DIY Halloween Life HACKS! 9 WEIRD Halloween DIYS + HACKS!

Halloween is finally right around the corner and since Halloween is just about a month away now is the perfect time to start getting ready and I know getting ready for Halloween or just any holiday in general is a lot of work so in today’s video I’m going to show you guys the best Halloween hacks and DIYs are three things cheap simple and fun so whether you want to say time or money these hacks will help you do just that so leave a thumbs up if you like this video and if you’re not already make sure to subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos for me so let’s move on starting with the first act so for the first hack I am going to show you guys how to make this really cool glow-in-the-dark glitter it’s so sparkly looking and it’s just it’s just really fun to look at so you will need two things a ziploc bag and Epsom salt to act as your glitter so first pour some salt in a ziploc bag and then square either neon fluorescent paint or glow-in-the-dark paint in the bag but don’t drown it in paint either because that will ruin it just enough so that it’s fully covered so squeeze the mixture to make sure that the salt is supersaturated the more saturated the more intense the glow will be when you’re done squeezing leave the ziplock bag open so that it can dry for a few hours and you’re left with this really glowy looking glitter that glows in the dark you could use this for many things I think it looks so cool as table decor for like a Halloween party or you just make it cuz it looks cool and it just satisfying to play with so definitely try this out guys [Music] so for the second hack I am going to show you how to make a fake 3d wound using nothing but school glue sticks which you probably already have at home so you don’t have to like spend money or anything which is always a plus so slice small lines and pieces of the glue off and then apply it to the area where you want the fake wound just mold the glue into the shape that you want with wet fingers it just makes it easier to shape and smooth out kind of like putty so yeah just let it air dry or blast it with a blow dryer on cool so that it dries a bit before moving on to the next step which is to cover the glue with foundation to make it look like your real skin start shading it in with dark eye shadow colors so the wound looks bruised and gory and just plain disgusting you can make so many looks with this like bruises stitches vampire bites the list goes on so let me know if you guys will try this out for your Halloween costume this year comment down below and of course this wouldn’t be a hoing video if it doesn’t include fake blood so if you’re ever in need of last-minute blood for your costume this is how you can make really realistic blood with just two ingredients honey and red food coloring add as much honey as you wouldn’t need I’d honestly use the whole bottle because there’s no such thing as having too much blood on Halloween so yeah the more food coloring you add the deeper the red making it look more real and oxidized and just plain nasty it’s simple it’s easy and the best part is that it’s free [Music] the next DIY is one of my favorites it just looks so cool it’s how to make glowing spiderweb jars it’s like the Halloween dark version of fireflies mason jar night lights so you’re gonna need a mason jar and some kind of feeling that’s either cotton balls or cotton stuffing from your arts and crafts store or you can use fake cobweb like I am just pull it apart and roll it out so that it’s thin and then insert a glow stick in the middle and wrap it inside like a chipotle burrito very appropriate time to reference to pull a never fails just poof it out so it looks more thick and fuller and then add some spiders on top crawling in different directions [Music] so next squeeze the web into the mason jar [Music] and my favorite part turn the lights off your Halloween room decor game will be all bleak and lit es literally wow that was not that was horrible so yeah you don’t need any backlight for this the glow stick will illuminate in the dark and it looks kind of creepy cute but creepy I don’t know how that’s possible but that’s Halloween for you so leave a comment below if you guys are gonna try this out and if you do use the hashtag EXO Jonna so that I could see the v hack is how to make any drink look like a glowy witch’s brew that glows under black light which looks so freakin cool so all you need is tonic water and if you don’t know tonic water actually glows under black light which looks super cool so what you’re gonna do is pour the tonic into an ice cube tray like this you could also mix both water and tonic for a less tonic watery taste in your drink so freezer ice cubes and once you place it under a black light it’ll kind of have like a ghostly glow it’s a simple way to add a special like eerie effect to your beverage making this the perfect Halloween hack [Music] so next hack number six I am going to show you how to make DIY dripping blood cups this will totally keep the Halloween vibes alive all month long so yeah just grab a class from either the dollar store or just a plastic glass you don’t want to use your mom’s glasses for this so first what you’re going to do is squeeze the hot glue onto the rim of the cup and let it build up so it drips down giving it like a realistic looking dripping effect keep adding drips until the rim is fully covered [Music] and in the front part you’re going to paint the glue drips with red nail polish which you should already have handy oh and if you’re gonna use this beyond Halloween I recommend that you use a non-toxic polish just putting that out there in the end it totally looks like something that you bought and not crafted on your own it’s a perfect way to drink your imaginary wicked potions so let me know if you guys will try this out in the comments below [Music] next hack is how to make a DIY 3d wound this time using hot glue hashtag hot glue gun clean because let’s be real this wouldn’t be a true video mine without hot glue so yeah just grab your trusty glue gun and create the wound shape that you want on a flat surface you want the glue to be a little bit thick so that looks three-dimensional and realistic pull it off and then you’re left with something like this next add eyelash glue to the back of the hot glue wound to adhere to your skin this stuff guys does not come off it’s like cement in a bottle so no worries about your peeling off later in the night it’s not going anywhere then lightly rub some glue stick on the hot glue to give it a grip so that the foundation stays on making it blend with your skin from here just play with it and add colors to make your wound look bruised and gory and just like that you can make a DIY prosthetic wound slash special-effects makeup using hot glue I just want to take a moment to say that there’s nothing how can you can’t do for real so comment below hashtag hot glue fly and ill make my day [Music] next DIY we’re gonna spice up Halloween by making these spiderweb drink coasters out of Haku once again so yeah you’re gonna either freehand it or follow a spiderweb template and if you’re using a template late is she a wax paper on top so that the glue won’t stick later on and it’s easy to peel so now just follow your template with the glue gun this might take a few minutes [Music] after giving it a few seconds to try peel it off and you should end up with something like this next paint the coaster with black polish or pretty much any color that you want you can use these as coasters but you could even lay them around different areas as like party decoration or desta core whatever you want they’ll definitely tie the Halloween theme together [Music] okay guys so for the very last Halloween DIY I am going to show you how to spruce up your everyday phone case to one suit if specifically for Halloween without spending a penny again grab your glue gun I feel like I’m doing this on purpose now I probably said the words hot glue like 100 times already so yeah squeeze ahau glue from where you want it to start letting the glue build up to give it a nice wet dripping effect the thicker the layer the longer the drip which looks really cool make sure to do a combination of both short drips and long drips lastly let it dry and you’re clear dripping paint phone case is finished I left it without color because I like how it looks but you can switch it up with any color it looks like a completely different phone case it’s so cute even if it’s not for Halloween it’s kind of like a tumblr aesthetic and the good thing about it is that it’s easily removable for whenever you want your regular phone case bag you can just take it right off so yeah guys I was over today thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to leave a huge thumbs up if you like this video also if you enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe to my channel to be a part of the j├Âtnar game and one last thing guys you’re probably not following me right now but please make sure to follow me on instagram because I always reply to comments and I love taking the time to talk to you guys so follow me there and yeah you guys I was over today again thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video [Music]

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