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[Music] new man one who man one is red headquarters they ready to go yes I’m ready to go one small mankind I’m going to beat the heck out of this moon rocket that’s a quote by Neil Armstrong hi I’m dr. Steve Brule today I’ll check it out we’re going to learn about something that you don’t know about call space you think you know about it so around you stars and Suns and moons and plants and earth and Suns and planets and stars let’s check it out shut the camera off seized batteries check it didn’t you always want to know about it what can space be what can’t be made of what the heck is all those lights out there it’s just just a black curtain with holes in it I don’t know I’m trying to find out that’s why I went to observatory to figure out I met there guy has the world’s largest microscope for looking at space he’s a great astrologer name was dang [Music] so this man name of dang showed me around this big ol dirty Church where they have a microscope to look up close it starts look at me I am walking right there so gives you a straight dangle how big is the universe we don’t really know the universe may be infinite in size tell me how this place start well there was a guy named George Hale who hiked up this mountain in 1903 and so he started it he founded the Mount Wilson Observatory where’d you get this leather jacket I was a gift hey cool guy so we all sitting up here on top of the rock wasting your time for everyone no space just a bunch of rocks and gas right well got you right what about in the old days before they had a big dirty church full of junkies to look at the Stars where the way they growl a look look through what kind of microscope yeah yeah we have one of those here it’s an old refracting type telescope and you can stick it out all right face face face face face paint if you want to know about space you have to know about plants if you want to know about the plaintiff listen to me right now son workerís uranus a water planet pluto and this one they didn’t have a name for it gets too far away you name it if you want you can name it Taurus that’s for my mom you want it’s up to you what about aliens the UFOs they could come from space too luckily I have a neighbor knows all about aliens he told me teach me about if I give him something else have as much milk as you want well that’s fine what aliens or my Nam part white but this milk makes me wider oh yeah I learned so much about hours for a stranger on my Caucasian side and relate to orrible overripe debate the airplane and they got their back engineering technology from working with the Oh Megan’s and the Corinthians and the Pelagians listen drengo heart doctor doctor tell me the truth about the aliens because you don’t have to you have to sugarcoat it with me I could take the truth tell me which ones are real which was a baloney telling you I’m not lying I was abducted I’m telling you the truth sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo trash to me well you can’t tell a doubting Thomas anything [Music] hi I’m going to Steve rule welcome to another one of our segments called doctor doctor my first guest my neck hi my name is doc just hi walking back hi our next segment is called doctor doctor with doctor dingen forester and he’s here talks about space absolutely you look a little bit like a rat with glasses right but this doesn’t matter scientist okay so yeah you asked me to come out here today so do you think there’s life on Earth absolutely absolutely tell me a story about black holes well black holes are basically good mister once upon a time okay once about a time the 1700s we had some astronomers have wondered what would happen if gravity became so strong in a star that if the object were kept its own light then the nineteen [Music] faced with all fate Oh Jeannie I’m doing people Jang’s like the Sun Moon Stars Oh [Music] oh you’ve also found what’s called supermassive black holes at the Centers of the galaxy these are things that are millions of times more massive than the Sun yeah [Music] today you okay well I hope this hope this has been beneficial I hope you enjoyed the discussion does your opinion [Music] when am I going to be able to get a copy of this because I’m an actor and I’d like to have a copy of everything I’ve been on [Music]

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