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this video will feature some of the simple rigs I use to put the camera in the right place without much fuss and expense some basic grip and hand tools are required and we’ll do a quick review of that equipment first humans have been using hand tools for over 200 250 thousand years the tools we use as filmmakers are a wonderful dichotomy between old and new simple and complex here are some of the hand tools our use when making a video tutorial we use lots of pins in production this is a baby pin with a spacer and a quarter 20 stud on the end screw this into your camera grip it with the C stand and this is the rig I shot the tool montage with baby pins can also come with a 3/8 inch stud if you don’t have one make one [Music] this is called a baby plate and it’s another pin or point to rig from this is a grip head an integral part of a c-stand it can be detached and rigged to a variety of pins let’s put our three eights pin baby plate and grip head to work [Music] [Music] [Music] c-stands are an indispensable tool and unique to the movie business in addition to holding flags and nets c-stands can be used for lightweight camera support in a pinch they can be used as light stands and every now and then they’ll even be used as a mic stand if an actor needs an eyeline here you go there are many uses for C stands remove the arms and two C stands provide a great base for small sliders I made this flat bar to hold two cameras so I could get a wide in a tight shot simultaneously it’s also a handy extension to the sliding base plate to balance a large camera and telephoto lens it can hold two small lights and is also a great offset arm for rigging a small camera in a tight or awkward position among many things sliders are a great way to get some camera movement in areas where there isn’t enough room for a dolly you can also slide the camera on smooth surfaces for interesting results Dustin shoot at the same time with the Swiffer cam I call this an Easter basket and I’ve used it for a variety of running shots on Salem we operated from but dollies every day we also spent a lot of time on low angles and this seat made the shots a lot easier on the operator i fabricated some of the equipment featured in this video and it all works really well for the kinds of projects I shoot on my own if you can’t afford an off-the-shelf gadget figure out a way to build something that will work for your shot always consider safety first and remember most movie equipment started out in garages just like yours you [Music] you

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