[Music] [Music] alright guys so starting off with the first treat this is one of my absolute favorite desserts in the entire world and it’s called graveyard and a cop or dirt in a cup we’re gonna start by separating a bunch of Oreos and then putting the cookie parts into a bag and pounding them with a mallet and then once that’s done you can grab a box of instant pudding mix and just follow the directions on the back of the box it’s really easy to make and then to just assemble you’re gonna put your pudding into a jar or a glass of some sort top it with your Oreos and then you can put whatever you want on top of that I use little gummy worms you can use those little pumpkin candies if you want for fall and it’s seriously so easy to make and so delicious next up we have caramel apple slices I’m just gonna begin by taking some granny smith apples and chopping them into about half inch slices then from there I’m gonna take some popsicle sticks and just wedge them through the bottom making sure to not have it stick out from the side and to make sure that our apples don’t Brown I’m just squeezing some lemon juice on top I know it looks like an orange but I swear it’s a lemon and then after that’s done we can take these little caramel bits that I got from the grocery store and just pop them into the microwave for a couple minutes until it is nice and melted this is a super easy way to make some caramel then for the delicious part we’re just going to cover our apple slices in the caramel you can totally dip these in if you want but I found that this caramel was really thick so I just kind of layered it on top and then last but not least we are going to decorate these apples so you can use whatever you’d like I chose to do white chocolate and dark chocolate and to make my little mixture I just added in some coconut oil into them and then put them in the microwave then I drizzled it on top add it on some sprinkles and made them very festive for Halloween and for fall and they’re just delicious and also super cute once you’re done decorating just throw them in the fridge and allow them to cool and then you can serve them up to your friends and your family and they are absolutely amazing moving on we have marshmallow candy pops which if you guys like marshmallows these are going to be your favorite they’re so easy to make I’m just taking three normal marshmallows and sticking a lollipop stick into them so they look like little snowmen then from there I’m just covering them in some milk chocolate but you can use whatever sort of chocolate that you’d like then before they completely harden I topped them with some sprinkles you can also put graham cracker crumbs on there if you want like a s’mores inspired one just decorate them with whatever you’d like and that is it as I said super super easy and so good next we have probably one of the cutest DIYs I’ve ever made I melted up a bunch of milk chocolate in the microwave and then I put it out onto my Silpat or some wax paper and I just smoothed it out and then for all my toppings for this adorable Halloween candy bark I’m using Kit Kats some Reese’s peanut butter cups which who does not love those I used some candy corn some M&Ms to add some color and then lastly some little candy eyes just to make it extra Halloween I put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes to let it cool completely and then once that was done it’s time to just break it up into little pieces and you can serve it to all your friends and they are going to love it next up we have another candy bark recipe which I love candy bark because it makes a ton and it’s so easy I’m starting by taking some white chocolate and dyeing it orange with some orange food dye and then I’m just doing the same thing again I’m putting it out onto a Silpat and I grab some melted white chocolate and put a few little dollops on there and then grab a wooden skewer and use this to kind of make them look like little ghost bodies so I added a tail and some arms and then slammed it down on the counter to smoothen everything out I added some little candy eyes just to make them look extra alive and then mixing a little bit of water with some black food coloring I added on little surprised ghost faces and that is it next up we have these adorable witches hat cupcakes and to start out I just took a box of devil’s food cake mix to be honest you guys I didn’t make the cake from scratch and I just added them into my little baking cups and bake them in the oven just like the Box said then while those are baking I moved on to the actual hats I have these little sugar cones that I picked up at the grocery store and I’m spraying them with this black food spray that I got at the craft store then I dyed some vanilla frosting a really fun green color and once my cupcakes were cooled I topped them with the green frosting and then added on a little hat just like so and then I finished up with a little bit of icing around the rim I will say this is actually pretty hard to do could I just use some yellow and then also put a little bit of purple icing around the front just to act like little brim of the Hat and that is it alright we’ve made plenty of food now so we’re gonna move on to a pumpkin spice hot chocolate I’m gonna start by adding in some milk into a saucepan I’m using almond milk and to that I’m gonna add some pumpkin puree to be completely honest I just eyeballed everything but about two and a half tablespoons or so and I gave a good mix then to that I added in my white chocolate chips along with some pumpkin pie spice I added in a dash of nutmeg and a little bit of cinnamon and then gave that a stir on the stove over medium-high heat until the white chocolate had mostly melted and then once that is done I poured it into my mug just like so then to top it all off of course I added on some whipped cream because no pumpkin spice hot chocolate is complete without whipped cream a little dash of cinnamon and some white chocolate chips and you are good to go for the absolute perfect fall treat and these are little acorn donut holes these are so easy to make I just started by taking some pretzel sticks and splitting them in half and then I just took some boxed donut holes and dip them in some melted dark chocolate and then I just stuck a little pretzel stick in the top and they look like little acorns they’re so adorable I will say if you push them in a little bit further they do look a little bit more realistic and then you can top them off with little sprinkles if you want or eat them plain whatever you want to do works they are so easy to make take pretty much no time at all and are absolutely adorable and my last DIY treat is perfect for all of my friends who are new in the kitchen these are ghosts chocolate-covered strawberries you’re just gonna start by taking your strawberries and dipping them into some melted white chocolate and then letting them cool and after all your strawberries are dipped you can move on to adding on some little black food gel or you can use mini chocolate chips and you’re just gonna add on two eyes and a little surprised mouth yet again for our little ghosts let them Harden completely and that is it they’re so easy to make pretty much take no time and they’re awesome for people who are new in the kitchen I’m on vaycay [Music] with someone [Applause] [Music] [Music]

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