DIY Halloween Pranks and Hacks Tested !

squeegee help hi everyone welcome back to my channel it’s so today’s video is going to be another Halloween video it’s gonna be another testing a practice video I am so excited I loved filming the last one I have my little ghost baby I got my little ghost baby from the last video if you haven’t seen that I will be sure to make it in the clickable I before you I definitely think you should go check out that video so in today’s video I’m going to be testing even more Halloween pranks for you guys so I do hope you enjoy this video if you find yourself having a great time while you’re watching it make sure you give it a thumbs up for me because make me super duper happy and if you get any funny screenshots that make sure you do that go ahead and tag me using the hashtag jazzy shots my twitter handle is at desi bundle same with all of my social media and let’s get on to today’s video the first prank that I’m going to be trying I’m actually a little bit nervous for for this prank I had to pick up some rubber cement and I’m gonna be putting it on my arm so I’m a little bit nervous about it I’m not gonna lie because my heart oh good it says on it skin irritant exposure may cause allergic reactions when using wear impermeable protective gloves I’m just gonna put it on my arm I can’t wait so for this DIY I’m going to be making it look like I’ve got a BBQ stick stuck in my arm for some reason BBQ stick so basically we’re gonna put some rubber cement onto here lay this down and fold my skin around it and it should look like this has just gone through my arm okay I’m ready oh it smells very strong but some of this on my arm bit nervous not gonna lie quite nervous it’s on my arm then you’re supposed to wait for it to dry a bit hmm I forgot I could bend my arm that’s a lot easier to do than this I don’t know why I was blowing it like this okay it’s a little bit itchy meant to stick this here having another pass rooms help I don’t know I’m doing this I’m just meant to fold my skin over this I can’t fold Oh quick wait it’s coming unstuck does this look weird when it grows together it looks like little bogeys not that I know what bogeys look like I think that’s done so this is what it looks like up close and you I mean you can pretty much tell that my arms kind of folded round it but I’m sure if you’ve got some form of skin colored paint and just went along that line it might look really really good I’m now gonna apply a little bit of blood to it although I didn’t think this through and I have not opened this and this hand can’t really move much because I’m scared I’m gonna it’s actually pretty easy to open for once interesting right one hand in opening the blood oh and it’s ready to pour that was way easier than I thought that was gonna be right let’s add a little bit of blood to this oh nice why would you dribble uh-oh it’s dribbling too much now I don’t know how to take this off oh I’ve made a mistake it’s doing way too much down my arm okay well there you have it let me know in the comments how realistic you think this looks let me show you close up do you think this looks realistic do you think it looks like it’s gone through my arm I can imagine if you ran up to someone very fast oh my god it’s not for long then they might be like oh my gosh should not think about the line down the middle but to me that line is quite obvious although to be fair if I ran up to mama mommy I’ve got a barbeque sticking my arm she’d probably just look at me and go how did you do that what why did you put BBQ stick through your arm oh you can wiggle it that’s kind of gross it’s already starting to kind of peel away so I feel like this is a momentary trick you can’t really do that and then go around trick-or-treating with this because already coming apart and this blood is just dripping down my arm oh and it’s stained me I forgot fake blood stained oh I’m in trouble anyway so this prank is kind of a half and a half I think it would work if you quickly run up to someone but as a general prank I think unless you’ve got some skin colored stuff to go in this little gap it doesn’t look too realistic but now the fun part I get to try and get this glue off my skin I’m terrified I’m actually terrified oh okay okay BBQ stick is off and it wasn’t too painful oh no I just got blood everywhere Oh poop can I peel it off like PVA ah pain oh oh paint paint paint I’m gonna try and wash it I’m gonna travel shut off in the sink it’s not coming off really hot I don’t even think and I’ve got a little red patch there now so I don’t suggest anyone else does that prank because I don’t think the reaction will be worth the pain that heart a lot my poor skin is actually really really warm it feels like it’s been through a tragedy my skin’s been through a tragic accident okay just really quickly I’ve redone it with a screwdriver as you can see and this time I waited until it was completely dry before I stuck it together and it seems to have worked I actually almost can’t get this out now it’s kind of stuck so I feel like that’s the trick make sure you wait until it’s fully dry and it looks it looks pretty crazy well though you can still see this line which is a bit disappointing but yeah it’s stuck in there I don’t know how to get this out now okay on to the next prank now for this one I think I’m gonna have trouble explaining it to you but I’m gonna try my best I’m going to be turning a piece glass into a mirror however when you look into the mirror you will obviously see yourself when you look into the mirror but if I stand behind the mirror you won’t be able to see me you’ll just be able to see yourself but then if I put a light on my face you should be able to see through the mirror onto me if I put a light on my face that’s how it should work so I bought this stuff it is what are you it is window film and basically it’s for windows so you put on your window and people walking past can only see their reflection they can’t see through the window but you sat inside come see out the window so it’s like a one-way mirror but here’s the science stuff so the site that has the most light will see a reflective surface so if I’m standing looking in a mirror and there’s a lots of light around me then whatever’s in the mirror will reflect back at me but if the other side of the mirror then suddenly has a lot of light you can see through it because you are now on the side of the least light does that make sense I did a poor poor job of explaining that but I’m gonna now try to do this DIY and hopefully show you what I mean so I have cut my piece of Merak material to almost the same size as my piece of glass and now I’m gonna follow some instruction so it says prepare soapy water solution I will do that now pour the soapy water solution into a spray bottle and give the bottle a good shake why is water coming out of this bottle drain in actually I think I’ve got that oh no my bat is wet glove is all clean I feel like I should say please make me don’t do this at home because I don’t think I like the idea of you playing with glass but my glass is now clean stick a piece of tape across the corner stick another piece of tape across here and then peel off that’s not doing anything oh oh oh wait okay so this piece can you see is coming away oh that is very nice and shiny wait I can see myself in the mirror hello he’ll this I’ve lost my instructions the instructions are on the floor I got them three water on the adhesive side as you appeal to prevent it from sticking to herself I only have two hands I sprayed some water on it a glass is fully wet place the wet film on the wet window starting with its top and once it’s placed slide it into place ah oh no help me okay okay okay it’s in place when it’s film is placed move and slide next step squeegee they sent me one of these to squeegee with and I’m very excited about it so it now says spraying water lightly on the film surface will make squeegeeing easier move it from the center out towards the edge okay and now I’m going to squeegee oh oh that is so satisfying oh my goodness this is so satisfying okay I think I’ve got all the air bubbles out that is so satisfying oh I can see you in the mirror ah oh my gosh look how clear this is it’s like crystal popping this a little bit of water here get away water okay so that is the mirror done and I’ll have to put this aside for a couple of days to let it dry and then I’ll get back to you I will see if it works okay so my mirror has dried I haven’t bothered to trim this off I just kind of left it I couldn’t be bothered look there’s you well it’s not you but there’s the camera that’s filming but it is a mirror and can you see my hand behind it I think if I wiggle my hand you can just about see it but if I stay still you can’t really make out my hand so now what you’re supposed to do is stand behind it and then light up your face and then you should be able to see your face so I’ve got my phone and I’m gonna attempt to put a torch on whew scary I don’t think this is bright enough you know mmm interesting does it work I can’t really tell because I can’t see through the glass so I don’t know if it’s working okay I have a much brighter light this is probably quite a bit brighter than most people have this is a filming light too but it’s a little bit brighter so we can test this DIY out with the super bright light which does I think dim down point look you can see me by the mirror that’s so exciting that totally works you can see me through the mirror I’m not there really oh there imagine you just look into the mirror see how sexy you are and then that happens I think this works I think you just have to get the setup right you’re looking at how sexy you are and then all of a sudden I think this would be so so good to have a Halloween party or just in general to pull a prank on someone imagine how scared you would be if you were looking in the mirror at yourself and then someone’s face popped up behind the mirror that would be so good oh you could even do it on a glass door if you’ve got like a patio some dog I’ve just had the best idea for when trick-or-treaters come how good would it be if you had a window next to your front door and you covered it in this stuff so they could see their reflection and every now and again so um I got to look at themselves and then you could shine a torch on your face from inside the house and they would see you oh my gosh I feel like this is one of the best pranks ever and it was so easy as well it was just sticking something on a piece of glass I want to use this I want to scare someone just a boring old mirror okay so that is it for today’s video I really really do hope you enjoyed give it a big big thumbs up for me if you did it would make me so so happy and I won’t fully hopefully see you guys very very soon bye

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