DIY Halloween Pranks and Hacks Tested!! GHOST BABY!!

I had a baby mmm what what why does that smell so bad hi everyone welcome back to my kitchen I’m filmed in my kitchen in a little while if you are new to my channel this is one of my favorite places to be because I can dance around and I really like it I’ve also I’ve tried to make it look a little bit Halloweeny I’ve hung some stuff up I’ve got my pal bat over here I’ve got this little guy I don’t know what it’s supposed to be but he’s cute and I got a little pumpkin and I’ve got a pumpkin here I just feeling in the Halloween spirit and today I’m going to be testing a couple of DIY Halloween pranks I’m very very excited so these are just things that you could prank your friends with or your family or good old Bob down the street if you really wanted to I swear I’ve talked about Bob down the street before but before I did get started if you find any funny screenshots during this video which I’m pretty sure you well because I pull some very unattractive and crazy weird faces and I can’t help myself so if you find any funniest creatures during this video be sure to send them to me on my twitter with the hashtag jazzy shots and if you’re feeling a little bit sad just scroll through that hashtag there are hundreds of photos of me being absolute weirdo which you’re welcome to a twitter handle is just a jersey bumble as it is with all of my social media so if you don’t follow me on snapchat or Instagram you might want to head over there be kind of self pro mode enough now I’m gonna get on get on with the video okay so Halloween a prank number one is to cover your walls or surfaces or whatever you fancy in bloody handprints but obviously after Halloween’s over you kind of don’t want blood all over the wall or doors or anything like that so with this prank it’s to make peelable bloody handprints kind of thing so for this DIY you will need PVA glue and then food coloring in blue and red I probably would have just gone with red but apparently need to add a little bit of blue with it and then I’m gonna dunk my hand into this then the final thing is a chopping board covered in cling film for you to stamp your hair I just went ahead and covered this entire lid in cling film because we all know I would probably mess up a few times so I needed lots of space for the mess ups to happen and a pot and a spoon to mix the bloody handprint in I have found with these you can never chop the top off with scissors it’s never strong enough so I have a knife and I’m gonna slice the top off yea-ah glue coming out that’s one let’s do both at the same time just to get it over and done with by then I think I’m just gonna pull the entire thing into this pot so we’re gonna put in a little bit of blue ooh quite a lot of blue blue blue that could be too much and I’m just gonna stir it oh that is kinda satisfying I might add a little bit more blue because Oh Oh added too much how do I know when it’s the right color I’m gonna add more red oh well now that’s too much red oh don’t know whether it needs more red or more blue already step 1 mix the blood jasmine has failed yummy why does that smell so bad what what I did know food coloring smelt like that that isn’t nice it smells like beetroot juice or something okay we are finally on to step two I’m going to pour this onto this build list that chocolate doesn’t smell like chocolate and then I’m just gonna shove my hand in and stamp it over there I guess Oh cold that feels weird yummy hello nice to meet you it’s a pretty good handprint if I do say so myself I feel like it may need to beef it up I have no palm so I’m just gonna draw one in a little bit I think that looks good pat on the back to Jasmine okay we’re gonna do another one squinch uh-oh I think I pushed down too hard oh nine that’s it’s nice good oh that is a terrible handprint how did I go from doing the decent handprint doing the worst handprint in the world that looks like my hands broken okay doing the palm again how what how why what is this why is the palm so bad on this one I don’t understand handprint running down the wall so I’m gonna do like a stamp and slide I’m happy with that I think now it’s pretty good I’m gonna do one more of those but with my other hand so I’m gonna get my other hand messy you have such an urge to like put this on my face I don’t even know why why am i such a weirdo oh I think it went on my nose I wrote my name in the blood and it reminds of you of Matilda and she writes her name in pickle or chocolate or whatever she’s got its built-in I’m gonna put this in the sink now I think I think we don’t did I scare you probably not I’m not a very scary person I feel like people just laugh at me that’s how it goes I’m going to attempt to watch these oh so these need to obviously be left to dry so I will catch up with you in another outfit in a few days time when I film that don’t start this video but for you guys it will be like one seconds time so in three two one okay so it is a few days later now and my hands are all dry so I’m now going to attempt to peel them off it’s coming off wait my goodness can you see that just peeling off yeah Paul that’s so satisfying oh no but it’s all sticking together oh no oh oh dear it appears to have stuck together oh no it’s okay I think it’s okay okay we have a bloody handprint I have no idea how you’re supposed to stick this to the wall well it just stay not just stay okay okay so I’ve got a mirror so let’s pretend this is the bathroom mirror and we’re gonna attempt to stick this on and hopefully hopefully this sticks on okay it sticks on it’s just really fiddly and then I don’t know what’s happened here to have become one and to become oh yes and then where is my thumb wait where is my thumb yay that looks so good plus I wouldn’t have stained my mirror let me put you up here ah it’s fallen that honestly sticks on us so easily I’m like I’m thoroughly impressed with this I’m gonna go ahead and try with one of my Oh handprints oh it’s coming off nicely oh my gosh oh the satisfaction is so real it feels a little bit like really thin jelly like really really thin jelly doesn’t really look like a hand like this it just kind of looks like a big hand like there’s my hand and there’s like my dad’s hand it doesn’t really look like a ha maybe I maybe I should have done this for a bit longer I’m thoroughly impressed with this DIY it was easy to make it peeled off nicely and they stick on mirrors so well and you don’t have to clean the mirror afterwards I’m pretty sure you can do this on Windows as well and I’m sure you could find a way to do it on walls but I’m really happy with this DIY but if I ever have a Halloween party which will probably never happen because nobody would show up but if I did I would definitely decorate the house with these ok for the next DIY you will need to pop with me over to my fridge welcome to my fridge you will need a fridge and you will also need some balloons which are picked up in pink because I thought they are really cute and then now just now I’ve realised pink is a green scary and Halloween II is it but I’ve got some balloons so if you have watched my previous videos where I’ve held the balloon you will know I don’t like balloons they’re supposed to blow the balloon up don’t tie the balloon and have the balloon end in the door kind of trapped so that when someone opens the door the balloon lets loose and flies away somewhere I think I already hate it no room in my fridge let me take out this breaking things ok I’m gonna trap it in here order like this at all ok and then I’m gonna keep hold at the end of it nice good pop it’s gonna pop it up I think I’ve done it yeah and I would scare me okay I’m good try it again I like this prank I’ve broken it are you was quite good at it but now whenever I take my hand off the door it starts letting air out and I am very sad about it I don’t like this bit unsuspecting person goes to the fridge I think that’s pretty good I think that’s an excellent prank and all it costs is a balloon unless of course you don’t have a fridge if you don’t have a fridge it could get quite expensive we’re talking thousands of pounds for a fridge but if you’ve got a fridge it costs a balloon that is an excellent prank let me know in the comments if you’re gonna try this prank because it’s pretty easy ok the next prank I’m very very excited to test there’s a little bit of an odd one but I’m so excited to test this so for this one you will need a baby this is my new baby obviously you wouldn’t normally carry the baby by the head but Oh naked baby maybe we should put some clothes on her oh I want a baby I little one look at your little blue eyes look at your little blue eyes anyway so for this DIY we’re going to turn this baby into a ghost baby so for that you will need some cling film and some clear tape so the idea is to cover the baby in cling film and then cover the cling film in tape and then cut open the cling film tape concoction and take out the baby and you should be left with a 3d invisible looking baby I’m gonna try my very very best to make a ghost baby but I don’t think this is gonna work very well I hate cling film look I’ve never been good at cling film this is the worst who else hates cling film just gonna this feels so wrong covering the baby in cling film just feels so unethical I don’t like this at all I feel like I’m just choking my baby a little bit really oh this is really hard to do actually the cling film does not want to stick or stay or anything or you take cling film again I’m gonna start small arms first moving on to arm number two I may have to turn the camera off because this looks like it may take a very long time and the worst mom ever now I really hate clean this this took a while and I also had to use some tape to keep some bits in place and it looks ridiculous and I’m suffocating my poor little baby who I’m gonna call Charlie by the way we’re calling her Charlie but now it is time to basically go up the whole thing with tape the only issue is how did it tape to sit in the eye holes to make actually look like the good ghost baby has eye holes I feel like it’s just gonna go across her face and that’s that’s that I don’t know we’re just gonna try I feel like this is the easiest place to start let’s go oh I’ve already messed it up ah oh no no I have already messed it up I have got stuck to the cling film and it’s pulling the cling film off of the baby’s arm oh no no no no oh I’ve made big mistakes oh she’s rolled onto it oh my goodness I started there because I thought it would be easy turns out not an easy place to start this looked so easy on the internet it lied to me let’s put you under there right right we’re going to work into small pieces of tape look at your cute little thumb that is Diddy this is going a little better now I feel like I’m getting the hang of it feed about five minutes that I’ve done one arm I think we’re gonna have to pause those camera again and get back to you this took forever but I now have the baby including the little eye sockets which will hopefully stay in place I have the baby all wrapped up in tape I’ve covered every single little bit Oh including the bum I’ve covered every single little bit of this baby and now you’re supposed to use a craft knife and chop down here and try and get the baby out I do not see this DIY working and would not suggest anyone does it because that took probably an hour okay craft knife in hand cut through the tape and the cling film without cutting through the baby I should hope oh my gosh I don’t think this is gonna work I mean I want to say no babies were harmed in the making of this video but I’m thinking this baby’s getting pretty pretty hurt right now this is not going well huh oh okay I have cut open the arm and we can get the arm out I think oh oh i squished it oh oh okay we have a little arm out oh no I never went around the heel of this baby’s foot oh well I could not care less at this point get out I’m bored of this done right okay fine put a nice piece of tape around the back of this head right well uh I’m gonna go ahead and say it pretty darn impressed with myself I’ve made a little ghost baby look at it that’s that come on please please give this video a thumbs up for me because look at this ghost baby that that baby deserves a thumbs up look the baby even has thumbs I think this video deserves a thumbs up because I made a ghost baby I am so impressed with myself guys where is the baby where is it oh wait there it is real baby ghost baby although this isn’t really a real baby is it plastic baby ghost baby oh she’s just so cute I realized ghost babies are meant to be cute for look little ghost charlie but Navabi do over okay so that is it for today’s video I really really do hope you enjoyed give a big thumbs up for me if you did it would make me so so happy and also make sure you hit that subscribe button and turn your notifications on to get notified every single time I upload and if you’ve done that then I will see you very soon bye

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