DIY Halloween Life Hacks you NEED to know!

[Music] you guys I thought it’d be so fun to wear these in this video because Halloween when I put them on okay look look look right right right over it so for today’s video I wanted to do some Halloween life hacks for you because Halloween is like one of my favorite holidays and laibach videos right now we’re like really my favorite wants to do some of these are like DIYs and other ones are like life hacks maybe for like a party or something that you’re going to so yeah I hope you guys like this video if you’re new here be sure to click that subscribe button down below and let me know in the comments what you are planning on being for Halloween this year I have got so many more Halloween videos coming up for you guys I’ve got one with Adeline I’ve got another one with just like a ton of costume ideas so look out for those really really soon also we should check out so my friends videos they’re also doing how many pins are yourself with all of them thumbnails right here and yeah I’m nobody get started so for this first hack we are going to making a floating hand and I just want to disclaim this before we even get into all of this a lot of these hacks require a glove if you know anybody who has like a latex allergy some people are allergic to different kinds of gloves just keep that in mind because you wouldn’t want to give this to anybody who had an allergy obviously so anyways you want to fill up the glove with water and I used one of the like powder list vinyl ones but like I said just be really really careful with that because allergies are not anything to play around with I just made a bowl of punch and I put the hand in the freezer which sounds a little bit weird and then what you want to do after it is froze all night long is going with a knife and just cut off the glove just be careful with this part because it is really fragile and it can break I accidentally broke one of the fingers off but it kind of a cool just like floating in the bowl so don’t freak out too much but yeah I think this is really cool to do for a party and it looks really sick [Music] next we’re going to be making Spider ice cubes this is a really cool easy thing to do so you can put those little like fake spiders a lot of them come on rings and these I actually just like cut the ring parts off and then I put it in an ice cube tray and then you can fill it up with water and then again you just want to set it out and let it freeze all night and then you can just take them out and serve them to your guests I would just make sure you’re not starting use to kids because obviously the plastic spiders can get choking hazards that could be really really dangerous so I would just do this for more grown-up parties but yeah I think this is a really cool hack and it looks super creepy in your drinks so this next hack is a pumpkin carving hack and I showed this to my parents they literally were just like mind blown but you guys may already know this but a better way to cut the pumpkin instead of just doing like a circle at the top is to cut two straight lines down the back and then one going horizontally and this way you have like first of all it’s really easy to put back on because where it goes is like really obvious sometimes if you cut a circle it can get confusing and you don’t place it right but also now you have all this room in the back to put in a candle if you have a real pumpkin it’s easier to scrape out the insides it’s just freaking amazing so moving on this is also something you guys might already know but I think this is really cool if you have a party with like black lights and you serve drinks with tonic water they will glow in the dark and if you’re serving younger guests and you don’t want to do like alcoholic drinks just a tip you can use like Crystal Light lemonade totally works insane but this is what it looks like so cool so next we have bloody candles this is like an old hack but so great so you can just take like a red candle stick and light it up and then drip it over bigger white candles just be careful at this obviously because you’re messing with fire and to be really safe just a tip if you want like longer blood drips leave it in one place and that will give you like those really really long creepy looking streets so for this one it kind of like the DIY slash hack basically all you need are some gloves and then some of those little battery operated candles so what you want to do is take the candle and just place it into the glove you can use one or two just depending on how bright you want this to be next I’m taking a straw and just inserting it into the glove and then you just want to inflate it and my recommendation is to overinflate it just a little bit that way when you’re tying it if you lose a little bit of the air it’s still going to look good so I’m just kind of tying it like the bottom of a balloon or something and that’s it and you can just set them up and it just looks like you’ve random glowing hands kind of cool so I feel like I’ve used gloves for every single one of these but this is also a really cool hack if you’re handing out candy you can just put candy into the gloves and again like I talked about earlier you really need to check and make sure that if you are giving this somebody they don’t have any allergies to gloves or you’re using a kind that most people aren’t allergic to so yeah so moving on the little pumpkins like you can get from Target you can carve them out making really cool serving bowls for parties so you should carve it out and then sometimes are kind of powdery on the inside so you might want to wash it or like put in a little Bowl or something but it’s really cute for candy you can use it for like even sauces for like chips or something at a party it’s just so cute and it’s a really cool hat well last but not least this is like the easiest hack ever if you’re having a party and setting up the like dinnerware flatware I don’t know what kind of bougie Halloween party you’re having but if you are the little like fake things make the cutest napkin holders ever so just roll up your napkin and set that in the center it looks really really cute and it’s super easy to do so thank you guys so much for watching let me know in the comments down below if you have any questions about anything and I will see you later bye [Music]

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