollar Tree this glitter from Target and my first DIY so that is how my room turned out I absolutely love it and I hope you guys will use some of these ideas for your own room [Music] okay guys so that was my DIY Christmas decor and just ideas for Christmas again what was your favorite DIY in this video mine’s probably the mason jar the mini little mason jar I just think that is way too cute if you guys want to stay up to date on my life and just follow me on social media it is all Janine I’m a Pola right now I’m doing a pretty great theme on Instagram I mean I’d like to think it’s pretty good right now it’s all white it’s all Christmassy it’s a good time on there and go follow me Janine i’ma pull up and again don’t forget check out my vlogmas series that’s up on my blog channel which is a link down below for you guys I love you guys I have so many Christmas videos coming I mean way too many coming so get excited subscribe if you’re new here and I will see you guys next Saturday thank you so much for watching and peace out Girl Scout bye guys we just take a second for this makeup like I am just I’m flabbergasted at this makeup if you’re still watching and you see this comment down below if you’re excited to say this because I know I’m excited really real homie if you say to the end of watch this

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